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An Isle of Man TT start line official who has been responsible for giving riders the tap on the shoulders at the start of the race has retired after 68 years involvement with the iconic race.

  • Paul Kermode has spend nearly 70 years with the Isle of Man TT races since 1954.
  • 23-time John McGuiness was his last send off at the 2022 IOMTT. 

Paul Kermode, 79, first volunteered with the TT back in 1954 as a scout working on the scoreboard before taking over the job as a start line official.

Kermode bowed out after the first Superbike race whereby his final shoulder tap happened to be 23-time winner John McGuinness’.

“When he came down to the line to start, he shook my hand and said: ‘happy retirement,.

“I think it’s been great to be able to do it,” he said.

Kermode been giving the famous shoulder tap for the past 15 years and despite not keeping count, he estimates that he has send thousands of riders away at the TT race and Manx GP.

“It had to come to an end at some time and that was the perfect way to do it, with John’s hundredth.

“I marshalled the early morning practices from 16. I couldn’t do race week, because I worked for the newspapers and we printed a TT special and no staff were allowed off.

“I might get out on the course somewhere now and watch them. In this day and age there’s not many people that will do something for nothing, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it over time. The early morning practices were something else,” he added.

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John McGuinness will compete in the 2022 road racing with Honda Racing Team alongside TT newcomer, Glen Irwin.

The announcement coincides with Honda’s 30th anniversary of the Fireblade which has been upgraded for 2022 including a stunning retro anniversary paint job.

“What can I say really, it’s like coming back home to the family! I’ve been in talks for a while with Neil and Harv and it’s just something that feels right; it’s the 30th anniversary of the Fireblade, I’ll be 50 years old and also celebrating my 100th TT start, so it feels like it’s meant to be.

“I’ve enjoyed a lot of success on the roads with the Honda and worked with Harv back in the day with HM Plant Honda, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the set-up and getting going.

“I had a little go on the Fireblade earlier this year and was impressed with it on track, so looking forward to getting on the roads and seeing how it goes. It’s going to be a special year with everything going on and also just getting back to the North West 200 and the TT and everyone racing there again – I can’t wait to get stuck in!” said McGuinness.

Meanwhile, McGuinness will be joined by NW200 winner, Irwin who is set to make his debut at the Isle of Man TT.

“Finally, I’ll be making my long-awaited TT debut with Honda! We’re now more familiar with the new Fireblade and the team is more familiar; I like to have home comforts as such and continuing with the bike and the same team I think puts us in a better position with a frame of mind,” said the 31-year old.

McGuinness and Irwin will compete in both Superstock and Superbike category with the TT scheduled to run from May 28 to June 11.

  • The Macau Grand Prix is run on a road course.

  • The “track” is narrow and there is no run-off area.

  • Don’t forget to breath when you watch the video.

Never heard of the Macau Grand Prix? Well, it’s just the most insane track we’ve seen, that’s all.

To get a view of just how mad it all is, here’s the video of Yamaha YZF-R1 rider Horst Saiger chasing multiple Isle of Man TT legend and hard man John McGuiness.

First thing you’d notice the really stomach crunching sense of speed as they blast through a claustrophobic tunnel-like track. Plus, there’s not one single run off.

Next you’d notice the 00:00.00 on the bike’s display. It meant that these guys weren’t even running at full chat yet. It’s probably just an open practice session!

Look closer at the bottom left of the TFT display and you’d pick out the bike’s road speed. There were two sections where they hit corners from 190 km/h to more than 200 km/h.

Now that you can pick out the bike’s speed, watch how hard the bike could accelerate off the corners from 80 km/h to 130 km/h and beyond within a couple of seconds.

And of course, there’s McGuiness who rode the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. It may not have the top end horsepower but look at how easy it was for him to leave the chasing bike behind in the complex of tighter corners.

Anyway, the race was a total fracas when it was cancelled after just three laps due to a pile-up. The race couldn’t be restarted as clean-up work had to take a long time, and would eat into the time slots for the following car races. Consequently, it was cancelled outright and no result was published.

There was talk of moving it to Sunday but the day was already packed with Formula 3, two World Touring Car races and the FIA GT World Cup’s final race.

Furthermore, the Motorcycle GP riders were out of fresh tyres since they’ve used them up through practice, qualifying and the race.

In the end, the officials decided to publish the results after consulting the rulebook which says red-flagged three-lap race is considered a completion. The race was restarted but just for one lap. Michael Rutter won from his teammate Peter Hickman was was just 0.298 second behind. David Johnson took third. McGuiness couldn’t make the restart due to refuelling problems.

  • Michael Rutter set a new record on the Mugen Shinden Hachi on the way to win the TT Zero category at the Isle of Man TT (IOM TT).

  • The bike recorded speeds faster than those in the Supersport category.

  • Electric performance bikes have come a long way.

Michael Rutter set a new record on the Mugen Shinden Hachi on the way to win the TT Zero category at the Isle of Man TT (IOM TT). More importantly, however, was that the Mugen Shinden Hachi recorded speeds faster than those in the Supersport category.

Rutter hammered the bike to 176 mph (283.2 km/h) on the Sulby straight. He also completed the 37.73-mile (60.72km) course with an average speed 121.91 mph (196.20 km/h). It was the fastest record in the TT Zero electric motorcycle class.

Rutter’s teammate and multiple IOM TT Senior class winner, John McGuinness came in second on the other Mugen Shinden Hachi. It was his 47th IOM TT podium.

Ian Lougher completed the podium on the Team Mirai ILR Idaten X RE in a distant three-and-half minutes behind McGuinness.

Mugen’s domination undoubtedly shows how far electric bikes have come (and are still improving). While many riders are still contemplating on the lack of petrol engine exhaust note, charging times and mileage, performance of electric bikes is of no laughing matter.

Another electric performance bike, the Lightning LS-218 has already demonstrated that when it set a new record in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), and a speed record of 218 mph (350.84 km/h) at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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  • Motosikal Konsep Mugen E.Rex telah diperkenalkan semasa Pertunjukan Motosikal Tokyo pada hujung minggu lalu
  • Motosikal konsep off-road ini adalah satu kerjasama antara Mugen dengan Honda


  • The Mugen E.Rex Concept Bike was introduced during the Tokyo Motorcycle Show last weekend

  • The concept off-road bike was a collaboration between Mugen and Honda

Mugen displayed their latest concept bike; the E.Rex. During the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2017 that happened this past weekend meant that there’s a high possibility the motorcross industry is heading towards the Earth-friendly vibe. (more…)


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