Hoversurf: The World’s First Rideable ‘Hoverbike’?

  • The Scorpion (S-3) Platform Hoverbike

  • Made by Hoversurf Inc. from Russia

  • Combination of motorcycle and a quadcopter drone

Is this the future of riding? Is this what we have been dreaming about since the 70s of people flying around as the main mode of transport? Introducing the Scorpion Hoverbike from Hoversurf Inc. all the way from mother Russia. It works by ‘surfing’ the air with changing the altitude and direction thanks to the four mini helicopter blades (that are a bit too close to the rider’s limbs, if you ask us).

If the words above don’t make any sense to you, you can watch the video made by the company to showcase what their Scorpion hoverbike can potentially offer for the future of riding.

The concept of the Scorpion-3 is actually a combination of a motorcycle and quadcopter drone all in one technological package. The single-seat machine powered solely by electric (because it’s the future, of course) is targeted for both amateur and professional navigators and riders.

According to the Russian company, they stated that riders won’t probably need a motorcycle or pilot’s license to operate this rideable mini helicopter but we doubt that it won’t ‘fly’ here in Malaysia (Fly, get it?) . Considering the fact that to operate any drones in and around the country will require a special permit, it is highly probable that one will need higher clearance to get this thing off into the Malaysian skies.


The SCORPION platform has been around for quite a while now with their previous inventions seen on several social media platforms like Jetpack by Malloy, Aerofex, A. Duru, E-Hang, Bye Gravity and E-volo. According to the manufacturer, the hoverbike was designed for “extreme conditions and employs in-house custom software for full manual and automated control resulting in a thrilling flight experience.”


They are currently starting a crowd funding effort to get this hoverbike off the ground and flying but best of all, you can actually pre-order one right now! CLICK HERE to know more about Hoversurf Inc.

PHOTO SOURCE: Hoversurf Inc.

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