Confirmed: Jorge Martin goes to Aprilia in 2025

So, it is now official after weeks and weeks of speculation that has driven MotoGP fans into a frenzy and some even to exasperation: Jorge Martin goes to Aprilia in 2025.

The saga became all too intriguing since 7-time MotoGP champion Marc Marquez’s move to Gresini Ducati for the 2024 season, and has since been tipped to join the factory Ducati team, replacing Enea Bastianini as the teammate to two-time and defending champion Francesco “Pecco” Bagnaia.

It of course drew much back talk from Martin, who had challenged Pecco for the championship throughout 2023, and is currently leading this year’s championship. Martin rightly feels that he deserves that spot on account of that performance.

Ducati now had a problem: They have three other great riders who were vying for the coveted factory seat, probably giving their bosses sleepless nights. As such, the manufacturer seemed to have stalled making a decision. It was not silly season yet, anyway.

The saga heated up further when Martin publicly stated (read: threatened) that either he gets the factory seat or he leaves Ducati altogether. There were reports that he had spoken to KTM, Aprilia, and even Yamaha since.

Ducati was now forced into a corner. And they have to settle this issue quickly to rid themselves of this kind of distraction so early in the season.

A few hours before Martin’s official announcement, Autosport had published news that, although unconfirmed at the time, that Marquez has been picked as Bagania’s teammate, therefore leaving Martin to dry in the wind. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Ducati management, Marquez, and Martin had a closed-door meeting on Thursday, in which Marquez was asked to move up to the Pramac team. However, Marquez told them “Pramac is not an option for me,” with “an extremely serious face.”

Again, that news was unconfirmed, then this bombshell that Jorge Martin will be in Aprilia next year.

There is no official news from Ducati regarding Marquez’s fate yet. Bastianini, on the other hand, was also reported to have spoken to KTM, Aprilia, and Yamaha (no one wants to go to Honda, eh).

Martin many not be a great choice as Bagnaia’s teammate, nor a good fit in the Italian team given his propensity in making bombastic statements. MotoGP is not like the days of Wayne Rainey and John Kocinski who berated Yamaha openly. Everyone has to toe the politically-correct company line these days.

As for Marquez, he had shown his immense talent by fighting at the front end of the field, despite riding the Desmosedici GP23 which is some 1.5 seconds slower than the GP24. He is also extremely marketable and has companies dying to sponsor him. As such, it will be foolhardy for Ducati to lose him to another manufacturer.

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