• Motosikal Suter MMX 500 adalah jentera perlumbaan dua lejang, V-Four yang telah dibina antara tahun 2017 hingga 2018.
  • Ianya sebuah motosikal lumba dua lejang sejati, yang direka dari mula.
  • Syarikat berkenaan telah membina hanya 99 buah MMX 500.


  • The Suter MMX 500 is a two-stroke, V-Four racebike built between 2017 to 2018.

  • It is a real two-stroke racer, designed from the ground up.

  • The company built only 99 MMX 500.

This writer needs a new year resolution soon. I ought to stop smoking. Well, that was before I came across this used 2017 Suter MMX 500 two-stroke racebike for sale on a site which lists rare sportbikes.

We reported about the Suter MMX 500 before (please click here for more details). To rehash, Eskil Suter and his bunch of guys who thought about giving up smoking 2T exhaust fumes but never did. So they built this bike.

This isn’t some donor engine stuffed into the company’s frame like a Christmas turkey, either. The MM X500 is THE real thing. (Suter is a frame specialist and used to race in Moto2. They made the BMW S 1000 RR HP4 Race’s swingarm.)

The V-Four engine actually displaces 576cc, compliments of its undersquare (long-stroke) 56.0 x 58.5mm (bore x stroke) cylinders. Suter chose the arrangement to provide the bike more midrange punch. The engine is based on the Swissauto/MuZ500 raced by Suter in 1998 and 1999. It has two counter-rotating crankshafts.

Electronics and fuel injection are modern items. All the better in trying to tame a 195 bhp beast which weighs only 127 kg. Otherwise, the rider would be launched into lunar orbit!

Got USD 115,000 lying around? Of course you do. Just forget about sending your kids to college or university and sell the house. They’re just small sacrifices compared to this bike. Only 99 were ever built.

As for my new year’s resolution, forget about giving up smoking. I should comb more sites like this one!

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The Suter MMX500 two-stroke monster will return to the 2018 Isle of Man TT competition.

Powered by a 580cc V4 two-stroke engine, the MMX500 punches out 195hp while pushing a weight of only 125kg.

Ian Lougher will again pilot the only two-stroke bike in the Senior TT against other four-stroke beasts.

The great minds behind Suter have announced their comeback to the Isle of Man TT 2018 where they’ll be bringing their Suter MMX500 two-stroke monster with full force this time around. This is indeed good news for the Swiss manufacturer as they had to withdraw from last year’s event due to personnel shortage. (more…)

  • Pengeluar casis dari Switzerland, Suter, telah memutuskan untuk mengundurkan diri dari kejohanan dunia Moto2 2018.
  • Daripada 24 buah pasukan yang ada di atas grid, hanya satu sahaja yang akan menggunakan casis mereka untuk musim yang akan datang iaitu Dynavolt Intact Team.
  • Suter akan berehat dari pertandingan bagi menumpukan perhatian pada pembinaan casis generasi yang berikutnya bagi disuaikan dengan pertukaran enjin 765cc Triumph yang baru yang bakal tiba pada tahun 2019.


Swiss chassis manufacturer Suter has decided to step away from the 2018 Moto2 world championship.

Out of 24 teams on the grid, only one wanted to use their chassis for the upcoming season with was the Dynavolt Intact Team.

Suter will take a break from competition to focus on building their next generation chassis to accommodate the new Triumph 765cc engine change coming in 2019.

After the realization that only one out of 24 teams who decided to use the chassis made by the Swiss manufacturer for 2018, Suter decided that to completely pull out for the 2018 Moto2 world championship altogether. This is due to the fact that they see no sense in continuing their efforts for now as it can’t have any commercial benefit to the company. (more…)


  • Penunggang pasukan pengilang Aprilia MotoGP semasa, Sam Lowes, dikatakan telah menandatangani kontrak yang bakal menyaksikan kemunculan semulanya di kelas pertengahan Moto2 bagi 2018.
  • Lowes akan berlumba bagi pasukan CarXpert Interwetten Moto2 setelah mencapai kata sepakat sewaktu GP British pada hujung minggu lalu.
  • Penunggang semasa bagi pasukan CarXpert Interwetten, Thomas Luthi, akan berhijrah ke kelas MotoGP pada tahun akan datang bagi menyertai pasukan Marc VDS bersama dengan Franco Morbidelli.


Current Aprilia MotoGP factory rider Sam Lowes is said to have signed a contract that will see him return to the Moto2 intermediate class in 2018.

Lowes will race with the CarXpert Interwetten Moto2 outfit after coming to an agreement during the British GP this past weekend.

Current CarXpert Interwetten rider Thomas Lüthi will move up to MotoGP next year to join the Marc VDS squad with Franco Morbidelli.

With all the 2018 MotoGP seats getting filled up, it seems that current Aprilia Racing Team Gresini rider Sam Lowes has confirmed that he’ll be rejoining the Moto2 intermediate class for the upcoming season. (more…)



  • Motosikal Suter kini sudah tersedia unuk jualan di Amerika Utara dengan kerjasama yang baru dimeterai dengan Arch Motorcycles.
  • Pelbagai pilihan motosikal lumba Suter boleh dibeli oleh orang ramai tidak termasuk jentera perlumbaan Suter MMX 500 MotoGP, MMX1 MotoGP, MMX2 Moto2, dan juga MMX3 Moto3.
  • Arch Motorcycles juga akan mendapat manfaat yang hebat dari kerjasama teknikal ini di mana Suter akan membantu meningkatkan lagi pembangunan motosikal dan pengedaran model-model keluaran mereka di pasaran Eropah.


Suter motorcycles are now available for purchase in North America thanks to their newly-formed partnership with Arch Motorcycles.

A variety of Suter race bikes can be bought by the public including the Suter MMX 500 MotoGP, MMX1 MotoGP, MMX2 Moto2 and MMX3 Moto3 race machines.

Arch Motorcycles will also benefit greatly from this technical partnership as Suter will assist in further bike developments and distribution of their models in the European market.

There’s no denying the fact that one of the most technologically advanced two-stroke motorcycles in the world to date is the Suter MMX 500. If you’re major two-stroke fan boys (or girls), the MMX 500 is the perfect bike to be put up as one the greatest room posters ever. But what if you want to own one of your very own? Well, now you can! (more…)

Sumber Imej: Cycle World
  • Suter telah membuat pengumuman baru-baru ini mengenai pengundurannya oleh kerana kekurangan kakitangan.
  • Motosikal Suter MMX 500 yang dikenali juga sebagai “The Beast” merupakan satu-satunya motosikal dua lejang yang bertanding dalam perlumbaan Isle of
    Man PokerStars Senior TT.


  • Suter recently made the announcement regarding the withdrawal due to personnel shortage

  • The Suter MMX 500 aka “The Beast” was the only two-stroke motorcycle that competed in last year’s Isle of Man Pokerstars Senior TT race

Suter recently broke news with their announcement of withdrawing from the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy for 2017. This came to a shock for a lot of folks considering that their highly anticipated two-stroke Suter MMX 500 aka “The Beast” made its debut in last year’s race placing 34th in the 2016 PokerStars Senior TT race. (more…)

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