KTM 1290 Super Adventure

 KTM was recently spotted testing a new variation of the Super Adventure.

While it may look like a typical 1290 Super Adventure, some components are clearly designed to mimic the likes of Ducati’s Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak.

Like the Italian Pikes Peak edition, KTM has fitted the 1290 Super Adventure with road-going 17-inch front and rear wheels, replacing the 19-inch stock front rims.

The different wheel size also lowers the bike and helps to shift the weight onto the front, which speeds up the steering to ensure better cornering ability at high speeds.

The smaller front also allows for sportier tyre options and turns the 1290 Super Adventure into a supermoto.

While the suspension setup appears to be the same fully adjustable WP units, KTM fitted the new Super Adventure with a lighter swingarm.

However, maintaining the same suspension kit might be a backward move from Team Orange as the Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak gets the yummy semi-active electronic suspension.

Nonetheless, other key highlights on the new variants is a carbon fibre front mudguard, shorter windscreen and the fancy Bosch radar sensor technology.

However, the test mule does create some questions as to why there is a need for a Pikes Peak killer build from the 1290 Super Adventure when the Austrian firm has the Super Duke GT in its stead?

(Source: MCN)

The KTM 1290 Super Adventure is KTM’s flagship adventure tourer; hence, the bike comes with a hefty price tag.

Moreover, the 1290 Super Adventure is KTM’s answer to ward off Ducati’s Multistrada V4 and BMW’s R 1250 GS challenge.

The 1290 Super Adventure is equipped with the most technologically advanced feature, including Bosch radar-assisted technology – that allows functions like adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection – to ensure it’s on par with the rest of its rivals.

However, the advanced technology puts the 1290 Super Adventure on the pricey spectrum, which subsequently impacted the sales of the Austrian bike.

Moreover, why would you spend RM132k on a KTM when you can get the Multistrada V4 for just RM3k extra and the R 1250 GS for a lesser price?

This brings us to the latest reports by a German publication, Motorrad Online, which claimed that the folks over at Mattighofen are rumoured to be working on a base model 1290 Super Adventure, hoping it could compete with its rival price tag.

According to the report, KTM is working on an ‘affordable’ version of the 1290 Super Adventure devoid of the fancy electronic suspension and the radar-powered adaptive cruise control.

Further speculation suggests that the base 1290 Super Adventure could be a more off-road capable ADV than its higher-spec model.

While the news sounds enticing, none of this has been confirmed by KTM. However, the prospect of a ‘cheaper’ 1290 Super Adventure could still be in the cards. 

  • The 2020 KTM 1290 Super Adventure was caught testing recently.

  • It may feature radar-assisted cruise control.

  • The bike also shows many new changes.

The 2020 KTM 1290 Super Adventure was caught testing recently.

Spy shots show that the bike has “evolved” headlamps that are much larger, but with an obvious void at the bottom centre. This could be due to the widely rumoured radar unit which assists cruise control.

The new bike seems to be dominated by the huge headlamps, at a time when other manufacturers are making smaller front sections. It may very well be because the cornering lights are integrated into the headlamps.

The flanks around the fuel tank have grown but look closely and you’ll spot a large bulge in front of the rider’s shin. That’s where the fuel tank really resides in the 790 Adventure’s fashion. Doing so lowers the bike’s centre of gravity, consequently making the bike more agile and stable at the same time.

Look behind the front wheel and you’ll see no radiator. The 1290 Super Adventure is most probably employing split radiators that are placed inside the fairings. Doing so allows cooling air to move through the engine bay more effectively. Also, it keeps them from stone damage.

Moving backwards, the subframe is new and looks detachable and made from aluminium. The swingarm is still KTM’s signature open latticework design.

But how could we miss the size of that exhaust silencer?! Again, remember that the Euro5 regulations govern noise emission, as well.

There ought to be two versions, as usual. The road-centric “S” model will feature 19-inch front and 17-rear alloy wheels, while the off-road biased “R” model will use 21-inch front and 18-inch rear spoked wheels.

Source: Bennets UK

  • Sebuah prototaip KTM 1290 Super Adventure telah diintip menjalani ujian jalan raya.
  • Motosikal tersebut tampak telah meletakkan bahanapinya rendah dan ke depan seperti model 790 Adventure.
  • Meletakkan bahanapinya rendah dan ke depan menghasilkan pusat graviti yang lebih rendah.


  • A prototype KTM 1290 Super Adventure was spied undergoing road tests.

  • It appears to carry the fuel low and forward like the 790 Adventure.

  • Carrying the fuel low and forward results in lower centre of gravity.

A prototype KTM 1290 Super Adventure was spied undergoing road tests over the weekend. According to Australian Motorcycle News, the mule was being tested alongside the new BMW R 1250 GS.

(Please click on this link to view the photos.)

The first we spotted in the pictures were the large bulges down below, ahead of the rider’s shins. They indicated the Austrian manufacturer’s recent initiative in moving the bulk of the bike’s fuel to a more forward and low position. The idea was first implemented in the 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure R that we tested in Morocco, recently.

Moving the mass forward and low gives the bike a lower centre of gravity, consequently promoting stability and easy handling. It’s perhaps one of the most important revisions to the 1290 Super Adventure because of its tall height due to the 75V-Twin engine.

Additionally, the radiators are split into two units, with the front cylinder head poking through. That could mean that KTM has shortened the fuel tank on top hence the frame, since the fuel’s moved to another location. Doing this allows the rider to move his weight further in front for an easier reach to the handlebars, but more importantly, better balance when standing up when riding off-road. Again, this design concept made was applied to the 790 Adventure.

Also apparent were the sidepanels enclosing the subframe beneath the rider. KTM used to leave this section exposed but has again taken the cue from the 790 Adventure to cover them up. Doing so adds storage space inside those panels. The 790 Adventure’s tool kit is carried in the left side.

Although unspecified and unseen in the photos, the new 1301cc LC8 engine will probably boast a power boost, too.

Kawasaki Amerika Syarikat telah memanggil semula 497 unit model Z900 ABS 2019, Z900 RS ABS dan Z900 RS Cafe ABS di negara itu ekoran mendapati unit hidraulik ABS ketiga-tiga model tersebut telah tercemar dengan habuk ketika proses pemasangan.

Unit hidraulik ABS yang tercemar mampu menyebabkan tayar depan dan belakang terkunci ketika membrek semasa menunggang sekaligu boleh menyebabkan kemalangan terutamanya ketika menunggang dengan laju.

Kawasaki telah pun memaklumkan kepada pemilik mengenai perkara ini dan menawarkan proses penukaran secara percuma.

Dalam perkembangan lain, KTM turut memanggil semula 1,588 unit KTM 1290 Super Adveture 2015 dan 2016 yang dijual di Amerika Syarikat susulan masalah kebocoran minyak berpunca daripada penutup tangki.

Sekiranya ada kebocoran, terdapat risiko untuk berlakunya sebarang insiden tidak diingi terutamanya jika minyak terkena komponen elektrik.

KTM turut menawarkan penukaran penutup tangki secara percuma kepada semua pemilik.



Artikel oleh: Wahid Ooi Abdullah

  • Rangkaian KTM 1290 Super adalah rangkaian utama untuk KTM.
  • Dijana oleh enjin 1301cc, DOHC, sejukan cecair V-Twin 75 darjah dengan beberapa talaan yang berbeza, motosikal-motosikal ini adalah jentera yang amat mengujakan untuk ditunggang.
  • Keluarga 1290 Super terdiri daripada motosikal lumba naked, sport-tourer, dan adventure-tourer.


  • The KTM 1290 Super family is the flagship range for KTM.

  • Built around the 1301cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, 75o V-Twin in different tuning they are exhilarating to ride.

  • The 1290 Super family consists of a naked sportbike, sport-tourer and adventure-tourer.

KTM’s 1290 Super family represents the pinnacle of motorcycling, not only in terms of engineering but also in design. But most of all, it’s the thrill of being on two wheels that they provide, never straying from the Austrian giant manufacturer’s “Ready to Race” philosophy.

Apart from a fully-faired sportbike, the 1290 series consists of the types of stupendous motorcycles that not only provide entertainment and smiles every kilometre, but also practicality in virtually any situation.

With the assistance of KTM Malaysia, we’ve assembled the power family for Christmas and the new year.

1290 Super Duke R

The 2014 KTM 1290 Super Duke R broke new grounds in providing a real kick to any rider, be they new or seasoned ones. Even veteran motojournalists who have ridden hundreds of bikes in their careers and lifetime swooned over it.

This was the start of “The Beast” and the “super naked sportbike” category.

But as if the 1290 Super Duke R could not be improved further, KTM went ahead and bettered even themselves. For 2017, the 1290 Super Duke R was built from the ground up.

The first thing anyone notices about the 2017 model is the fierce and distinctive split headlamp. The channel which splits the two sides actually performs as a cooling duct to reduce the temperature of the LED headlamps. Additionally, the main beam will come on automatically when the motorcycle is coming to a stop during daytime running.

The 1301cc, 75-degree, V-Twin engine was reworked and retuned for more power, yielding a horizon-bending 177 bhp and 140 Nm of torque. Specs on paper doesn’t reflect on the true character of the new 1290 Super Duke R, however.

While the 2017 model is faster than ever, it builds its speed in a smoother and controlled manner. Riders will not find a sudden burst of speed as if the bike has a hidden NOS injection system. This encourages confidence and smoother riding for even greater enjoyment. KTM did this by designing resonator chambers on the cylinder heads to smoothen the torque output.

The frame, chassis and riding position of the new 1290 Super Duke R have likewise been revised. The new frame is stronger yet lighter, the state-of-the-art WP suspension is fitted for total control. The brakes are Brembo all around, with M50 Monobloc four-piston calipers up front for maximum safety.

The new handlebar is 20 wider, 5 mm lower and 18.5 mm more toward the front. It also features a 22mm adjustment range to fit riders of any physique. Such placement puts more weight onto the front wheel for maximum control, besides provided better wind protection.

What’s a powerful motorcycle if not to be enjoyed in safety, correct? The KTM 1290 family are technological wonders and the 1290 Super Duke R is no exception. Gracing the bike are a plethora of electronic aid including Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), Ride-by-Wire throttle, Ride Modes, Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC), ABS, Race On System, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and Cruise Control, among others.

Owners can also upgrade the bike with the optional Quick Shift +, Motor Slip Regulation (MSR), My Ride connectivity suite, besides the Performance Pack and Track Pack.

1290 Super Duke GT

The 1290 Super Duke GT is KTM’s answer for a big bore sport-tourer that not only gets you places but flies to your long-distance destination while blasting other sport-tourers into the paddy fields. Yes, a bike has that effect when it’s built on the 1301cc 1290 Super Duke R’s engine platform.


However, the 1290 Super Duke GT differs from the 1290 Super Duke R in terms of comfort. The GT features a large frontal bodywork with an adjustable windscreen for wind protection on long rides, while mounting points for the panniers have been built in.

Likewise, the suspension uses the WP Semi-Active electronically adjustable variety, which varies its damping rates on the go. You could choose between Sport, Road and Comfort damping modes, besides the load for one rider, rider with cargo, rider with passenger, and rider and passenger with cargo. The system will keep the bike in optimum chassis balance for optimum handling at all times.

And handling (besides the speed, of course!) is where the 1290 Super Duke GT truly excels.

If there’s a bike in this world that seem to self-steer through a corner at blinding speeds, this is the one! No other large capacity sport-tourer has the propensity to steer into a corner and blast away like it, while remaining superbly composed over anything the road throws at it – all the while you’re seated comfortably on it.

Just like its 1290 brethren, the 1290 Super Duke GT is laden with the some of the best motorcycle technology available to the public. The electronics suite includes Ride-by-Wire, Ride Modes, the aforementioned WP Semi-Active Suspension, Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), LED Cornering Lights, Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC), Quickshifter, Cruise Control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), ABS and many more.

You could upgrade your 1290 Super Duke GT by adding the optional Hill Hold Control (HHC) and Motor Slip Regulation (MSR).

1290 Super Adventure S

Along with offroad bikes, adventure bikes have been the hallmark of KTM.

The 1290 Super Adventure S and its more offroad-oriented 1290 Super Adventure R brother are the flagship KTMs.

Although the 2017 model had evolved from its predecessor, the 1290 Super Adventure T, KTM had almost entirely revised it.

The most obvious change is to the design. KTM had wanted a look that doesn’t replicated other bikes in the market and something that’s unmistakably KTM. When the designers split the LED headlamp to incorporate the cooling channel in between – voila! – the result was something never seen before.

The engine is based on The Beast but retuned for overall smoothness and absolute reliability such as DLC coating on the cylinder bores and a long service interval. It still punches out 160 bhp and 140 Nm of torque. But to demonstrate its flexibility, 108 Nm are already available from as low as 2500 RPM!

Its chrome-moly steel trellis frame is again, strong and light, weighing only 9.8 kg. Both ends are suspended by WP’s Semi-Active Suspension, update for this bike to carry almost any load you wish.

The 1290 Super Adventure S is also a technology-laden adventure-tourer, but has additional features specific to it. In addition to the usual fare, the bike has Offroad Ride Mode, Offroad Traction Control, Offroad ABS, lean angle sensitive Cornering ABS and Combined Braking.

You could upgrade your 1290 Adventure S with a suite of features as part of the optional Travel Pack which includes Quick Shift +, Hill Hold Control (HHC), Motor Slip Regulation (MSC) and My Ride.


  • Sewaktu festival tiga hari Motonation 2017 yang telah diadakan di PICC, Putrajaya, WD-40® telah memperagakan keseluruhan produk tawaran mereka yang amat menakjubkan.
  • Rangkaian WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive telah ditonjolkan sepanjang demonstrasi yang telah dilakukan ke atas KTM 1290 Super Adventure T.
  • Rangkaian itu terdiri daripada Chain Lube, Belt Dressing, Machine & Engine Degreaser, Throttle Body, Carb & Choke Cleaner serta Brake & Parts Cleaner.


During the three-day Motonation 2017 festival held at PICC Putrajaya, WD-40® showcased all of their amazing products on offer.

The WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive range was highlighted through demonstrations performed on a KTM 1290 Super Adventure T.

The range includes Chain Lube, Belt Dressing, Machine & Engine Degrease, Throttle Body, Carb & Choke Cleaner and finally Brake & Parts Cleaner.

During the recent Motonation 2017 festival held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), there were many established companies who showcased all their goods and services to all those who attend. Mixed in with all the big names and manufacturers was WD-40® and their line-up of amazing products and lubricants. (more…)

KTM 1190 Adventure and 1290 Super Adventure recalled worldwide over faulty ABS modulator’s wiring.


KTM 1290 Super Duke GT launched by KTM Malaysia at RM125,080 (basic price with GST).



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