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Vespa Malaysia is proud to bring you the limited edition Vespa in collaboration with Canadian superstar, Justin Bieber. 

  • Singer adds his unique touch to things via all-white aesthetics and drawn on flames.
  • Each purchase includes a matching helmet, bag, and a pair of gloves.

Bieber adds his unique touch to the Vespa Sprint 150 that features an all-white aesthetics.

According to Vespa Malaysia, the exclusive Justin Bieber x Vespa is complemented by a wide range of accessories including a bag, pair of glove and an all-white helmet that features Bieber’s unique flames.

It’s widely known that Canadian superstar Justin Bieber is huge fan of motorcycles in general. However, there’s much to be said about his recent collaborative endeavour with Vespa.

Besides it’s ‘monochrome’ all-white aesthetics (including the seat saddle, grips and wheels), what really sets the Justin Bieber x Vespa special apart are the drawn-on flames. “Ultimately the goal in creating and designing is always to put your own unique spin on things”, said Bieber about it.

“I love Vespa, and to partner with such a classic brand is so cool. Being able to express myself, whether it’s through art, music, visuals, or aesthetics, being able to create something from nothing – it’s a part of me,” added the superstar further about his collaborative effort with the Italian scooter marque.

Apart from the design, much of the recently revised Sprint model that this special underpins remains unchanged. Highlights include a multi-function digital TFT full-colour dash display with connectivity features, as well as full-LED lighting amongst the highlights.

That said, the limited edition Justin Bieber x Vespa is priced at RM28,000 and inclusive of Vespa flyscreen and a white top box with backrest. 

Italian scooter marque Vespa and Canadian superstar Justin Bieber collaborate to create unique limited edition Vespa Sprint.


Vespa dengan rasminya memperkenalkan skuter edisi terhad hasil kerjasama dengan selebriti terkenal, Justin Bieber.

Jenama skuter Itali itu mengumumkan tahun lalu bahawa Bieber menjadi nama terbaru untuk berkerjasama dengan Vespa dalam menghasilkan sebuah skuter khas.

Vespa sebelum ini turut pernah berkolaborasi dengan beberapa jenama dan personaliti terkenal antaranya, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior dan Sean Wotherspoon.

Menurut Vespa, Bieber X Vespa merupakan model yang unik dan berinspirasi.

Bieber juga merupakan antara peminat jenama itu.

“Kali pertama yang menunggang Vespa adalah di Eropah dan saya ingat lagi sebaik ternampak skuter tersebut di jalan raya, saya terus berhajat memilikinya.

“Pengalaman menunggang Vespa sangat mengujakan, terasa bebas.

“Saya cintakan Vespa dan berupaya berkolaborasi dengan jenama klasik ini sangat menyeronokan,” jelasnya.

Bieber X Vespa tampil dengan pilihan warna serba putih dengan nama Bieber turut dipaparkan di bahagian sisi panel belakang yang dipadankan bersama corak berapi.

Bieber X Vespa ini ditawrakan dalam tiga varian; 50, 125 dan 150cc dan dilengkapi skrin TFT, lampu LED penuh dan rim 12-inci.

Pelangan juga boleh menambah pakej aksesori khas yang merangkumi beg, sarung tangan dan helmet serba putih.

Pra-tempahan bagi Bieber X Vespa ini akan dibuka kepada umum pada 20 April ini.

Justin Bieber has just inked a deal with Vespa to put his own spin on the iconic scooter.

Still only 27 years old, Bieber has amassed millions of fans all over who called themselves ‘Beliebers’. On ‘Instagram’, the American singer has a total of 202 million followers.

Despite his past shenanigans, the man deserved a huge amount of respect for what he is today, an icon not just in the music industry but also brave enough to openly discuss his struggles with mental health and addiction which also prompt others who are struggling to come forth for help.

Nevertheless, his love for motorcycles including owning one of the limited edition Vespa X Sean Wotherspoon makes him an ideal candidate for the next collab with the Italian brand.

“My fans know how much I love the sport: skateboarding, hockey, basketball, BMX.

“I’ve always been attracted to that mix of style, grace and speed. I’m thrilled to give my touch to the iconic Vespa design,” said Bieber.

The Vespa X Justin Bieber special edition is set to debut in early 2022.


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