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  • Motosikal Honda CB125M Concept telah dipersembahkan sewaktu acara pertunjukan EICMA 2018 di Milan baru-baru ini.
  • Motosikal supermoto mini itu telah diperkenalkan bersama dengan saudara kembaranya, model Honda CB125X Concept.
  • Antara spesifikasi yang ada pada motosikal Honda CB125M Concept ini adalah roda 17 inci Marchesini, tayar ‘slick’ Pirelli, dan ekzos SC-Project.


  • The Honda CB125M Concept was presented during the recent EICMA 2018 show in Milan.

  • The mini supermoto was unveiled alongside its adventure bike sibling, the Honda CB125X Concept.

  • Some of the specs fitted on the Honda CB125M Concept are 17-inch Marchesini wheels, Pirelli slick tyres, and an SC-Project exhaust.

The introduction of the Honda CB125X Concept 125cc adventure bike was presented during EICMA 2018 in Milan together with its super mini-moto sibling, the Honda CB125M Concept. When it comes to making the base Honda CB125R even more enticing, the folks over at Honda Europe R&D department came up with this particular baby. (more…)


  • Sewaktu EICMA 2018, Honda Europe telah memperagakan model Honda CB125X Concept, sebuah motosikal kembara berkapasiti kecil generasi seterusnya.
  • Motosikal Honda CB125X Concept menampilkan rupa bentuk yang amat kemas dengan suntikan besar pengembaraan, rupa bentuk agresif, dan kedinamikan.
  • Cirinya yang paling menonjol selain daripada reka bentuk keseluruhannya adalah ekzos SC-Project dan lampu hadapan ganda tiga.


  • During EICMA 2018, Honda Europe showcased the Honda CB125X Concept, a next-generation small-capacity adventure bike.

  • The Honda CB125X Concept features super clean lines with a huge dose of adventure, aggressive looks, and dynamism.

  • Its most prominent features apart from the overall design are the SC-Project exhaust and front triple futuristic lights.

There were many show-stopping bikes which were showcased and presented throughout the duration of EICMA 2018 last week in Milan, Italy. Amongst the elite of future production bikes, there were some concept machines that really took things to the next level. One of them has to be the Honda CB125X Concept and it is ‘the bomb’. (more…)

Honda Europe has unveiled the 2018 Honda Monkey which is ready for production.

The new 125cc Monkey features modern specs like LCD meter, LED lights, ABS, IMU, and USD forks.

Its 125cc single-cylinder engine is able to produce 9.3hp and 11Nm of torque.

Honda’s most famous mini-bike is back in its latest evolution yet. The 2018 Honda Monkey is the most updated mini-bike in its series which comes with the latest specifications and electronics you wouldn’t normally find on a 125cc bike. (more…)

For UK citizen John Brown, a Honda dealership operator based in Manchester, his Christmas holiday got off to a good start when he became the world’s first customer to take deliver of his brand new Honda RC213V-S.

Brown took delivery of his prized machine on Christmas eve, and it will reportedly be added into his illustrious Honda bikes collection. Notably, the new Honda RC213V-S delivered to him isn’t the only rare Honda in said collection. Amongst them are other rarities from the famed Japanese red wing marque such as a RC30, SP1 and SP2. Also in Brown’s collection is a CBR900RR Fireblade and a VF1000F.

RC213V-S first customer handover (6)
RC213V-S first customer handover (6)

Brown was clearly delighted with his latest addition and relished in the opportunity to own the much hyped Honda RC213V-S. He added, “As soon as it went on sale I registered my interest on the website, and when I received the call from Honda to say my order was accepted it was a very special day for me.”

RC213V-S first customer handover (7)
RC213V-S first customer handover (7)

Based on the race- and championship winning Honda RC213V MotoGP bike, Honda’s racing arm, HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) began offering the street-legal RC213V-S for sale beginning July last year. Though the fanfare of Honda’s newest hyperbike was mixed due to the varied specifications, HRC still received a sizable numbers of orders.

The Honda RC213V-S reportedly commanded a price tag of £150,000 in the UK. HRC states that further deliveries have been slated for this year.

Source: Honda Europe via Asphaltandrubber and MCN


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