A look into the ingenious Spanish product called Motodock that promises to be the ultimate anti-theft equipment for bikes.



There are few reasons why we spend so much money for security of our bike. Some installed alarm just like cars, some use big padlock and some use disc brake lock. Whatever lock they use, the purpose is to protect the bike from inconsiderate thief. Now, there is a new kind of lock named Grip-Lock which is made in New Zealand. So far, there are no other brand that produces this kind of grip lock as far as I know. It comes in 4 different colour that is Black, Yellow, Red and Green. The one that I get for the review is the one in Yellow which I really liked. This is because the Yellow colour is very striking and at least can make my bike less prone to choosen as the target for the thief. This kind of high visibility yellow is being used by other products manufacturer such as helmet manufacturer, HJC which make Flourescent Yellow helmet(more…)


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