Motodock: the ultimate anti-theft gear for bikes (with videos)

A look into the ingenious Spanish product called Motodock that promises to be the ultimate anti-theft equipment for bikes.

Bike theft is on the rise globally and securing your bike is now a top priority. Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make stealing their products harder, but sometimes this is just not enough. Enter the Motodock, an ingeniously design product that hails from Spain.


Though we can’t fully understand the product’s official website and demonstration videos that’s presented in the Spanish language, it is relatively easy to see and understand how Motodock works. If it doesn’t already state it plainly in its name, Motodock is a bike docking solution engineered to accommodate a motorcycle’s front wheel and secure it in place.


An optional anchor can be supplied with the dock, which makes it even harder to steal the motorcycle. For many bikers, one of the key issues in securing their bikes to a firm object serving as anchor is that the would-be anchor is not as solid as initially estimated, or that the chain or U-lock many bikers tend to carry have weak points that can be easily cut and exploited by thieves.


What makes it even harder with Motolock is the fact that it has three securing devices incorporated in its design. This would allow bikers to secure their bikes better using more than one chain or U-lock.


When applied in conjunction with the dock, Motodock allows you to position the ground anchor in such a way that allow riders to run a chain through the rear wheel and over the swingarm or frame as well. Motodock’s anchor can be installed easily thanks to the presence of three strong bolts that can go into holes drilled in a sturdy surface such as concrete slabs popularly found in parking lots.

For added security, Motodock is also supplied with one extra bolt. Riders only need to drive the front wheels into the self-closing dock after setting it according to the dimension of the bike’s wheel. Once docked, riders will need to insert a rod through the special holes and the rim, thus securing the bike in place.


Additionally, the rod features keyed locking mechanism. Theives will find it virtually impossible to use chain cutters on the rod as it is designed in such a way to prevent thieves from inserting any cutting tool to reach it.


You can purchase Motodock online via its e-shop. The anchor is priced at €85 whilst the dock alone retails for €470. The full package is available and is selling at €498 instead. Though an expensive proposition, one really can’t put a price on the peace of mind you get from knowing that your prized bike is safe from thieves.


Sources: Motodock via AutoEvolution / YouTube ( Link 1 / Link 2 )

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