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  • Pemilik motosikal MV Agusta di Malaysia telah ditinggalkan terkapai-kapai tanpa sebarang pusat perkhidmatan rasmi bagi menyelenggara motosikal MV Agusta mereka.
  • Goh Brothers Motorcycles Sdn. Bhd. telah menandatangani perjanjian bersama MV Agusta motor S.p.A untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan selepas jualan rasmi di Malaysia.
  • GB Workshop yang terletak di The Gasket Alley akan menjadi bengkel pertama yang menyediakan sokongan rasmi buat para pemilik MV Agusta termasuklah penyelenggaraan, membaiki, serta tuntutan waranti.


  • MV Agusta motorcycle owners in Malaysia were previously left out in the cold with no official service centre to maintain MV bikes. 
  • Goh Brothers Motorcycles Sdn Bhd has entered into an agreement with MV Agusta motor S.p.A to provide official after sales service in Malaysia. 
  • GB Workshop at The Gasket Alley will be the first workshop to provide official support for MV Agusta owners including general servicing, repairs and even warranty claims. 

MV Agusta has had a chequered history in Malaysia, enjoying some success before disappearing from the mainstream for a while.

A few companies have been tasked with the distribution and dealership of the iconic brand, but not too long ago, the brand was again caught in a limbo when the last company that took on the distributorship for MV Agusta motorcycles in Malaysia sadly folded. With no official after sales support, MV Agusta owners in Malaysia were left out in the cold.

Well, the best times seem to be ahead of the company, and current owners of MV Agusta motorcycles in Malaysia have a lot to look forward to.

Goh Brothers Motorcycles Sdn Bhd (GBMC) has announced a partnership with MV Agusta (MV) Motor S.p.A to provide peace of mind for all MV owners in Malaysia. With the partnership, GBMC will start to provide aftersales support to all MV Agusta motorcycles in Malaysia, in the form of general service and maintenance, repair and even warranty claims.

The first outlet ready to accept MV owners is the GB Workshop at the renowned motorcycle hub at The Gasket Alley in Petaling Jaya.

“We are honoured to be selected as the partner for this renowned super-premium motorcycle brand in Malaysia and to start the process of building the brand and ownership experience via after sales, we have sent our team for training at the Italian factory on top of ensuring proper tools and equipment are ready on the service floor” Mr Goh Kian Sin (below), Chairman of Goh Brothers Motorcycles.

MV Agusta Motor SpA Far East Country Manager Judah Sangaran “We are working closely with GBMC to sustain and build the confidence of our current owners in our brand in Malaysia and one of the exercises now is to ensure faster availability of parts on top of reliable service and repair for all existing MV Agusta owners in Malaysia.

In charge of servicing old and new MV Agusta motorcycles is Idon Pang (above), Aftersales Manager of GB Workship, who himself has been trained by MV Agusta motorcycles in Italy. So you can rest assured that your MV Agusta is in good hands, probably better than it has ever been.

Models of MV Agusta sold in Malaysia include F3 800, F4, F4RR, Brutale 1090, Brutale 1090RR, Brutale 1090 Corse, Brutale 800, Brutale 800RR, Brutale Dragster, Brutale Dragster 800RR, Rivale, Turismo Veloce, Stradale, and MV Agusta models prior to 2015.

  • Kami telah berbicara dengan Idon Pang, Pengurus Selepas Jualan untuk GB Workshop, pusat perkhidmatan selepas jualan rasmi buat Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, dan Vespa Malaysia mengenai juruteknik bertauliah.
  • Idon tekankan yang adanya kekurangan juruteknik bertauliah dalam pasaran.
  • Lebih-lebih untuk motosikal yang kini semakin lama semakin kompleks kerana kelengkapan elektroniknya.


  • We spoke to Idon Pang, the Aftersales Manager for GB Workshop, the official aftersales service centre for Aprilia and Moto Guzzi Malaysia about certified technicians.

  • Idon iterates that there is a shortage of certified technicians in market.

  • Especially that motorcycles are now more and more complex due to electronics.

Since we have been posting about certified motorcycle technicians, we decided to speak to a well-known aftersales manager on his thoughts on the matter.

The person we spoke to was Idon Pang, who is known for his dedication to motorcycle aftersales, his resourcefulness, customer-centric ethics and experience in Moto Guzzi, Vespa and Aprilia motorcycles, among others.

Bikes Republic (BR): Hi Idon, we’d like to talk about your thoughts on certified motorcycle technicians.
Idon Pang (IP): Yes, sure. I have met some people and read about TOC Automotive College’s Superbike Technician Course recently and I think it’s a fantastic idea.

Certified Superbike Technicians are in demand!

I’ve been in the industry for more than ten years right now and my challenge in aftersales is having enough certified technicians to carry out the work. Many people don’t see it, but I think TOC have noticed this issue. There is a big gap between current motorcycle technology and the people who are certified to handle and maintain these technologies or making it even better. The gap is very big.

The European countries and also America have many certified technicians, called “engineers,” who are able to handle these new technologies.

Asia, on the other hand, is the fastest growing motorcycle market but the level of our workforce is very, very far behind.

That’s why I’m very happy to see TOC pick this up.

BR: What’s the difference in working with certified and non-certified technicians?
IP: I’ve been very fortunate to work with both throughout the years. In fact, I am a bit of both, as well.

I am certified for a number of motorcycle brands; as you know I’m more skilled towards Italian bikes. I learned through non-certified methods in the beginning. My sifus like the late Mr. Eddie Chia and later his sons, and a number of small motorcycle workshops taught me the tricks and tips of the trade. It’s from here that I saw both extremes.

Having certified technicians means that things had to be done to a certain standard. For example, Malaysia is now adopting standards for mechanics, so we are hopeful that this will provide better quality work for customers.

To be honest with you, certification alone isn’t enough as the student may study really hard just to pass exams, but they didn’t brush up on their practical skills they will lose them.

And I meant simple skills just as catching engine timing, using sensors to detect problems or troubleshoot, mechanical failures and so forth.

Why It is Important to have a Certified Technician Working on Your Bike

BR: Speaking about new motorcycle technology, how do you see the progress?
IP: It’s moving at a very rapid pace. Manufacturers are increasingly adding more new technologies every year to add value to their products.

The biggest thing now is of course electronics such as traction control, anti-wheelie, ABS. Things like APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control rider assist suite) have been around for about 10 years but it’s now being more and more prevalent throughout the industry.

But there are very feel few people who could understand, maintain and repair it. There are not more than two-handful of people who could work on these technologies currently in Malaysia.

So, certification in that area is very important. But that certification must also include practical training.

(Editor’s note: 70% of the TOC Superbike Technician Course consists of practical training, preparing the students for the real world.)

BR: How do you see the career paths of certified technicians?
IP: Firstly, it’s true that there are very good non-certified technicians who learned through the hard way and from the experience passed down through many generations. This is why there are motorcycle owners who send their bikes to them. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

But again, technology is outgrowing our skills. We are at this paradigm change in motorcycle technology and industry. And yet we aren’t churning out certified or skilled technicians fast enough.

Secondly, many of these experienced old-hands have retired or retired without passing on their knowledge to the new generation.

BR: What could the graduates of certified technicians expect in the market?
IP: The market is very lucrative. The aftersales market will keep growing regardless of the economy as owners will still need to maintain and repair their bikes.

We’ve seen this for many years. When the economy picks up, so do bike sales, consequently aftersales picks up too. When the economy slows down, bike sales will follow suit. However, instead of dropping, aftersales still picks up. That’s because instead of changing bikes, owners will maintain their bikes to make it last longer. Additionally, they will accessorize their bikes.

So what are you waiting for? If it has always been your dream to work in the motorcycle service line, or to start your very own motorcycle workshop, then this is the perfect platform to get you started on the path to achieving your dreams. Don’t wait, find out more about the TOC Superbike Technician Course at or call (+603) 7960 8833 for more details.

CLICK HERE to know more about TOC’s Superbike Technician Course.

Study to be a Certified Superbike Technician at the TOC Automotive College

  • Moto Guzzi Malaysia wants to provide the best aftersales service.

  • Their well-equipped workshop is fully operational.

  • Well-known aftersales guru, Idon Pang will soon join the workshop as Head of Aftersales.

Moto Guzzi Malaysia is serious about providing the best aftersales service to their customers through their official aftersales centre, called GB Workship (GB stands for Goh Brothers). They have invested heavily into having a well-equipped workshop and they will soon have a complete ensemble of experienced hands to carry out maintenance and repairs.

Fans of Moto Guzzi and Piaggio Group brands should already be familiar with the name Idon Pang. Idon is passionate about motorcycles and aftersales in particular. But the more important point is that he brings much technical experience in the maintenance and repairs of Moto Guzzi motorcycles, something that many Guzzistas in Malaysia could look forward to.

We caught up with him at GB Workshop, Moto Guzzi Malaysia’s official workshop for a short chat.

Bikes Republic (BR): When did you start your career in motorcycles?
Idon Pang (IP): My career started 10 years ago with another brand. During the hiatus of Aprilia distributorship and being an Aprilia owner myself, I noticed a shortage of spare parts. I made arrangements to have the parts imported into the country. I also bought up some of the parts to continue with servicing most of the Aprilias during that time. So, I was a spare part peddler then (laughs).

When Naza took over the Aprilia brand, they were looking for a person who could handle Aprilia aftersales. They saw some other values that I could bring to the table which was motorcycle sales, as well. I did that for a while, I set up Naza Primera, which is what Aprilia and Vespa Malaysia is today.

I took a short break after that, as I got into an accident and needed time to recuperate. I didn’t attach myself to any company during that time.

Instead I worked with a finance company in providing hire purchase facilities; I was with Aeon (Credit). I helped them to set up the Easy Payment Program.

After that, I was offered to set up a Vespa dealership in Kota Damansara which was Motor Aladdin. Did a bit of KTM also. But aftersales was my key – not only for Vespa and KTM – but for all types of motorcycles. That’s when I started having mixed brands coming to Motor Aladdin.

I eventually parted ways with my partners there and took up a few projects here and there, including Shell being one of them. I was doing Masterclass for Shell and Bikes Republic.

BR: What kind of knowledge or experience will you bring to Moto Guzzi?
IP: When I spoke to Juan Chow Wee, we knew that this was going to be a challenging brand. It was just like when Naza acquired Aprilia (distributorship). The global numbers are not as high as other brands. We know we have our work cut out for us.

The advantage I have with Goh Brothers is starting the aftersales from scratch. Aftersales is my niche. Laying out the blueprint for the aftersales for this brand will eventually reflect in sales figures.

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