• Telah tersebar desas-desus yang mengatakan bahawa Jabatan Polis Dubai bakal menggunakan bantuan hoverbike sebagai sebahagian daripada kelengkapan pasukan petugasnya dalam masa yang terdekat.
  • Menurut sebuah syarikat dari Russia, Hoversurf International, hoverbike buatan istimewa mereka telah lulus ujian ekstrim bahang haba dan debu.
  • Jentera satu pelana janaan elektrik itu menggunakan empat kipas helikopter mini yang mampu menanggung beban sekitar 300kg sewaktu bergerak pada kelajuan 40km/j selama 25 minit pada satu-satu masa.


Some say that the Dubai Police will soon employ the assistance of hoverbikes as part of their task force in the near future.

According to Russian company Hoversurf International, their specially-made hoverbike has passed extreme tests when it comes to heat and dust.

The electric-powered single-seat machine uses four mini helicopter propellers that is able to carry around 300kg while going at 40km/h for over 25 minutes at a time.

The future is now, ladies and gentlemen. According to the folks over at Hoversurf International, they will soon provide a few of their groundbreaking hoverbikes to the Dubai Police task force. This particular model will be based on their very successful Scorpion (S-3) concept. (more…)

  • The Scorpion (S-3) Platform Hoverbike

  • Made by Hoversurf Inc. from Russia

  • Combination of motorcycle and a quadcopter drone

Is this the future of riding? Is this what we have been dreaming about since the 70s of people flying around as the main mode of transport? Introducing the Scorpion Hoverbike from Hoversurf Inc. all the way from mother Russia. It works by ‘surfing’ the air with changing the altitude and direction thanks to the four mini helicopter blades (that are a bit too close to the rider’s limbs, if you ask us). (more…)


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