The folks organising the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2020 has announced that the planning for their biggest event yet is still going on and will take place from 7 August 2020. The biggest bikers’ get-together will be celebrating their 80th anniversary this year and despite rising concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisers are not too worried that it’ll continue on five months down the road. (more…)


  • Semasa festival Art of Speed Malaysia baru-baru ini, kami telah terserempak dengan sebuah Harley-Davidson Road Glide cas turbo yang amat unik.
  • Dimiliki oleh Encik Harun Hashim atau lebih dikenali sebagai “Kicap”, pemilik Bagger cas turbo pertama di Malaysia telah memenangi anugerah AOS2017 bagi ” Best Custom Bagger”.
  • Kos keseluruhan bagi segala kerja pengkhususan adalah sekitar RM180,000 yang mana ianya termasuk sistem cas tutbo, roda hadapan 30 inci Sinister, kemasan warna, dan pelbagai lagi ciri yang mengagumkan.


During the recent Art of Speed Malaysia 2017, we came across a very unique turbocharged Harley-Davidson Road Glide.

Owned by Mr Harun Hashim aka “Kicap”, the proud owner of the first turbocharged Bagger in Malaysia won the AOS2017 award for “Best Custom Bagger”.

The total cost for all the custom works was around RM180,000 which includes the turbocharger system, front 30-inch Sinister wheel, paint job and other awesome features.

You might think that the cruiser scene in Malaysia is getting bigger and bigger especially with the variety of manufacturers and bikes being more accessible in the country. While the stock or standard motorcycles are already awesome in their own ways, there’s a particular group of motoring enthusiasts who feel that their stock bikes are simply not enough. (more…)

Custom-built Ducati XDiavel by Roland Sands Design makes landmark debut during Sturgis 2016 gathering.


Legendary American motorcycle brand Indian has teased its upcoming replacement to its iconic Chief model. The highly anticipated new Chief will make its debut at the 73rd annual Sturgis motorcycle rally in August this year.  (more…)


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