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  • Pembina motosikal terkenal tempatan, Shawn Seelan dari Shawn Seelan Creations ingin menjual hampir ke semua motosikal buatan khasnya.
  • Motosikal buatan khas yang terdiri daripada Honda Ruckus yang dikhususkan hinggalah Honda Motocompo dalam keadaan asli dan Suzuki Choi Nori, ke semuanya semestinya adalah motosikal yang teramat unik terutamanya di Malaysia ini.
  • Untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut mengenai motosikal-motosikal yang dijual, layarilah laman Facebook rasmi Shawn Seelan Creations dan bersedialah untuk berasa kagum.


Local renowned bike builder Shawn Seelan of Shawn Seelan Creations is letting go almost all of his custom bikes.

Custom motorcycles from tricked out Honda Ruckus to original condition Honda Motocompo and Suzuki Choi Nori, these are indeed super unique two-wheelers especially here in Malaysia.

To know more about the bikes that are on sale, head on over to the Shawn Seelan Creations official Facebook page and get ready to be amazed.

Shawn Seelan of Shawn Seelan Creations (part of the Custom Cartel) is letting go some of his prized possessions for those who are interested in owning one (or more) of his custom bikes. According to the Shawn Seelan Creations Official Facebook page, the local renowned bike builder will be letting go all of his beloved bikes except for a couple of special ones. (more…)

  • Boon Siew Honda telah memperkenalkan Honda EX5 Dream Fi 2017 terbaru bersempena dengan ulang tahunnya yang ke-30 dengan cogan kata “The Joy of 30 Years”.
  • Honda EX5 Dream Fi terbaru ini selaras dengan peraturan emisi Euro3 menjadikannya sebuah motosikal cub yang baik untuk alam sekitar.
  • Harga bagi EX5 Dream Fi yang baru ini ditetapkan pada RM4,906.74 ( penghidup tendang, roda jejari), RM5,150.54 (penghidup tendang dan elektrik, roda jejari), dan RM5,404.94 (penghidup tendang dan elektrik, roda tempa).


Boon Siew Honda has introduced the latest 2017 Honda EX5 Dream Fi in conjunction with its 30 year anniversary with the tagline “The Joy of 30 Years”.

The latest Honda EX5 Dream Fi is in line with the Euro3 emissions regulations making it a much better cub for the environment.

Prices for the new EX5 Dream Fi are RM 4,906.74 (Kick Starter, Spoke Wheel), RM 5,150.54 (Kick & electric starter, Spoke Wheel) and RM 5,404.94 (Kick & electric starter, Cast Wheel).

Boon Siew Honda (BSH) has announced their latest 2017 Honda EX5 Dream Fi that meets with the Euro3 emissions regulations. With the tagline of “The Joy of 30 Years”, the latest addition to the legendary cub family portrays the excitement and historical aspects of the highly recognised model which has been serving the nation for three decades. (more…)

Boon Siew Honda Introduced EX5 Dream FI Limited Edition at Batu Kawan, Penang


Honda has released a limited edition of the Honda EX5 Dream FI earlier today at Batu Kawan, Penang. This is their first ever Honda that comes in the new Metal Chrome colour. As the name implies, it will be produced in limited numbers.


The limited edition comes with cast wheels and tubeless tires for added safety, durability and reliability.


They’ve also added a new chromed emblem logo, headlight cover and rear grip specifically for those who prefer the modern and premium look on their beloved motorcycles.


The 29-year history of the Honda EX5 has seen over 2 million units sold here in Malaysia and Boon Siew Honda designed this limited release to create a collection trend among EX5 enthusiasts in the country.


The all new Honda EX5 Dream FI Limited Edition is retailed at RM4,874.94 (basic price with GST). Boon Siew Honda is also offering a two-year or 20,000km manufacturing warranty (whichever comes first) and will be available at all Honda authorized dealership nationwide.


For more information on the new Honda EX5 Dream FI Limited Edition, you may visit the Boon Siew Honda website or the Boon Siew Honda Facebook page.


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