Aprilia is among the few manufacturers that has a rich racing pedigree, so when the company reached a significant milestone, its only fair to mark the occasion with a specially build motorcycle.

  • Aprilia RSV4 Trenta to feature ‘the spoon’, an aero device currently featured on Aprilia’s RS-GP 22 race bike.
  • Limited to just 30 units (expected).
  • A new benchmark for next-generation RSV4.

The Noale factory is set to celebrate its 30 years of title-winning success with a special edition Aprilia RSV4 Trenta.

The RSV4 Trenta was spotted testing at the Cremona circuit with ex-WorldSBK rider, Matteo Baiocco.

While no further details is reveal yet, the Trenta moniker can be seen on the side of the belly pan which could confirm the nameplate that it will carry.

Also, reports suggest that it could bear resemblance to the RSV4 X track-only motorcycle that was unveiled in 2019. Which means that the upcoming Trenta could make around 225hp.

That said, the RSV4 Trent might be limited to just 30 units correspond to Aprilia Racing 30th anniversary.

Closer look at the spy photos, the RSV4 Trenta is fitted with ‘the spoon’, an aero device currently features on Aprilia’s RS-GP 22 MotoGP machine. The ‘spoon’ sits in front of the rear-wheel to allow a direct airflow to the rear and helps to improve stability.

The new development could also signals Aprilia’s intention of bringing the MotoGP-derived technology to its road bike, especially the next-generation RSV4.

  • Max Biaggi took delivery of the Aprilia RSV4 X and rode it straight away at the Mugello circuit.

  • The bike produces 225 hp and weighs only 165 kg (dry), and only 10 were built.

  • Andrea Iannone will receive his soon.

Max Biaggi took delivery of the Aprilia RSV4 X and rode it immediately at the Mugello circuit.

“Tackling the corners at Mugello astride the RSV4 X is always a fantastic thrill. On this bike, the sensations are exactly like those of a racing bike and, as soon as I got on it, I felt like I had never quit racing,” said Biaggi in the press release. (Note the different swingarm on Biaggi’s bike.)

Aprilia is currently handing over the ultra-exotic and ultra-limited RSV4 X to only 10 lucky owners. Another MotoGP rider, Andrea Iannone is set to receive his shortly.

The RSV4 X commemorates Aprilia’s 10th anniversary in World Superbike (WorldSBK) racing, hence limiting it to only 10 units. But it isn’t just another lightly enhanced model with anniversary colours. Like Biaggi said, the bike is as close to a WorldSBK racer as you could get.

That heavenly sounding 1078cc V4 engine produces 225 hp hp and carries a bike that weighs only 165 kg (dry). that 1.36 hp to 1 kg in terms of power-to-weight ratio.

Aprilia engineers removed 26 kg from the RSV4 1100 Factory by lightening a number of components, fitting carbon fibre bodywork, installing a lighter fuel tank and utilizing a titanium Akrapovic exhaust system.

To increase power, the RSV4 X’s engine features new intake camshaft, valve return springs, bucket tappets and more aggressive cam profiles. The ECU was also updated.

But perhaps the most important feature is its gear shift pattern. Instead of the normal 1-N-2-3-4-5-6, the Aprilia uses a fully race N-1-2-3-4-5-6 pattern. Called the Aprilia No Neutral (ANN) shift, the manufacturer reports that it cuts the time to shift from 1st to 2nd gear and eliminates catching a false neutral. It’s the first time such a pattern is used in a roadbike.

Hey, how about featuring it in ALL roadbikes?!

Handling braking duties are the Brembo GP4-MS front brake calipers, clamping down on Brembo T-Drive discs.

The bike cost £39,900 (RM 205,225) a pop.

You lucky buggers!

  • Model Aprilia RSV4 X memperagakan kemahiran pengeluar berkenaan dalam menghasilkan motosikal lumba dan juga jentera perlumbaan.
  • Antara tarikannya adalah kotak gear “Aprilia No Neutral”.
  • Enjin motosikal ini mampu menghasilkan kuasa sehingga 225hp, dan ianya hanya seberat 165 kilogram.


  • The Aprilia RSV4 X showcases the factory’s expertise in making sportbikes and racebikes.

  • Highlights include the Aprilia No Neutral gearbox.

  • The engine produces 225 hp, and the bike weighs only 165 kg.

With all the current bruhaha about Ducati and their limited-edition models such as the Panigale 1299 Superleggera and Panigale V4 R, don’t forget that Aprilia just as capable of such ventures. Presenting the X. To be more accurate, here’s the Aprilia RSV4 X.

Aprilia claims that they used the lessons learned in MotoGP and WorldSBK to build the X. We’re not here to disagree. The bike is armed with features as the APRC electronic suite, which was the first to include wheelie control and lean-sensitive traction control. Ride-by-wire is compulsory since it was Aprilia who debut it on a street bike.

But that’s just a small part compared to the engine. Wanna talk horsepower-to-weight ratio? How does 225 hp and 165 kg sound to you? That’s a lurid 1.36 hp to 1 kg. The company fettled the standard RSV4 1100’s lump and gave the X a dedicated ECU for the performance gain.

An Akrapovic titanium full-system exhaust spits out the used gasses. Intake air is filtered through a Sprintfilter similar to the one used in MotoGP.

But perhaps the biggest feature/novelty is the Aprilia No Neutral (ANN) transmission. Instead of the usual 1-N-2-3-4-5-6, the new system goes N-1-2-3-4-5-6. Doing so reduces the chances of grabbing neutral while shifting from 1stto 2nd(we’re sure many have experienced this).

This shift pattern is used in MotoGP and now the Noale-based manufacturer is the first to bring it to road bikes.

In another world first, the RSV4 X is equipped with Brembo’s GP4-MS brake calipers that’re machined from a solid block of aluminium alloy. They grip on Brembo T-Drive discs.

Last, but not least, the bodywork features aerobodies.

The Aprilia RSV4 X is priced at an affordable (yeah right) €39,900. Only 10 are lovingly made.


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