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Following the success of Dominar Rides to Ipoh, the journey continues with a new group of Dominar owners, to a new location.

The focus of the Dominar Rides is to have a new experience for each ride and to enable a different group of owners to share the experience.

This time around, the participants of the second ride enjoyed a tricky ride to Rimba Valley Motocamp, located at Janda Baik, Pahang.

As usual, the riders got together at Circle Cafe, Kelana Jaya, for a light breakfast and briefing.

Upon arrival at the cafe, every rider is obligated to take the Covid-19 screening test to ensure the safety of everyone.

The convoy rolled out at 9.30 am and made a quick stop at the famous BHP Karak petrol station before continuing to Genting Sempah.

The ride up to Rimba Valley Motocamp allows all riders to test out the Modenas Dominar D400 capabilities going through tight corners and uneven terrain.

Interestingly enough, the riders were able to experience a short ‘off-road’ with their Dominar upon arrival at Rimba Valley before Captain Nik Huzlan led them to the campsite for lunch.


The adventure did not stop there as owners of the first-generation Dominar were given a chance to test out the new Dominar D400 UG.

The host, Capt. Nik also took a few riders for a knee-deep river-crossing challenge with the new Dominar D400 UG located about a kilometre away from the camp.

Despite the short route from KL to Janda Baik, it was quite an adventure for the rest of the convoy. And one that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the next Dominar Ride will take a new batch of owners on an adventure to Pengkalan Balak, Melaka on the 27th of November.

The Dominar Rides takes over from the popular ‘Explore The Unexplored’ that took place in 2018 and 2019. It has been rebranded to follow suit with similar Bajaj organised rides taking place all over the world.


The first ride recently took place in Ipoh, Perak and is set to continue all over Malaysia.

The Meet-Up


The first edition of ‘Dominar Rides’ returns with a group of 16 riders taking on a 440km ride to Ipoh, Perak and back to KL.

The ride is part of Modenas initiative to encourage Modenas Dominar 400 and UG owners to properly enjoy the capabilities of the ‘sport-tourer motorcycles.

Riders met up at Circle Café in Kelana Jaya for breakfast before they were briefed on the day’s programmes and routes.

The Ride

The convoy begins at Circle Café and we make our way to North-South Expressway led by a dedicated ride leader who was supported by a sweeper, a support car and a paramedic.

The first stop was at Tapah R&R for refuel and refresh before heading to Ipoh for lunch.

Despite being a wet week, the ride to Ipoh was fortunately dry with the riders showcasing impressive alertness and attention during the ride to Ipoh.

The Arrival

The convoy arrived at Meru Valley Golf & Country Club for lunch and the riders were served various local delicacies and desserts.

Since the group of riders consist of both the old and new-gen of Dominar, the group took the time to mingle and exchange remarks about their motorcycles.

The Test Ride

After lunch, the owners of the Dominar 400 were given a chance to test ride the latest Dominar 400 UG, which was provided for by Modenas.

The riders then shared their thoughts on the new Dominar and collectively agree that the new-gen motorcycle is definitely the best affordable 400cc bike money can buy at the moment.

Up Next

The Dominar Rides is set to take place all over the country with a series of 10 rides planned. The next ride will head to Janda Baik for a spot of barbecuing and river wading as well as more test rides planned.

Looking to upgrade your small-capacity motorcycle to something bigger? How about the Modenas Dominar D400 sport-tourer? Modenas has just launched the ‘Dominasi Impianmu’ campaign as a way to help bike enthusiasts in Malaysia to own the 400cc street bike with an exciting rebate, which drives the price down to be more affordable than ever. (more…)

Pengembaraan Modenas Dominar ‘Explore the Unexplored’ akhirnya sampai ke penghujung yang menyaksikan 16 pemilik Dominar 400 memulakan perjalanan dari Juru, Pulau Pinang menuju ke Rimba Valley Motocamp, Janda Baik.

Pengembaraan kali ini menyaksikan konvoi menempuh lebih 500km dengan menyelusuri Juru, Simpang Pulai, Cameron Highlands, Sungai Koyan sebelum berhenti di Rimba Valley Motocamp di Janda Baik yang merupakan destinasi perhentian terakhir.

Perjalanan bermula seawal 6.30 pagi hari Sabtu di Restoran Nasi Kandar Pelita, Juru Auto City, Prai yang diselia oleh dua marshall, Wahid Ooi dan Sep Irran bagi memastikan konvoi bergerak lancar.

Konvoi kemudiannya berhenti di Simpang Pulai untuk sesi isi minyak dan menarik nafas sebelum menyambung perjalanan menuju ke Kafe Banjaran untuk sesi bergambar.

Sejurus selepas itu, konvoi dibawa merentasi terowong ala ‘Monaco’ sebelum konvoi dilepaskan buat sementara waktu agar mereka dapat mencari ilham dan pemandangan terbaik untuk sesi ‘motography’agar dapat dikongsikan di sosial media bersama pemilik Dominar seluruh dunia.

Konvoi kemudiannya bertemu di Ringlet dan meneruskan perjalanan melalui Pos Betau dan Sungai Koyan yang merupakan syurga bagi peminat jentera dua roda.

Peserta turut menyaksikan beberapa jentera kapcai sedang beraksi ala CubPrix ketika melalui laluan yang berlatarbelakangkan Empangan Hidroelektrik Ulu Jerai itu.

Konvoi kemudiannya berdepan situasi ‘sesat terkawal’ apabila GPS membawa mereka melalui beberapa laluan yang tiada dalam perancangan namun masih menyajikan pengalaman menarik kepada peserta terlibat.

Pengembaraan Modenas Dominar akhirnya menamatkan perjalanan lebih 500km di Rimba Valley Motocamp, Janda Baik yang merupakan tuan rumah Rimba Raid 2019 tahun ini!

Datuk Kapten Nik Huzlan Nik Hussain

Selepas bermalam sambil ditemani air sungai yang seakan menyuntik ketenangan setelah seharian di atas jalan raya, peserta kemudiannya diberi peluang untuk menimba pengalaman menempuh tunggangan ‘off-road’ keesokan harinya dengan tunjuk ajar Datuk Kapten Nik Huzlan Nik Hussain (gambar), pemilik Rimba Valley Motocamp.

Rata-rata peserta teruja kerana diberi peluang tersebut yang boleh dianggap tidak ternilai apatah lagi dapat menguji jentera Dominar di atas permukaan berbeza.

Menariknya, meskipun dengan penggunaan tayar ‘street’ setiap peserta berjaya menempuh perjalanan naik turun bukit tanpa seorang pun yang jatuh! “Terima kasih Kapten Nik!” merupakan perkataan yang diutarakan setiap peserta sebaik selepas sesi ‘off-road’.


Sebaik selesai, masing-masing terus terjun ke dalam sungai sekaligus menandakan pengakhiran kepada pengembaraan penuh epik edisi terakhir Modenas Dominar ‘Explore the Unexplored’.


  • The Modenas Dominar “Explore the Unexplored” ride series came to a close with an unforgettable trip.

  • It started from Juru Auto City and stopped in Rimba Valley Motorcamp, Janda Baik.

  • It covered more than 500 kilometres.

The Modenas Dominar “Explore the Unexplored” Ride series came to a close with an unforgettable trip.

It took them on the highway, up the mountain, into the valleys and finally to camping for a night before resuming with off-road riding on the final day.

The ride series not only highlights the beauty of Malaysia to Dominar riders the world over, but it also shows that the bike is capable of taking them wherever they wished to go.

Day One – Saturday, 13th July 2019

Leg One – Juru to Cameron Highlands

Just like a previous “Explore the Unexplored” (ETU) ride, we congregated at the Restoran Nasi Kandar Pelita in Juru Auto City, Prai.

There, the riders who have signed up online confirmed their registrations and were handed a participant number and exclusive ride t-shirt. The ride briefing was then presented over breakfast concerning the route, safety aspects and the meaning of “Explore the Unexplored,” plus #motography and #motographymalaysia.

The ride was flagged off at 6.30am after the obligatory photo op and headed south on the North-South Highway. The convoy of 16 riders was kept as compact as possible while maintaining higher average cruising speeds to avoid disrupting other road users. Yet, there are still impatient cretins who overtook us by mere centimeters, as if to push us off the road.

We stopped for fuel at the Petronas station in Simpang Pulai before taking on the curvy road. Traffic was thankfully light at this time of the day, but we spotted a car which ended up in a ditch. All occupants got out safely.

In the lead marshal’s mirrors, the participants behind could be seen grinning inside their helmets, as they swept through the corners. One by one, bikes leaned over into the turns like dominoes.

The brisk pace brought the pack to the Banjaran Café for another photo op and drone video shoot.

We hopped back on our bikes and continued towards Brinchang, passing the “Monaco” tunnel.

The participants were set loose to capture their own best photos for their #motography and #motographymalaysia mission.

Leg Two – Cameron Highlands to Sungai Koyan

We regrouped at the Shell station in Ringlet just past noon for the next leg.

There was only one obvious choice of route if you want to head to the areas around Bentong, and that was via Pos Betau and Sungai Koyan.

The riders got into the rhythm of sweeping into the curves that the road is famous for. Deep depressions in the apex caused a few entertaining moments but the route was fun for the lightweight Dominar 400’s neutral steering and ability generate impressive lean angles.

If anything, the route proved that time flies when you’re having fun because the twisties seemed to end in no time at all.

Leg Three – Sungai Koyan to Klau Dam

We had wanted to circumvent the Bentong town for fear of heavy traffic and heavy trucks that are driven like the drivers who just had their ketum tarik.

It was at this point that Google Map decided to act up and made us travel for kilometres on a road before telling us to turn back to the way we came from. We had lost some one hour chasing that GPS i.e. guna pun sesat(“use GPS but still get lost”) symptom.

We found our way to the Klau Dam boat jetty afterwards, but we didn’t stop as it was late afternoon and we didn’t want to arrive in Janda Baik when it’s dark.

Leg Four – Klau Dam to Rimba Valley Motorcamp, Janda Baik

But the GPS must’ve been holding some type of grudge that day – it took us Bentong town after all… And instead of leading us onto the Karak Highway, it led us down that old Bentong – Gombak trunk road.

Anyway, it was still an interesting ride as the tight corners highlighted the Dominar 400’s abilities and agility.

We went past Kampung Bukit Tinggi and straight up the arch that welcomed us to the Janda Baik area.

Everyone was relieved when he headed down the gravel trial to Dato’ Capt. Nik Huzlan’s Rimba Valley Motorcamp.

Camping Under the Sky

The Rimba Valley Motorcamp was set up by Dato’ Capt. Nik. Capt. Nik (as he likes to be addressed) was a pilot who flew for 35 years in Malaysia Airlines and is a very well-known personality in motorcycling circles. He had owned some 70 motorcycles up until today. He still rides actively but he is very busy lately in preparing for this year’s mega GIVI Rimba Raid.

Taking place from 26th to 28th July 2019, GIVI Rimba Raid at Janda Baik has already attracted the full grid of 150 riders from 16 different countries.

Anyway, the participants jumped into the clear and cool stream next to the camp ground almost as soon as they removed their riding gear. Most hadn’t even checked in to their tents. Finger food and refreshments were already in place when we arrived.

That evening, we were treated to a succulent and amazingly delicious BBQ lamb and chicken, plus other dishes.

The valley floor is flanked by steep hill slopes on both sides, no doubt blocking out telco signals. This had a great effect on the riders as they ignored their smartphones and sat together to share stories, described their ride with swishing hand motions and poke fun at each other.

Baskers were called in to provide the evening’s entertainment. The three-piece band did such a great job that other families camped their exited their tents to listen to the music.

As the night wore on, we expected the riders to turn in early after the tiring 11-hour ride. Instead, many stayed up until almost 2am, chatting with their new found friends.

Day Two – The Activities

The day was planned for the usual ETU “slow ride contest.” But when Capt. Nik suggested that the riders should experience riding in the area surrounding the camp, it was greeted with enthusiasm. No one said no.

Capt. Nik escorted us to a stream crossing and briefed us on basic off-road riding techniques. One by one, we rode through the stream, giggling and laughing when emerged on the far bank without a single untoward episode.

We pressed Capt. Nik for more and he acquiesced by taking up what he called the Level 2 Hill. Everyone made it through without a single crash or dropped bike.

The Dominar 400 surprised even the owners themselves of its capabilities.

We headed back to the camp for lunch, before durians were brought to us.

But all good things come to an end. We packed up with heavy hearts and hugged each other as we bid each other farewell and a safe ride home.

Everyone remarked that they enjoyed themselves immensely and it was the best ETU ride, ever. But one guy summed up this ride best: “This was definitely the best. We got to ride on the highway, go up a mountain, ride through corners and finally went off-roading. It’s got everything!”


  • Konvoi Modenas Dominar “Explore the Unexplored” telah kembali bagi tahun 2019 dengan pengembaraan yang lebih mengagumkan.
  • Tunggangan kali ini meliputi negeri Johor dari, Johor Bahru menuju ke Mersing dan Kluang.
  • 16 orang pemilik Modenas Dominar D400 telah menyertai penunggangan yang mengujakan ini untuk inisiatif #MotographyMalaysia.


  • The Modenas Dominar “Explore the Unexplored” ride returns in 2019 with more epic journeys.

  • This ride covered the state of Johor from Johor Bahru to Mersing and Kluang.

  • 16 Modenas Dominar D400 owners took on this exciting ride for the #MotographyMalaysia initiative.

It was yet another successful and wonderful journey of the Modenas Dominar “Explore the Unexplored” ride as they explored the road down South. A convoy of 16 Modenas Dominar D400 owners took the streets from Mersing all the way Kluang for some good time under the sun and riding around the great state. (more…)

Attention Modenas Dominar D400 owners from Southern Malaysia, Modenas wants you to join their next “Explore the Unexplored” ride happening this Saturday on 12th January 2019! This ‘first come, first serve’ ride (via e-mail, details below) will start from Tebrau heading towards Mersing for a nice lunch (on them!) before making way to Kluang and back again. (more…)

  • Anda sering menunggang bersendirian atau hanya untuk berulang alik dari rumah ke tempat kerja?
  • Adakah anda seorang pemilik motosikal Modenas Dominar?
  • Pernahkah anda teringin untuk menyertai konvoi epik yang tidak mudah untuk dilupakan, dengan pelbagai aktiviti dan permainan yang menyeronokan serta hadiah yang yang boleh dimenangi?
  • Jika jawapan anda adalah ya bagi mana-mana soalan di atas ini, segeralah mendaftar bagi konvoi “Modenas Dominar Explore the Unexplored” yang akan diadakan pada hujung minggu ini. Konvoi ini terbuka untuk 20 orang pemilik Dominar sahaja.


  • Do you often ride alone or just on regular commutes to work and back?
  • Are you a Modenas Dominar owner?
  • Have you been looking to go on an epic unforgettable ride with lots of fun and games with many prizes to be won?
  • If you answered yes to any of this then move quick to register for the Modenas Dominar Explore the Unexplored ride happening this weekend. The ride is open to just 20 Dominar riders. 

Are you an owner of a Modenas Dominar? If so then we have an offer you may not be able to refuse.

Modenas and their partner Bajaj Auto Limited of India, would like to invite you to join them for a ride to Kuantan which is happening this weekend (13th and 14th of October).

The ride which is exclusively for Dominar owners only, will begin on Saturday morning at 7am from the Modenas headquarters in Glenmarie (EMOS) to Kuantan via some fun roads along the way.

You will spend a night in Kuantan where there will be a BBQ party, live music, and a chance to show off your singing skills.

The best part? It is an all expenses paid trip, well almost, the only thing you have to worry about is fuel and a change of clothes. Food and accommodation is covered by Modenas and Bajaj. There has been no better ride than this for Modenas owners.

On the next day (Sunday 14th of October), the convoy will then head back to KL via the East Coast Highway and you will be back in KL by the afternoon so you are able to spend the rest of your Sunday recuperating, and spending time with your loved ones.

The ride is part of the epic Modenas Explore the Unexplored adventure ride series that will take place all over Peninsular Malaysia. This ride to Kuantan is the third such ride to be hosted by Modenas and Bajaj and organised by, you can watch the videos from the first two rides below.

Participants will also get a chance to win many prizes with the Motography photo contest where you will need to upload your best Dominar moments to your social media with the #motographymalaysia hashtag. You stand a chance to win a Shark helmet or an Alpinestar riding jacket.

If you are interested to take part in this ride, click here to register your interest and Modenas will inform you if you have been selected. Be quick as space is limited to 20 riders only!

See you there!



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