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Celebrating 30 years of the iconic Duke lineup, the 2024 KTM 990 Duke arrives with a focus on performance and a striking new look. It has been engineered to be a top-tier naked machine again, combining powerful mechanics with cutting-edge styling. Let’s delve into what makes the 2024 KTM 990 Duke an exciting addition to the Duke family.

Performance Beyond Expectations

The KTM 990 Duke is not shy about its intentions. It boasts a potent engine, an entirely new chassis, a redesigned swingarm, updated ergonomics, and advanced technology. These improvements elevate the motorcycle into the league of larger-capacity bikes in terms of displacement and proportions.

The design of the 2024 KTM 990 Duke is all about capturing the essence of explosive energy in a freeze-frame. It exudes a sense of controlled chaos, ready to be unleashed. The new design is complemented by two colorway options: Black and Electric Orange, the latter specially crafted to celebrate 30 years of the Duke legacy.

A Futuristic Face

The 2024 KTM 990 Duke features a sleek, predatory design with a modern LED headlight as its standout feature. Carefully constructed from a mix of materials, this headlight is said to ensure stable illumination in all road conditions. Position and daytime running lights are neatly integrated into the headlight’s profile, and the light intensity automatically adjusts according to ambient light conditions, thanks to a light sensor in the dashboard.

Additionally, the KTM 990 Duke comes with a standard “Coming Home” light function, which keeps the headlight on briefly after the ignition is switched off, providing extra visibility for the rider.

Heart of a Beast

Jammed into the frame is a significantly updated version of the LC8c engine from the KTM 890 Duke R. With 947 cc, this powerhouse generates an impressive 123 HP and 103 Nm of torque, all while maintaining a total motorcycle weight of just 179 kg. The KTM 990 Duke continues the legacy of the Duke models that have come before it, delivering even more dynamism and aggression, combined with a lightweight and maneuverable chassis for maximum rider confidence.

Precision Handling

The 2024 KTM 990 Duke inherits the Duke tradition of a stiff trellis frame and introduces a new closed-lattice swingarm. Paired with high-quality adjustable WP APEX Suspension components and Bridgestone S22 tires, this motorcycle offers remarkable cornering stability, akin to the precision of a sniper’s shot.

The suspension is made up of 43mm forks up front which can be adjusted via five clicks on either side for both rebound and compression adjustment. The rear WP mono shock is also adjustable in five clicks with manual pre-load adjustment possible as well. 

Rider-Focused Features

The KTM 990 Duke features a user-friendly 5-inch anti-scratch bonded glass dashboard that provides all the necessary information for riders. The graphics and menu structures have been revamped for quicker and more intuitive access to various features. It even includes a function that displays Lean Angle data and an optional Track Mode with a lap timer and telemetry stats. A USB-C connection has been added for convenient device charging.

Several spy photos have emerged what looks like a new small-capacity KTM Duke undergoing testing in Spain. 

  • The test mule is likely to be an updated version of the 125 Duke. 
  • The bike features a new redesigned headlight and revised subframe. 

The test mule can be seen HERE as published by European publication Motociclimso. However, from the looks of it, the test mule is still in an early stage given that many components are not yet completed. 

While we have no information regarding the engine capacity, it is likely an update for either the 125 Duke or 390 Duke. However, looking at the engine size and exhaust exit, it is possible that we are looking at the 125. 

Taking a closer look at the bodywork, we can see a design language that is similar to the KTM 1290 Super Duke R and Super Duke R EVO.

That said, the front shroud bodywork extends towards the front past the fork legs. The rear subframe also appears to be a cast aluminium instead of the steel tubular design. 

The test mule also features a redesigned headlamp but continue to portray the Duke’s DNA. 

While the new development seems exciting, it is difficult to predict when will the new machine make its way to production. 

KTM Malaysia announces availability of refreshed 2022 KTM 250 Duke naked featuring new lights, seat and colours, priced from RM21,500.


The KTM Duke range has been around for almost 30-years now, ranging from a small single-cylinder to its big LC8 V-Twin.

Nevertheless, the most popular has to be their small-displacement motorcycle that has been the pinnacle of KTM sales in the last few years, especially in India and Asia.

*KTM Duke 250

In just six years since launching the 200 Duke in the second-most populous country globally, India overtook all other markets in 2019, with over 200,000 Indian riders choosing the motorcycle.

Hence, it came to no surprise that the Austrian manufacturer – despite the bike is made in India – has been spotted testing out the 125 and 250cc range.

KTM Duke 125

According to reports, the two motorcycles will receive completely new hardware and will not carry any parts from the previous generation.

Despite no further details, we can identify some new features from the spied photos, evidently a new frame and a redesigned swingarms.

However, expect these motorcycle to only be available in the next couple of years.

(source: autoevolution)

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Tatkala pengeluar lain sibuk menghasilkan jentera ADV yang lebih besar, KTM memiliki perancangan tersendiri bagi segmen itu bermula tahun depan.

Menurut laporan Autocar India, KTM ketika ini sedang menguji jentera ADV dengan enjin bersesaran 250cc.

Difahamkan, jentera tersebut bukanlah KTM 390 seperti yang didakwa sebelum ini.

Awal tahun ini, KTM telah pun menguji Duke 390 dan RC 390 sekaligus menandakan pengeluar motosikal Austria itu memandang serius segmen motosikal bersaiz kecil.

Autocar India turut mendakwa antara sebab mengapa mereka beranggapan jentera tersebut adalah 250cc berdasarkan beberapa faktor antaranya penggunaan lampu halogen dan bukannya LED.

Model ADV 250cc ini dijangka hanya akan diperkenalkan bagi pasaran 2021.

(SUMBER: AutoCar India)

  • KTM Motorcycles Malaysia has officially announced the price of the new 790 Duke. 
  • New 790 Duke offers the most bang for the buck when it comes to onboard features. 
  • Features include cornering ABS, quickshifter +, colour TFT screen, traction control, and more!

After months of speculation, the day has finally arrived and KTM Motorcycles Malaysia has officially announced that the much awaited KTM 790 Duke is now available in Malaysia for an unbelievable RM64,800 with zero rated GST, excluding insurance and road tax.

Dubbed ‘The Scalpel’, the new 790 Duke continues on the success of its single-cylinder 690 Duke, this time powered by a new 799cc, LC8c DOHC, 8-valve, liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine featuring a 75 degree crankpin offset. The offset was chosen to mimic the firing of order of its manic 1290cc 75-degree V-Twin big brother. KTM reverted to a parallel-Twin instead of a V-Twin for a more compact packaging, in aiming for better weight distribution and weight savings, hence a better power-to-weight ratio.

The new engine produces 105bhp at 9,000rpm and 87Nm of torque at 8,000rpm. It now features two balancer shafts to dampen vibration for a smoother ride.

The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox with KTM’s PASC power assist slipper clutch, that allows for ultra fast downshifting or decelerating without locking up the rear wheel, thus improving safety.

The new 790 Duke engine is then set in an all-new frame as a stressed member. The new frame comes with unique sections that have thinner-walls with molybdenum steel sections. KTM says the frame has a finely tuned rigidity distribution to offer the best possible sporty feel with maximum feedback to the rider.

A consequence of the new frame gives the 790 Duke an attribute which Malaysians will love: Its seat height is only at 825mm. It’s very light, too, weighing in at 169kg dry.

As for the suspension, the 790 Duke uses specially-developed WP 43mm open-cartridge upside-down forks up front with 140mm of stroke. The rear suspension is a gas-assisted WP shock absorber and adjustable for preload. A WP steering damper keeps front end movements in check.

Other than that, the aluminium triple clamp has been tuned to match the flex of the forks. Steering rake angle is at 24 degrees while trail measures in at 98mm. Note that those are sporty numbers for a nimble handling bike. As with all KTMs, the handlebar is adjustable in four positions.

As for the electronics, the 790 Duke features ride-by-wire technology (RBW), lean angle sensitive Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC), cornering ABS, Motor Slip Regulation (MSR) for controlled engine braking, Quickshifter + for quicker  up and downshifts with auto blip, and a full-colour TFT display with the optional KTM MY RIDE smartphone integration.

The new KTM 790 Duke is available in Malaysia as a CBU model and priced RM64,800 with 0% GST without insurance and road tax.

Read more about this awesome machine here.


  • Laporan terkini telah mengatakan bahawa motosikal KTM 790 Duke 2017, atau dikenali sebagai “The Scalpel”, akan ditetapkan harganya pada paras €10,000 untuk pasaran Eropah (sekitar RM48,432).
  • Dengan motosikal KTM 690 Duke dan 1290 Super Duke R ditetapkan pada harga RM43,396 dan RM118,00 (harga asas beserta GST), motosikal 790 Duke boleh diandaikan terletak di antara kedua-dua harga ini.
  • Sekiranya ramalannya tepat, kita boleh jangkakan yang jentera naked terbaru dari KTM ini untuk berada di sekitar tanda harga RM60,000.


Recent reports have indicated that the 2018 KTM 790 Duke aka “The Scalpel” will be priced around €10,000 for the European market (around RM48,432)

While the KTM 690 Duke and 1290 Super Duke R is priced at RM43,396 and RM118,000 (basic prices with GST), the 790 Duke should land somewhere in the middle of that range.

If the predictions are correct, we can expect KTM’s latest naked beast to be around the RM60,000 mark.

According to a recent report made by Asphalt & Rubber, early predictions for the 2018 KTM 790 Duke aka “The Scalpel” has quoted the amazing piece of machinery at around €10,000 for the European market. After a direct conversion, the price would be around RM48,432 which quite an attractive figure for such an outstanding middleweight. (more…)

  • Motosikal KTM 390 Duke 2017 telah dilancarkan di Malaysia pada 26 September 2017 dengan slogan “Are you DUKE enough?
  • Diinspirasikan oleh saudaranya yang lebih besar dan lebih berkuasa, motosikal KTM 390 Duke R 2017, motosikal Duke tahap permulaan ini tertumpu kepada prestasi serta rekaan.
  • Dengan tanda harganya yang terletak di bawah sedikit daripada paras RM30,000, motosikal 390 Duke yang baru ini adalah salah sebuah motosikal naked tahap permulaan yang paling lengkap di pasaran buat masa ini.


The 2017 KTM 390 Duke was launched here in Malaysia on 26 September 2017 with the slogan “Are you DUKE enough?”

Heavily inspired by its bigger and more powerful brother, the 2017 KTM Super Duke R, this entry-level Duke is all about design and performance.

With a price tag just below the RM30,000 mark, the new 390 Duke is one of the most well-equipped entry-level naked bike in the market to date.

When the all-new 2017 KTM 390 Duke was launched just a couple of weeks ago, it came with a very bold catchphrase that has been stuck in our heads until today. What did KTM Malaysia meant when they presented everyone with the question “Are you DUKE enough?” (more…)

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  • KTM Malaysia telah menganjurkan Tunggangan Media KTM 250 Duke dan KTM 390 Duke.
  • Laluannya merentasi lalulintas kota raya, Lebuhraya Karak dan menaiki Bukit Tinggi.
  • Motosikal Duke yang baru telah diperhalusi lagi dan lebih menyeronokkan untuk ditunggang berbanding sebelum ini.


  • KTM Malaysia organized the KTM 250 Duke and KTM 390 Duke Media Ride

  • The route ran through city traffic, Karak Highway and up Bukit Tinggi

  • The new Dukes are more refined and even more fun to ride than before

Hot on the heels of the KTM 250 Duke and KTM 390 Duke official last night (click here for the news), KTM Malaysia had organized a special program for the motoring media today (27th September 2017).

Known as the KTM 250 Duke & KTM 390 Duke Media Ride, members of the media were given the privilege to test ride both the new models for day.

The Media Ride began from the eCity Hotel, just after a heavy rain squal.

Inspected up close, the new 250 Duke and 390 Duke are much more refined with good build quality, fit, finish and feel. Gone are the ill-fitting panels and seemingly wayward welds on the frame. Gone too are the aluminium engine hangers of old – the engine is now attached directly to the frame. The paintjob is also even throughout.

The spec sheet quoted an increase of 30mm in the seat height. Some of us were concerned how it would affect average Malaysian who are shorter in stature compared to their Caucasian counterparts. But the rear spring sags downwards like a dirtbike as soon as we got on and most of us, including me who is only 167cm tall could place one foot flat on the ground or have both feet reaching terra firma comfortably.

The redesigned seat was also comfortable and doesn’t feel like a piece of plywood painted black. It was comfy, wide and long.

The rider’s triangle – relationship of the seat to the footpegs and handlebar – has been revised for a much more comfortable reach. The handlebars are closer to the rider and set at just the correct height, without being too sporty or too upright. The footpegs were also placed high enough without being too rear set. The handlebar is narrower, like a naked sportbike’s instead of being wide like a motocrosser’s.

KTM Malaysia had prepared seven 250 Dukes and eight 390 Dukes. I started out on the 250 Duke when we left the hotel. We surprised as soon as we thumbed the starter button. Gone is the “loose piston” sound, replaced with a smooth throb (although muted).

The Duke 250’s instrument panel had been carried over from the previous models, thus finding the information I sought took only a quick glance.

We headed to Bukit Tinggi, via the Karak Highway. We opened up as soon as we hit the NKVE. the 250 pulled smoothly through its rev range. There was a little vibration as expected from a single-cylinder motorcycle, but it was definitely much smoother this time around.

There was also an appealing “vroom” from the new exhaust and airbox below the tank.

We were expecting the 250 Duke to lack the grunt to punch through traffic, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that it could actually hold its own. The engine started to lose its breath at around 125 km/h but still pulled to 137 km/h in my hands, ( I was being careful as it was a new bike and I didn’t want to hurt it) but another journo had hit a tad over 140 km/h.

While that doesn’t sound a lot, bear in mind that it’s a one-cylinder engine and the speedometer is super accurate, plus the fact that these bikes have not being broken in.

The 250 Duke’s handling was predictably agile as it cut through the heavy traffic.

I switched over the 390 Duke at BHP Gombak. Facing me immediately was the new TFT-display and control buttons on the left handlebar. They reflected those on the 1290 Super Duke R.

The engine fired up to a soft rumble, you knew there’s was something more substantial in there, compared to the 250 Duke.

Right from the off, the 390 Duke had a big torque, belying its 373cc. I kid you not, it felt like a bigger engine.

Out on Karak Highway, the 390 Duke’s engine pulled hard for its size and cleanly through its RPM range. But what was more enjoyable was how that torque and power was put to work around corners. Whereas you’d normally downshift for more push off a corner, you could usually select a higher gear and just leave it there, making it especially fun when charging up Bukit Tinggi.

It has to be said that KTM had chosen the best location to highlight the characters of both bikes by choosing Bukit Tinggi. The feeder road is only one lane up and down, and the corners are sharp with many decreasing ones.

Both Dukes flicked through them so keenly there were many occasions when I realized that I didn’t countersteer.

The suspension doesn’t throw you around like potato chips in a bag now and they certainly didn’t wobble or pump up and down in corners.

The 390 Duke’s front brake was mighty impressive too. A one-fingered pull was usually enough for most occasions.

Needless to say, we came away very impressed with the new Dukes. Stay tuned for the full review soon!


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