Study to be a Certified Superbike Technician at the TOC Automotive College

  • Make a career out of your passion with the superbike technician course.
  • The new course by TOC Automotive College aims to prepare students with the knowledge to maintain almost any type of superbike.
  • The course offers a balance of class room studies and real-world experience.
  • And there is also a financing programme that aims to make the course affordable for all.

There’s no better way to become a certified superbike technician than enrolling at the TOC Automotive College.

Their latest 18-month Superbike Technician Course offers nothing but the best of both knowledge and real-world experience.

With over 70% of hands-on learning, becoming a certified superbike technician has never been easier or more fun.

There comes a time in everyone’s lives where there’s a great need to learn or improve oneself. The best method always goes back to education but what’s better is a combination of valuable knowledge and real-world experience. That’s exactly what you can expect when you pursue your studies at the TOC Automotive College.

There are many comprehensive automotive-related programmes suited to anyone and everyone regardless of their skills. Armed with just the passion and strive to succeed, anyone can become a certified technician upon completing their studies over at TOC.

Their latest Superbike Technician Course is a program where anyone can become a certified superbike technician in the shortest time possible whilst ensuring the highest levels of quality. Their three-level programme covers 18 months of comprehensive superbike knowledge from installation, maintenance, repairs, and motorcycle parts replacements.

This particular course offered by TOC is the first of its kind to provide extensive exposure to real-world working scenarios and workshop conditions. Through their many industry partners particularly the Malaysia Motorcycle and Scooter Dealers Association (MMSDA), valuable work experience can be collected through a wide variety of brands and manufacturers for all those who enrol for TOC’s Superbike Technician Course.

Those of you who are sceptical about the programme will be glad to know that they are highly-recognised by the Ministry of Education (MoE). Combined with the fact that the course is majorly focused on hands-on learning rather than books and exams, you can be sure that the end-product of the TOC Automotive College is nothing but the highest of qualities.

Worried about financing your journey to becoming the next top certified superbike technician? Fret not as TOC offers low upfront payment to begin the course together with easy monthly loan payments once you enter to working world after graduation. Thanks to their very own TOC Bina Bakat (Building Talents) program, future superbike technicians can start their training with up to 100% loan.

There are three different levels to complete the 18-month program. Each six-month level comprises of three months of building skills and knowledge at the college itself and the other three months for ‘Industrial Training’ over at any of the workshops stationed to gain real-world experience.

The first level covers the basics of motorcycle workshop safety, application of related study, basic metal works and introduction to motorcycle technology, plus many more. Level 2 focuses on repairs and maintenance of engines, transmission, chassis, services, and maintenance.

The final level dwells deeper into the world of motorcycle electrical system, performance, overhauling, and more. Combined with the fact that the TOC Automotive College has a wide variety of superbikes from major manufacturers hailing from Japan and Europe, becoming a certified superbike technician armed with the best qualities is easily done thanks to folks over at TOC.

All in all, there’s really no valid excuse you can give if you want to become one of the greats in the world of superbikes. Rest assured that the TOC Automotive College has got you covered through every step of the way. All you need to bring to the table is just your passion and willingness to commit your time as well as effort and TOC will take care of the rest.

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