Indonesian president

  • Presiden Republik Indonesia baru sahaja memperolehi sebuah motosikal buatan khas Royal Enfield semalam.
  • Motosikal chopper buatan khas janaan enjin 350cc Royal Enfield itu telah dibina oleh Elders Garage dari Indonesia.
  • Ianya telah diinspirasikan daripada sebuah filem pendek separa dokumentari tempatan bertajuk “Chopperland”.


The president of Indonesia has just purchased a Royal Enfield custom bike just yesterday.

The 350cc Royal Enfield powered custom chopper was built by Indonesia’s very own Elders Garage.

It was inspired by the short local semi documentary film called “Chopperland”.

It’s not every day that a person of power that can ultimately change an entire country excites us bikers on a personal level. Like any other rare occasion, it impresses us quite a bit every time these things happen. The latest Facebook post by a particular Indonesian president got us first for the year 2018. (more…)


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