Jenama Loncin mungkin masih asing di Malaysia namun pengeluar motosikal China itu merupakan pihak bertanggungjawab menghasilkan enjin bagi beberapa model BMW antaranya C 400 X, C 400 GT, F 850 GS, F 900 R, F 900 XR dan terbaru F 900 GS. 

Senario itu secara tak langsung membuktikan kemampuan Loncin dalam menghasilkan enjin yang bukan sahaja berkuasa malah berkualiti dan dipercayai jenama motosikal Jerman itu. 

Menariknya, Loncin menerusi jenama premium Voge turut memperkenalkan motosikal ‘adventure’ serba baharu, Voge 900 DS yang mengguna pakai enjin sama dibekalkan kepada BMW bagi F 900 GS. 

Terbaru, kami diberitahu bahawa Voge 900 DS itu akan turut memasuki Malaysia pada 2024 menerusi MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd. Menurut sumber, motosikal ‘adventure’ itu akan memasuki pasaran tempatan sekitar Februari dan bakal menjadi model sulung dari Voge yang akan dipasarkan disini. 

Pada masa sama, kami juga diberitahu sasaran awal adalah untuk model ‘adventure’ ini dipasarkan pada harga bawah RM60k.

Untuk rekod, Voge 900 DS dikuasakan enjin parallel-twin 895cc dengan sistem penyejukan cecair yang berupaya menghasilkan 96.5hp dan 87Nm. Kuasa pula disalurkan kepada tayar belakang menerusi transmisi manual 6-kelajuan yang dibantu sistem ‘quickshifter’. 

Seperti model BMW F 900 R/XR dan GS, 900 DS ini juga menawarkan pakej elektronik yang lengkap termasuk:

  • throttle-by-wire
  • panel meter TFT
  • cruise control
  • heated grip/seat

Voge 900 DS ini juga dlengkapi dengan kelengkapan premium termasuk sistem suspensi boleh laras, pencahayaan LED penuh dengan DRL (daytime running light), brek Brembo dan ABS dwi-saluran. 

Buat masa ini belum ada pengumuman rasmi dari pihak MForce namun kami akan bawakan perkembangan lanjut dari masa ke masa. 

China’s motorcycle manufacturing landscape continues to evolve with the emergence of new brands aiming to make their mark.

  • AW is a relatively unknown name that has recently stepped into the spotlight by unveiling its inaugural offerings – the 500 N and 500 R motorcycles in China. 
  • the 500 N and 500 R makes a commendable 45hp and tips the scale at 186kg. 

Although a newcomer, AW has quickly captured attention since its debut at a trade fair in China back in 2021. The brand’s debut models, the 500 N and 500 R, share a common platform but boast distinct styling elements.

Both motorcycles are powered by engines sourced from Chinese manufacturer Loncin, presenting a parallel-twin configuration reminiscent of Honda’s renowned engine architecture.

Performance-wise, the AW 500 series packs a punch with a commendable 45 horsepower output, placing it on par with other contenders in the entry-level segment. Weighing in at a manageable 186 kilograms, these bikes offer an accessible riding experience suitable for a diverse range of riders.

Setting itself apart, AW has equipped the 500 N and 500 R models with premium underpinnings. The front suspension features adjustable inverted forks, while the rear employs an adjustable link-type shock. Braking capabilities are enhanced with dual disc brakes boasting radially mounted four-piston calipers.

In sync with modern trends, AW’s new offerings embrace technology with a sizable full-color display, hinting at possible Bluetooth connectivity. The two models diverge in their aesthetics – the 500 R embracing a traditional fully-faired sportbike design, while the 500 N takes cues from premium modern classics, infusing sporty angles with a touch of retro flair.

After successfully penetrating the European market with a beginner-friendly naked and neo retro motorcycle, Voge, a premium sub-brand of Chinese motorcycle manufactuer, Loncin, now breached out to middleweight capacity adventure bike, with the all-new Valico 525 DSX. 

  • Voge Valico 525 DSX is an A2-compliant adventure motorcycle.
  • The Valico 525 DSX will go up against Honda’ CB500X and Benelli’s TRK 502 X. 

The Valico 525 DSX features a 494cc parallel-twin with liquid-coole and fuel-injected engine that makes 47hp on tap, similar to the Honda CB500X.

That said, the Valico 525 DSX is designed as a A2-compliant motorcycle making it a suitable option for younger riders. 

Similar to modern day ADV machine, the Voge Valico 525 DSX is fitted with inverted front forks with long-travel suspension at the front and adjustable monoshock at the rear. 

However, while the rest of its competitors features alloy wheels, the Valico 525 DSX gets tubeless wire-spoke wheels measuring 19-inch front and 17-inch at the back.

In addition, the motorcycle also equipped with traction control and ABS – which can be switched off for off-road riding – selectable Eco and Sport mode and a full colour 7-inch TFT display with built-in navigation system.

This inadvertently puts the Voge Valico 525 DSX as a strong contender in the 500cc category, going up against the CB500X and Benelli TKR 502 X. 

You might not be familiar with the Loncin brand, but it is the firm responsible for manufacturing the engine for BMW’s C 400 X, C 400 GT, F 850 GS, F 900 R and F 900 XR. 

  • Loncin rolls out Voge  the new 900DS adventure at EICMA. 
  • The Voge 900DS features a similar powertrain to BMW’s F 900 XR, producing close to 100hp and 92Nm. 

Loncin and BMW have been working together for years now, similar to CFMOTO’s partnership with KTM.

While it may took a while for Loncin, through its premium Voge brand, to work on its own motorcycle range but the 900 DS adventure motorcycle is officially here.


Using the BMW commissioned engine, the Voge 900 DS is fitted with the same engine as the BMW F900 R/XR, an 895cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin that pumps out 96.5hp and 87Nm. 

Power is sent to the rear wheel via a 6-speed manual transmission regulated by an up/down quickshifter as standard. 

Similar to its BMW counterpart, the Voge 900DS features a host of electronics including throttle-by-wire system.  Information related to the motorcycle can be accessed via a full-colour TFT display. 

Other handy features include:

  • USB port.
  • cruise control.
  • heated grips and heated seats.
  • complete aluminium side and top case.

In addition, the 900DS also features some premium components including fully adjustable suspension, Brembo brakes and dual-channel ABS. 

As a standard adventure capable motorcycle, the 900DS is fitted with 21-inch front and 17-inch rear spoked wheels as standard. While the 825mm seat height is impressive, the Voge 900DS is noticeably heavy at 220kg. 

You might not be familiar with the Loncin brand, but it is the firm responsible for manufacturing the engine for BMW’s C 400 X, C 400 GT, F 850 GS, F 900 R and F 900 XR. 

  • Loncin to roll out Voge 900DS adventure motorcycle in November.
  • The Voge 900DS features a similar powertrain to BMW’s F 900 XR, producing close to 100hp and 92Nm. 

Loncin and BMW have been working together for years now, similar to CFMOTO’s partnership with KTM. 

*BMW F 850 GS

That said, it took a while for Loncin, through its premium Voge brand, to work on its own motorcycle range using the BMW-commissioned engine. 

However, things are about to change as Voge is scheduled to introduce an adventure-type motorcycle, dubbed the Voge 900DS, soon.

The Voge 900DS – presumably refers to as Dual Sport – is like to share the same parallel-twin engine as the F 900 XR. While further details regarding the powertrain remain scarce, it’s almost sure to be an 895cc parallel-twin unit. 

Having said that, it is likely to produce close to 100hp and 92Nm, similar to the BMW F 900 XR. 

Looking at the leak photos, the Voge 900DS looks inspired not just by the F 850 GS bodywork but also by some aspect of Triumph’s Tiger 900 range, specifically the front fascia. 

Nonetheless, it looks well-built, and the slim subframe gives off an aggressive and rugged look. 

While not much is disclosed regarding the new motorcycle, the Voge 900DS is expected to break cover at EICMA in November. 

Loncin is another respected Chinese brand that has been around for years.

Their capabilities in producing a proper engine resulted in BMW Motorrad tying up a deal with the Chongqing-based company to produce an engine for the new F 750 GS, F 850 GS, including the C 400 X and C 400 GT.

Recently, Loncin unveiled their own updated version of their popular retro-styled motorcycle, Voge 500AC.

To our surprise, the updated model bear a resemblance to the newly introduce Triumph Trident 600.

Not exactly a direct copy; instead, the Voge 500AC is tangible proof that the current demographics (significantly younger riders) are in love with a retro-styled motorcycle.

Benelli Leoncino 500 and CFMoto 700CL-X are one of many Chinese made retro-styled motorcycle built to attract younger customers.

The updated Voge 500AC retains its 471cc parallel-twin engine (a similar powerplant found on the Honda CB500X) capable of producing a healthy 48hp @ 8,500rpm and 47Nm @ 7,000rpm. Loncin also claimed the motorcycle capable of reaching a top speed of 160km/h.

Despite all the similarities mentioned, the Voge 500AC does come with commendable features, which include:

  • dual-channel ABS
  • fully adjustable KYB inverted fork and mono-shock
  • full-colour TFT display with smartphone connectivity
  • Nissin callipers mated to a 298mm and 240mm front and rear brake disc

The Loncin Voge 500AC is currently available in China for CNY34,980 (RM22,100), while its competition, CB500X and the Benelli Leoncino 500, cost more than that.

The Loncin Voge 500AC might sound like an air-conditioned product, but it has the looks and certainly the features to become a proper motorcycle to compete against the rest in its segment.


Jenama motosikal yang pernah terkenal pada suatu ketika, Cagiva, akan kembali semula dengan memperkenalkan beberapa jentera baharu.

Bagaimanapun, Cagiva akan dilahirkan semula sebagai syarikat motosikal elektrik seperti yang dilaporkan

Ditubuhkan pada 1978, Cagiva menempah nama selaku pengeluar motosikal Itali yang popular namun beberapa kali melalui penstrukturan semula sebelum menjadi anak syarikat milik MV Agusta.

Tahun 2012 merupakan tahun akhir Cagiva menghasilkan model baharu.

Sementara itu, MV Agusta sendiri turut bergelut dengan masalah kewangan namun kembali stabil dibawah pimpinan Presiden Timur Sardarov.

Tatkala masa depan MV Agusta tampak positif, mereka kini bercadang untuk melibatkan diri dalam penghasilan motosikal elektrik dan berniat menghidupakan jenama Cagiva sebagai pelopor utama syarikat dalam arena itu.

Difahamkan, Cagiva akan memperkenalkan jentera elektrik baharu dalam tempoh 12 bulan akan datang.

Baru-baru ini, Sardarov mendedahkan pihaknya akan menjalinkan kerjasama dengan syarikat berpangkalan di China, Loncin, dalam menghasilkan jentera MV Agusta 350cc.


Pada masa sama, Loncin turut memperkenalkan sebuah jentera elektrik, VOGE ER 10 yang diperkenalkan kepada umum di EICMA 2019.

Mungkin kerjasama ini sedikit sebanyak akan menyumbang kepada penghasilan jentera elektrik oleh Cagiva? Kongsikan pendapat anda.


  • MV Agusta partners with the Loncin Motor Company.

  • They will launch a four-model lineup, ranging between 350cc to 500cc.

  • The bikes will be designed in Italy and built in China.

MV Agusta partners with the Loncin Motor Company to launch a four-model lineup, ranging between 350cc to 500cc. The bikes will be designed in Italy and built in China,and expected to hit dealer showrooms by 2021.

The partnership will go further than small capacity bikes. MV’s Castiglioni Research Centre (CRC) will design 800cc bikes for Loncin’s high-end brand called Voge.

Partnerships of Western and Chinese manufacturers are becoming the norm lately, but it’s still a bit of a surprise to learn that MV Agusta is doing so, too. The move is surprising because MV Agusta has always been the – if not one of – Italy’s premium motorcycle manufacturers. We can probably hear current owners screaming sacrilegio (sacrilege) or infamia (infamy).

But think about this: Some Chinese manufacturers unabashedly knock off the designs of famous motorcycles, then build them with the quality of rice paper. We’ve seen copies of BMWs, Ducatis, even the Honda Gold Wing!

Suing the manufacturers who copy the designs take long periods of time and cost lots of money. For example, the case of Lambretta versus a Chinese manufacturer who copied the former’s bikes. Even then, Chinese makers seem to be immune from such intellectual property laws in their country.

Therefore, it may be easier for Western makers to join forces with their Chinese counterparts.


  • Pengeluar motosikal China, Loncin, telah memperkenalkan motosikal kembara kelas pertengahan mereka yang digelar Loncin DS8 2018.
  • Melihat pada pakej keseluruhannya, motosikal DS8 ini mempunyai banyak persamaan apabila dibandingkan dengan motosikal BMW G 650 GS yang telah dihentikan pengeluarannya.
  • Dijana oleh enjin dwi silinder 651cc yang sama, motosikal DS8 ini dikatakan akan menghasilkan 50hp dan 50Nm tork.


Loncin HR7

  • Pengeluar motosikal China, Loncin, telah melancarkan motosikalnya yang pertama iaitu Loncin HR7 500 2018.
  • Berdasarkan pada rekaan motosikal itu serta spesifikasi keseluruhannya, ianya amat menyerupai motosikal Honda CB500F termasuklah pada angka kuasa dan torknya yang pada 47hp dan 44Nm.
  • Belum ada lagi berita tentang bila Loncin HR7 500 ini akan boleh didapati di pasaran kerana ianya baru sahaja diumumkan semasa China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition 2017 (CIMA Motor Show).


Chinese bike manufacturer Loncin has introduced their new middleweight adventure bike dubbed the 2018 Loncin DS8.

Judging by the overall package, the DS8 carries a lot of similarities when. compared to the discontinued BMW G 650 GS.

Powered by the same 651cc, twin cylinder engine, the DS8 is said to produce 50hp and 50Nm of torque.

During the 2017 China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMA Motor Show), Chinese bike manufacturer showcased yet another very familiar bike which goes by the name of the 2018 Loncin DS8. We are of course referring to how to bike looks eerily similar to the previous BMW G 650 GS adventure bike. (more…)

Chinese bike manufacturer Loncin has launched its first ever bike that is the 2018 Loncin HR7 500.

Based on the bike’s design and overall spec, it resembles the Honda CB500F very closely including its power and torque figure at 47hp and 44Nm.

There is no news on when the Loncin HR7 500 will be available in the market as it was only recently announced during the 2017 China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMA Motor Show).

Chinese bike manufacturer Loncin has revealed its first 500cc twin-cylinder engine earlier this week dubbed the 2018 Loncin HR7 500. Reports by specialists in the motoring media industry stated that the engine used to power the HR7 is almost identical to the one used in the Honda CB500F. (more…)


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