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  • Motosikal edisi terhad Indian Chieftain Elite 2018 telah diperkenalkan bagi tahun 2018.
  • Skema warna perak yang serba baru adalah tarikan utama motosikal ini di mana setiap satu daripada motosikal ini telah dilukis tangan.
  • Motosikal bagger moden 1,811cc ini telah ditetapkan harganya di Amerika Syarikat pada harga $21,499 (kira-kira RM122,798).


The new 2018 Indian Chieftain Elite limited edition has been introduced for the year 2018.

A brand new silver colour scheme is the biggest highlight of the bike where each and every bike is craftily hand-painted.

The 1,811cc modern-day bagger is priced in the US at $31,499 (around RM122,798).

Indian Motorcycle has just revealed their latest bike yet and in short, it is a masterpiece. The 2018 Indian Chieftain Elite limited edition comes with a whole range of updates and features but the most prominent feature is its beautiful silver hand-painted paintwork. (more…)

  • Chieftain Elite, Chieftain Limited and Roadmaster Classic

  • All will use the same Indian’s 1,811cc Thunder Stroke V-Twin engine

According to a recent document released by our motorcycling friends from down under, Indian Motorcycle is planning to release three new models that are going to be added to their current line-up. This is clear proof that the American bike manufacturer has a strong presence in the market more than ever before considering that its sister brand, Victory Motorcycles, has closed its doors for good following a recent announcement made by their parent company, Polaris. (more…)

  • Indian’s second Jack Daniels special edition

  • Only 100 will be produced

  • Sale starts TODAY!

Surprise, surprise from Indian Motorcycle! They have collaborated again with Jack Daniels and this time, it’s the Chieftain. What’s more enticing is that Indian is just going to build 100 units of these bad boys where most of the European countries will only get ONE EACH. That’s right, one Jack Daniels Chieftain for each country. Better start calling a few people if you want to get your hands on one. (more…)

Indian Chieftain Dark Horse sees Indian’s new bagger de-chromed and taking a much darker presence.


Indian Motorcycles 2016 models were announced last week by the American manufacturer. Similar to rivals Victory, Indian Motorcycles’ 2016  model updates go only as far as cosmetics and new colours. However, all models in the range can be now equipped with EU certified accessory Remus exhaust pipes.

2016 Scout
With its compact design, low 643mm seat height and ABS as standard, the Indian Scout boasts a liquid-cooled 1133cc V-twin engine, with 100b on tap. For 2016 the Scout comes in five colours. Wildfire Red(new), Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, Silver Smoke, Indian Motorcycle Red.


2016 Chief
Riders can now opt for the Chief Classic (cruiser) with its classic looks, much cleaner now following some re-work carried out for 2016: solo vinyl seat, black switches, single headlight and cast aluminium wheels. It now also only comes in one colour; Pearl White.

Next there’s the Chief Vintage (bagger) with its beautiful fringed leather saddlebags and seats, and quick-release windshield (all as standard) making this the option for those who plan to ride on extended road trips. Four colours are available with one of these being new for 2016.

The Chieftain (bagger) has a large fairing with a power-adjustable windscreen (to offer superb cruising comfort), genuine leather seats and hard saddlebags with remote central-locking. It’s available in four colours in 2016 with two of these new.


Finally there’s the Chief Dark Horse, which is matte black from end-to-end with only a few flashes of chrome (accessories are available to fully blacked it out). 


2016 Roadmaster
The Roadmaster is all about comfort for long distance cruising, and will be available in five colour options with three of them being new.


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