Harapan peminat sukan permotoran tempatan untuk menyaksikan pelumba negara beraksi di Kejuaraan Dunia MotoGP bakal menjadi kenyataan menerusi Azroy Hakeem dan Helmi Azman. 

Memetik laporan media sukan permotoran tempatan Two Wheels, Azroy dan Helmi dikatakan akan mendapat tiket wildcard bagi saingan Moto2 di Litar Antarabangsa Sepang (SIC) bersama pasukan Petronas MIE Racing. 

Bagaimanapun, buat masa ini masih belum ada sebarang kenyataan rasmi dkeluarkan pihak MIE Racing serta SIC. Bagaimanapun, difahamkan senarai pelumba ‘wildcard’ itu masih dalam proses kelulusan FIM dan pengumuman akan dibuat tidak lama lagi. 

MotoGP Malaysia akan berlangsung dari 10 hingga 12 November ini di SIC. – Two Wheels

Triumph’s 765cc triple engine, initially introduced with the 2017 Street Triple, has proven to be a game-changer in both the street and racing world.

  • Since the 2019 race season, Triumph’s 765cc triple has been the driving force behind all Moto2 racing machines, impressing with its reliability and power on the track.
  • Triumph will continue as Moto2 engine supplier until 2029. 


The success of this partnership led Dorna to extend Triumph’s contract as the sole engine supplier for the Moto2 series until 2029. Carlos Ezpeleta, Chief Sporting Officer of Dorna, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, citing “great racing, record-breaking performances, and impressive reliability” as key factors in the decision.

Steve Sargent, Triumph’s Chief Product Officer, highlighted the introduction of a new racing gearbox, set to improve track performance. The engineering team is already working on enhancements for gear selection, with testing planned after this year’s Moto2 races.

Currently tuned to produce 145 horsepower, with a recent increase in RPM to 14,400, the Triumph Moto2 engines continue to set new standards for performance. 

For enthusiasts seeking a taste of the Moto2 experience, the Triumph Street Triple RS Moto2 Edition offers a glimpse, boasting the same powerful engine, along with Öhlins suspension and Brembo Stylema monoblock calipers for precision handling.

Triumph’s 765cc triple engine has undoubtedly left a lasting mark on the racing world, and its continued presence in Moto2 promises more exciting races and record-breaking moments in the years to come.

Toni Elias, the renowned MotoGP race winner and Moto2 champion, has announced his retirement from two-wheel racing. The decision comes after securing a respectable fifth-place finish in the Road America Superbike race on June 4, 2023.

Elias, known for his impressive record of 17 grand prix victories across multiple classes, including 125cc, 250cc, Moto2, and Racing, is particularly remembered for his remarkable triumph over Valentino Rossi in the 2006 Estoril race.

This win marked Elias’ first premier-class rostrum and stood as the last MotoGP victory by a satellite rider until Jack Miller’s triumph in 2016.

After struggling to secure further wins in the 800cc MotoGP class, Elias transitioned to the newly formed Moto2 category in 2010 and clinched the championship title in its inaugural season with Gresini. Despite returning to MotoGP with LCR Honda, Elias failed to make a significant impact and spent the next few seasons accepting temporary MotoGP rides between his Moto2 commitments.

However, Elias experienced a remarkable resurgence when he moved to the United States in 2016. He made a victorious debut in MotoAmerica and went on to claim the championship title in the following season.

Elias continued to compete in MotoAmerica, finishing as the championship runner-up in 2018 and 2019 while riding for Suzuki. His final full campaign took place in 2020, followed by sporadic appearances in races before signing with Team Hammer/Vision Wheel M4 ECSTAR Suzuki for the 2023 season.

After securing a fifth-place finish in the recent race, Elias emotionally announced his retirement on live television, referring to it as his “last dance.” He expressed his gratitude to Chris Ulrich, John Ulrich, Team Hammer, and all those who had supported him throughout his career. Elias acknowledged that his return to racing did not meet his expectations but expressed his appreciation for the enjoyable moments in his final race.

With his retirement, Elias leaves behind an illustrious career that saw him compete at the highest level of motorcycle racing and make a lasting impact on the sport. Fans and fellow riders alike will undoubtedly remember his fierce battles on the track and his significant contributions to the MotoGP and Moto2 championships.

Chinese motorcycle maker, QJMotor has ramp up its motorsport intiatives in 2023 by becoming the main sponsor for the Gresini Racing Team in Moto2. 

  • Gresini Racing Team announced QJMotor as the new main sponsor for the 2023 season. 
  • Filip Salac and Jeremy Alcoba to spearhead QJMotor-Gresini Racing Team’s effort. 


As a result, the racing team which was founded by the late Fausto Gresini is being renamed as QJMotor Gresini Racing Team for the 2023 season. QJMotor Gresini Racing Team Moto2 will take on the upcoming season with two 21-year-olds, Filip Salac and Jeremy Alcoba. 

“I’m happy to start my second year in Moto2 with a crew I already know. We did a good job in the last races of 2022 and I hope we will start right from where we finished,” said Salac in an official statement. 

The Czech rider is also adamant of delivering a better result in 2023, hoping to finish in Top 10. 

“My target is to gain as much experience as possible and try to finish all the races in top10 and points. For me, as a rider, it will be a very important season as I’m not a rookie anymore and it’s time for me to show my real potential,” he added. 

Aside from the premier class, the  level of competitiveness in Moto2 should improve greatly particularly due to Triumph has tuned the inline-three 765cc to produce 140hp. 

Triumph has penned a new deal with MotoGP commercial rights holder Dorna Sports to test sustainable fuels that could be used in Moto2 for the 2024 season. 

  • Moto2 to move to E40 fuel in 2024. 
  • Triumph to test sustainable fuels in Hinckley. 

The plan is to have E40 (40 per cent non-fossil) fuel in Moto2 by 2024 and E100 by 2027. 

Triumph will conduct the testing programme at the firm’s Hinckley base. The aim is to ensure sustainable fuel can produce the same performance as standard fossil fuels.

According to Triumph, the project further underlines the company’s focus on ensuring that motorcycles can be enjoyed responsibly for many years to come.

“Ultimately, our aim is always to take all the learnings we gain from racing to make our road bikes even better, which of course, encompasses not just performance but also their impact on the environment. 

“I can tell you that everybody here at Triumph is very excited to be involved in such significant developments at such a pivotal moment in motorcycle history,” said Steve Sargent, Triumph’s Chief Product Officer.

Recently, six-time MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez was in Jarama to test renewable fuels with Repsol after MotoGP was required to meet the E40 standard in 2024. 

Repsol also completed a test of renewable fuels with Honda’s trial team riders, Toni Bou and Gabriel Marcelli. 

MotoGP rookie, Darryn Binder will make the switch to Moto2 next season, riding for the Liqui Moly Intact GP Team.

Darry Binder is left without a premier class spot after RNF decided to move with

The South African will make his debut in Moto2 after skipping the intermediate class by moving straight from Moto3 to MotoGP with RNF Racing this season.

Binder joins Intact GP after he was left without a premier-class seat for 2023.

The 24-year-old will teamed up with newly-crowned Moto2 European champion Lukas Tulovic as Intact GP received new backing from Husqvarna.

Meanwhile, team principal, Jurgen Lingg is looking forward to the new partnership and new riders ahead of the 2023 season.

“We are very grateful to Husqvarna Motorcycles for the trust they have placed in us. This merger is a new and an exciting step for our team, ushering in a new era.

“We have a new brand, new riders and a new direction. In 2023 the bikes will change colour and we are all motivated and convinced that this change will take us forward,” he said.

Meanwhile, RNF will no longer participate in the premier class as Yamaha’s satellite team but instead moving with Aprilia machinery next year. 

RNF Racing will run with an all-new line-up of Migeul Oliveira and Raul Fernandez.

Pelumba Moto2, Pedro Acosta tidak akan beraksi di GP Belanda hujung minggu ini di Litar Assen selepas mengalami kecederaan patah kaki.

Perkara itu disahkan pasukan Red Bull KTM Ajo yang menjelaskan bahawa Acosta mengalami patah tulang femur kiri dan akan menjalani pembedahan pada Rabu.

Menurut laporan, pelumba berusia 18 tahun itu mengalami kecederaan tersebut ketika sesi latihan motocross dan ketika ini telah pun berada di Barcelona untuk jalani pembedahan.

Ketika ini, KTM Ajo tidak memberikan tempoh pelumba Sepanyol itu akan diketepikan namun memandangkan kejuaraan dunia Moto2 akan berehat selama lima minggu selepas GP Belanda sebelum kembali bersambung di Silverstone pada 7 Ogos, jarak waktu tersebut akan memberi peluang pada Acosta untuk kembali pulih.

Acosta ketika ini menghuni kedudukan kelapan dalam kejuaraan dunia Moto2 dan menamatkan saingan minggu lalu di tempat kedua.

Tahun lalu, Acosta menjadi pelumba ‘rookie’ pertama untuk menjuarai Moto3 selepas kali terakhir dilakukan Loris Capirossi.

Grand Prix Commission announces stricter MotoGP testing rules for 2023 plus new and ‘cleaner’ fuel for 2024.


Viral on-board video show what it was like to share a trackday with MotoGP superstar Marc Marquez.


Susulan masalah logistik, Kejuaraan Dunia FIM MotoGP terpasa mengubah jadual GP Argentina yang sepatutnya bermula dengan sesi ujian bebas pada Jumaat kepada hari Sabtu.

Lima penerbangan kargo yang membawa kesemua kategori kejuaraan gagal tiba di Termas d Rio Hondo, Argentina pada masa ditetapkan dan hanya akan sampai pada Jumaat.

Ini sekaligus memaksa pihak penganjur untuk mengubah jadual sedia ada.

Berdasarkan pengumuman rasmi yang dibuat pada Khamis, aksi GP Argentina hanya akan berlangsung pada Sabtu bermula dengan sesi Ujian Bebas 1 (FP1) diikuti Ujian Bebas 2 (FP2).

Sementara itu, sesi Ujian Bebas 3 (FP3) diikuti Kelayakan 1 (Q1) dan Kelayakan 2 (Q2) juga akan berlangsung pada hari sama di sebelah petang.

Masalah logistik bermul pada Rabu apabila satu daripada lima kargo mengalami masalah teknikal sewaktu penghentian di Mombasa, Kenya.

Kapal terbang pertama yang telah tiba di Tucuman telah patah balik ke Lombok bagi mengambil barangan lain namun turut alami masalah teknikal.

Setakat Khamis, satu kargo masih tersadai di Kenya dan menanti alat ganti dari Eropah serta Timur Tengah.

Pelumba negara, Adam Norrodin, tidak akan terlibat dengan Kejuaraan CEV Moto2 Eropah bagi musim 2022 setelah kontraknya bersama Litar Antarabangsa Sepang (SIC) tidak disambung.

Senario itu juga menyaksikan harapan Adam untuk sertai Kejuaraan Dunia MotoGP juga terkubur.

Selain tidak disambung kontrak dengan SIC, Adam yang sebelum ini bersama pasukan Liqui Moly Intact SIC juga berdepan kesukaran mencari pasukan baharu dan penaja.

Hal ini kerana menurut Adam, kekangan masa itu timbul ekoran SIC hanya bangkitkan isu kontrak baru-baru ini setelah semua pasukan telah pun mengesahkan perancangan musim 2022.

Namun, Adam enggan salahkan sesiapa sebaliknya enggan berputus asa dan akan terus mengadakan perbincangan dengan pasukan lain demi kelangsungan kariernya.

“Saya tak salahkan sesiapa. Saya tahu SIC juga mempunyai kekangan. Cuma saya memang sangat berharap untuk meneruskan kerjaya saya dalam dunia permotoran ini.

“Sebab motosikal ini adalah karier saya dan saya sudah lama berkecimpung dalam dunia ini. Jika boleh memang saya tak mahu berhenti,” ujar Adam.

Meskipun nasib tidak menyebelahi pelumba berusia 23 tahun itu namun Adam bertegas enggan mengaku kalah.

“Walaupun peluang untuk ke MotoGP sudah tiada lagi, saya tak nak berputus asa dengan karier saya.

“Saya akan cuba dapatkan tempat kosong untuk membolehkan terus berlumba. Kalau tak ada rezeki dalam MotoGP mungkin ada rezeki saya di tempat lain,” tambahnya.

Sementara itu, Adam juga berharap dapat beraksi di Kejuaraan Motosikal Asia (ARRC) sekiranya berpeluang. – HM

Pelumba KTM Ajo Moto3, Pedro Acosta, disahkan akan beraksi di kelas Moto2 musim depan.

Acosta akan digandingkan bersama Augusto Fernandez di KTM Ajo Moto2 yang turut diumumkan sebagai pelumba baharu selepas dipancing dari Elf Marc VDS Racing Team.

Kedua-dua pelumba ini akan membawa cabaran bagi KTM Ajo Moto2 menggantikan Raul Fernandez dan Remy Gardner yang akan memulakan saingan di kelas MotoGP bersama Tech3 KTM.

“Beralih ke Moto2 merupakan impian saya kerana saya percaya langkah ini perlu diambil.

“Sudah tentu masih banyak yang saya perlu pelajari dan saya masih boleh kekal di Moto3 tetapi sebagai seorang pelumba, langkah ini penting bagi pembangunan saya.

“Tetapi ini adalah satu kelebihan untuk terus kekal bersama KTM Ajo yang telah pun membantu banyak dalam kejuaraan dunia pertama saya,” jelas Acosta.

Sementara itu, bos KTM, Pit Bierer percaya dengan telunjuk Aki Ajo, Acosta dan Fernandez akan berada dalam landasan terbaik untuk berkembang.

“Aki Ajo dan pasukannya telah memainkan peranan besar dalam pembangunan karier pelumba jadi kami amat berbesar hati untuk bersamanya dalam projek seterusnya.

“Kami juga berbesar hati dapat menyokong keinginan Pedro (Acosta) untuk melangkah ke kateogri seterusnya dari Moto3,” jelas Bierer.

Sementara itu, laporan sebelum ini mengatakan Acosta telah pun mengikat kontrak tiga tahun bersama KTM yang turut menyaksikan dia bakal melangkah ke MotoGP seawal 2024.


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