Rising Malaysian two-wheeled racing star Hakim Danish scores sensational podium during last weekend’s European Talent Cup season-opener in Estoril, Portugal.


Malaysian Moto3 rider Syarifuddin Azman @ Damok will deputise for injured Alberto Surra at the Rivacold Snipers Team over two races starting with this weekend’s Portuguese GP.


Terengganu-born prodigy Hakim Danish snatches maiden Asia Talent Cup win in Mandalika, Indonesia.


  • A Malaysian rider lost his bike in London.

  • The city was his last stop after reaching a other destinations.

  • We wish him the best and hope he has a way out soon.

A Malaysian rider who aimed to ride around the world lost his bike in London recently.

Paul Wong began his solo ride on 28th September to various destinations and London was his last stop. He parked his BMW S 1000 XR sport-tourer in front of a restaurant before it went missing, believed to have been stolen.

The red coloured bike bears Malaysian number plates, with a doll dog attached to the rearview mirror.

We hope Paul can be reunited with his bike soon or there’s a way for him out of this hardship.

The theft is in contrast with a number of foreign bikes that were tampered with or had their front brake calipers stolen in Malaysia. Brake caliper thefts may be rampant in Malaysia but not entire bikes, especially large capacity bikes.

It’s the reverse in London where motorcycle theft is an epidemic. The local police has got their hands full in trying to stamp out the crime, while vigilante groups have cropped up to “assist.” The police and insurance companies have advised motorcycle owners to install GPS trackers on their motorcycles lately.

Perhaps we should install such system in Malaysia soon, too.


The ‘sambung bayar’ practise is quite a regular thing among Malaysian motorist. Sambung bayar literally translates to “Continue Payment” in English, and this happens when a person is no longer able to pay his car or motorcycle loan, and somebody else steps up to continue payment for the loan while the car or bike remains in the original owners name.

This is risky business for the original owner as the person who continues his payment may just up and leave with the owner’s car or motorcycle. This has caused the number of individuals black listed by financial institutions to rise. So the standard practise is for the owner to take a deposit for the car or bike.

This has been happening for a while now, and the owner of the vehicle sometimes prefers the ‘sambung bayar’ method as he does not need to find someone to buy over his vehicle, which will take time while the owner continues to service the monthly payments.

It is so popular that there are entire Facebook pages dedicated to it, you can click here to view a page on cars available for sambung bayar, or click here for a page on sambung bayar motorcycles.

Well, the good days for those who practise sambung bayar are about to come to an end.

In an article published by Malaysian daily Berita Harian, it was reported that vehicle owners who give their vehicles away to a third party to service their loans without approval will be fined or jailed.

In a reply to a question posed by a member of parliament, the Malaysian Home Ministry has clarified that such practices is against the Hire-Purchase Act of 1967. In a statement issued to the House of Commons (Dewan Rakyat), it was stated that “Action can be taken against owners who pawn their vehicles or ‘sambung bayar’ to third parties without the bank’s knowledge and approval.”

The law is explicit – Section 38 of the Hire Purchase Act states that an owner who sells or leases their vehicle while the hire purchase agreement is in force can be sentenced to a RM3,000 fine or three years jail, or both, if found guilty.

So if you are currently riding or driving a vehicle that belongs to someone else while you pay the monthly installments or if you have let someone else service your loan for you, it will be a good time to return the vehicle as more stringent enforcement is on the way.

Read the original article by Berita Harian.

National motorcycle maker Modenas today introduced its latest model – the Kriss MR2. The new MR2 moped/underbone/kapcai (lets just call it kapcai) is the successor to the old MR1 which was introduced back in 2011. If you’re wondering what the MR stands for, it is ‘Motosikal Rakyat’ in Bahasa Malaysia, which translates to the ‘People’s Motorcycle’.

Priced from just RM3,890 for the base model, the bike features a rotary gear system and a Euro-3 compliant 110cc, four-stroke engine that puts out 8.3hp at 7,500rpm and 8.2Nm of torque at 5,500rpm.

Fuel efficiency is what the new Modenas truly excels at; its tiny 4.5 litre fuel tank is capable of covering a shocking 200 kilometres on a full tank. There’s is also an undersea storage area that can fit a small helmet or other belongings, but not much else.

Modenas is targeting to achieve overall total sales of 60,000 units in local and regional markets by year end.

The MR2 is available in three colours – Sand White, Celebration Red, Strike Blue and Canary Yellow.

Modena says that it is committed to building up its after sales service support, and is aiming to improve this by opening its second Training Centre at its service centre in Subang by the middle of April 2017.

Sporty and seemingly affordable, the Naza Bikes N5R SE is perhaps the best left-field alternative in its segment.

– DOHC 249cc single-cylinder
– 28hp @ 9,500rpm / 24.17Nm @ 7,000rpm
– 143kg (dry)
– RM15,388 (basic without GST)


FIM ARRC 2016 ends season with a bang as national rider Zaqhwan Zaidi snatches second SuperSport 600 title.


National rider Khairul Idham Pawi (SuperKIP) awarded seat in Moto2 for 2017 season.


New Modenas Karisma 125 & Elegan 250 scooter launched – from RM5,278.80* and RM13,599.80* respectively.

Hafizh Syahrin, Khairul Idham Pawi and Adam Norrodin cemented Malaysia’s name on the map of motorsports

It has been an amazing season for MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. With so many amazing things happening throughout all three classes, we looked at how our own hometown heroes did in the world stage of the greatest motorcycle racing event in the world. These boys are none other than Hafizh Syahrin, Khairul Idham Pawi and Adam Norrodin. (more…)


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