Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

Kawasaki has defied skeptics by reintroducing the beloved Ninja ZX-6R to their sportsbike lineup, proving that the traditional supersport class is far from dead. 

  • The 2024 version of this middleweight marvel boasts an aggressive design inspired by its ZX-10R superbike sibling, complete with integrated aero features in the front fairing.
  • The 2024 ZX-6R produces 128hp.

To meet Euro5 homologation standards, Kawasaki has subjected the Ninja’s 636cc liquid-cooled engine to rigorous testing, a feat unmatched by its competitors, the Yamaha R6 and Honda CBR600RR. 

Even with the stricter emissions regulations, the ZX-6R still packs a punch, producing just shy of 130bhp. This impressive power output is a result of meticulous enhancements, including revised cam profiles, intake funnels, and an upgraded exhaust system that promises optimal low to mid-rpm performance.


Despite its revival, the ZX-6R remains a cutting-edge machine. The 2024 model comes equipped with Showa’s Separate Function Big Piston Forks, a quickshifter, and a three-mode traction control system, offering riders superior handling and control. 

Riders can also personalise their experience with various power modes and riding modes. Adding to its modernity, the ZX-6R features a 4.3″ TFT dash with smartphone connectivity, enabling riders to stay connected on the road.

Excitement is building as the 2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R is set to hit the global market in October. 

Prospective buyers can choose between the iconic Kawasaki green or a more understated black scheme. With prices starting at GBP10,599 (RM60k), the ZX-6R offers an affordable option for those seeking high-performance thrills, positioning itself just slightly above the price range of an Aprilia RS660.

Kawasaki is preparing to launch an updated version of its Ninja ZX-6R in 2024, according to a recent listing on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved road-going motorcycles list. 

  • the updated model will offer less power than the previous generation to meet the strict emission standard. 
  • expected to feature a longer final-drive gearing to accommodate the lower-revving engine.

While the new model will be less powerful than its predecessor, it will feature more advanced technology and improved emissions performance, making it more attractive to riders in Europe and other parts of the world that have seen the existing ZX-6R removed from the market due to emissions regulations.

The EPA document reveals that the new model, internally coded as “ZX636J” and “ZX636K,” will have a peak power output of 122 hp and a rev peak of 13,000 rpm, which is down from the 127 hp and 13,500 rpm of the previous model. 

The change in power is likely due to Kawasaki’s efforts to meet the latest Euro 5 emissions standards, which require a specific limit on “non-methane hydrocarbons” that is difficult for high-revving bikes to achieve.

To meet these standards, Kawasaki has likely reduced the engine’s outright revs and peak power, without compromising on its performance. 

The new model is expected to feature a longer final-drive gearing to accommodate the lower-revving engine, but will weigh around the same as the current model. This suggests that there won’t be wholesale alterations to the chassis, but rather more up-to-date styling and electronics upgrades, such as a color TFT instrument panel, IMU-assisted cornering ABS, wheelie control, launch control, and stability control.

The updated Ninja ZX-6R will face tough competition in a market that has shrunk considerably since its peak in the 1990s, but Kawasaki is hoping to leapfrog its aging Japanese rivals in terms of technology. 

While the drop in power may disappoint some riders, the new model’s improved emissions performance and advanced technology could make it a more attractive option for those looking for a high-performance supersport bike that meets the latest environmental standards.

After a viral video of a fellow Penangite stating that he crossed the Penang Bridge under four minutes with a top speed of 370km/h on a 750cc sports bike, a fellow youth decided to prove him wrong by riding his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R in just 2 minutes 20 seconds with a top speed of 260km/h. (more…)

  • It looks like Kawasaki is currently working on a brand new 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R.

  • Documents were filed to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regarding the emissions output of the 2019 supersport machine.

  • The new ZX-6R is heading towards the Euro5 emissions regulations and it is said to produce only half of the emissions compared to the previous model.

Rumours on a brand new Kawasaki supersport machine is currently heating up as talks of the 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R is currently underway. Based on a few key sources, it’s not just talk but Kawasaki is walking the walk with this one. (more…)


  • Rangkaian motosikal Kawasaki Ninja telah dikenali ramai sebagai motosikal lumba terbaik dunia dalam pasaran buat masa sekarang.
  • Dari motosikal tahap permulaan Ninja 250 sehinggalah ke motosikal yang dicas lampau Ninja H2R, akan adanya sebuah motosikal Ninja buat semua orang.
  • Rangkaian Ninja kini sedang menuju ke arah pengemaskinian yang besar bagi tahun 2018 dengan pengenalan beberapa buah model yang baru termasuklah Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX 2018.


The Kawasaki Ninja series is known for some of the world’s best sport bikes in the market to date.

From the entry-level Ninja 250 all the way to jaw-dropping supercharged Ninja H2R, there’s always a Ninja for anyone and everyone.

The Ninja series is heading for a serious upgrade for 2018 with the introduction of a few new models including the 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX.

There are many types of riders looking for the best motorcycle to fit their every growing hunger for performance and speed. With all of the available manufacturers and models in the market, one of the most versatile bikes that’ll cater to any sports bike enthusiast is the Kawasaki Ninja series. (more…)

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