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  • Apabila bercakap tentang motosikal lumba paling praktikal yang boleh kita miliki sekarang, terdapat beberapa pilihan yang tersedia dengan pelbagai spesifikasi dan tanda harga yang berbeza.
  • Tawaran terkini dalam kategori yang semakin berkembang ini adalah Ducati Supersport S dengan ciri-ciri serta prestasi yang sama taraf.
  • Bagi mereka yang merasakan yang ianya memiliki tanda harga yang terlalu besar, di sini kami senarai beberapa contoh terbaik yang mempunyai kedua-dua prestasi dan kebolehan pengembaraan.


When talking about the best practical sports bikes to buy now, there are a few options available with different specs and price tags.

The latest addition to this growing category is the 2017 Ducati Supersport S with features and performance to match.

To those who feel that it carries a huge price tag, here are some other prime examples when it comes to a bike that has both performance and touring capabilities.

In this day and age, motorcycle enthusiasts are constantly looking for the best motorcycle that is able to tackle a number of riding and weather conditions. The constant search for the ultimate balance between sports performance and comfort touring rideability is inevitable and manufacturers are beginning to take notice. (more…)

MV Agusta has released a new trailer showcasing a brand new bike lurking in the dark with the letter “RVS” milled into an aluminium block.

The RVS stands for “Reparto Veicoli Speciali” which means “Special Vehicles Department” or Special Vehicles Operations”.

It was stated earlier this year that the firm is currently working on a four-cylinder, 1,200cc Brutale which has the potential to be the very same bike in the video.

MV Agusta has officially released a very short but exciting thriller just a couple of days ago. In a very simple 37 second video, it can be seen that the letters ‘RVS’ is milled on a solid aluminium block which stands for “Reparto Veicoli Speciali” which means “Special Vehicles Department” or Special Vehicles Operations”. (more…)

  • Three new models planned for the next two years

  • One big possibility is a four-cylinder 1,200cc Brutale

What seemed like a repeated journey into the depths of financial hell and back again, MV Agusta stay persevered in their journey of producing some of the most premium sports bikes known to man. With so many acquisitions from various companies in the past, it looks like they’re going to be just fine with their latest investment from Black Ocean. You can CLICK HERE to read more about MV Agusta and Black Ocean. (more…)


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