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Ah yes, the Honda Monkey. Amazing during its unveiling, iconic throughout history, and timeless even by today’s standards. It turns out that its evolution is far from over as Honda is currently working on a more ‘compact’ version of the Honda Monkey 125 mini-bike. Is it possible? Looking at the filed patents, apparently so! (more…)

Honda Europe has unveiled the 2018 Honda Monkey which is ready for production.

The new 125cc Monkey features modern specs like LCD meter, LED lights, ABS, IMU, and USD forks.

Its 125cc single-cylinder engine is able to produce 9.3hp and 11Nm of torque.

Honda’s most famous mini-bike is back in its latest evolution yet. The 2018 Honda Monkey is the most updated mini-bike in its series which comes with the latest specifications and electronics you wouldn’t normally find on a 125cc bike. (more…)



  • Salah sebuah penambahan baru yang paling mengujakan dalam pasaran motosikal semasa telah mula ditawarkan lewat minggu lalu adalah segmen motosikal gaya hidup Boon Siew Honda.
  • Terdiri daripada motosikal ria mini Honda MSX125 serta motosikal cruiser terbaru dari Honda, Rebel 500, motosikal-motosikal ini adalah tawaran yang hebat dalam kancah gaya hidup moden semasa.
  • Dinilaikan pada harga RM11,128 dan RM31,798 (harga asas beserta GST), kedua-dua motosikal gaya hidup Honda ini akan menambahkan lagi keseronokan dalam kehidupan penunggang.


One of the most exciting additions into the current motorcycle market offered today is the Boon Siew Honda’s lifestyle bikes segment.

Consisting of the exciting Honda MSX125 mini fun bike and the latest Honda Rebel 500 cruiser, these bikes are great additions in the current modern lifestyle scene.

Priced at RM11,128 and RM31,798 (basic prices with GST) respectively, both of these Honda lifestyle bikes will add a huge dose of excitement in a rider’s life.

Remember the Boon Siew Honda’s break of fast event at the Sepang International Circuit a few months back during Ramadhan? The many models showcased on that day were divided into distinctive segments named Lifestyle, Sports, Premium and so forth. (more…)


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