Honda CBR600RR

The Honda CBR600RR boasts an illustrious racing history, securing FIM World Super Sports championship victories from 2003 to 2008 and again in 2010, 2012, and 2014. 

It also clinched the Asia Road Racing championship from 2012 to 2016, the All-Japan Road Race championship ST600 class from 2003 to 2011, and in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2019. Notably, its engine also powered Moto2 from 2010 to 2018. 

The 600RR left Honda’s European showrooms in 2017 as the industry shifted toward naked and adventure models. However, the middleweight sports category’s resurgence prompted its reintroduction in Japan and Thailand for the 21YM.

Now, the time has come for the purest road-legal sports bike to make a return. The new 2024 Honda CBR600RR is a rare gem, featuring cutting-edge MotoGP-inspired electronics and aerodynamics, embodying a class of its own.

Model Overview:

Honda’s iconic supersports machine re-enters Europe with its 599cc, inline four-cylinder engine producing 120hp @ 14,250rpm, equipped with an assist/slipper clutch and a standard-fit quickshifter.

The electronic package, derived from the RC213V-S and the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade, includes Throttle By Wire control, 9-level Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), Wheelie Control, Rear Lift Control, and Cornering ABS, all managed by a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The chassis boasts a twin-spar aluminum frame, aluminum swingarm, 41mm Showa Big Piston USD front forks, and a Unit Pro-Link Showa rear shock.

The full-color TFT screen features Street, Circuit, and Mechanic modes, along with a Shift Up indicator and lap timer. Safety features include Honda’s Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) and Honda Ignition Security System (HISS). The 24YM CBR600RR is available in Matt Ballistic Black Metallic and Grand Prix Red HRC TriColour.


The CBR600RR’s 599cc engine underwent significant upgrades, enhancing camshafts, valve springs, and the crankshaft for optimal performance and durability. Intake, combustion, and exhaust systems were meticulously refined, with a focus on smooth throttle control through a 44mm throttle body and improved intake flow capacity. Valve timing adjustments and a 4-2-1 exhaust system contribute to increased efficiency and Euro5 homologation.

Engine Electronics:

The Throttle-by-Wire system, derived from the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade, ensures natural throttle feel and control. The electronic package includes 9-level HSTC, 3 default riding modes, and 2 User modes for personalized settings. The quickshifter facilitates rapid gear changes with 3-level adjustment.


Honda’s engineers focused on weight savings and performance enhancements, incorporating a Bosch 6-axis IMU for precise control of systems like HSTC and Cornering ABS. The chassis features a hollow twin-spar aluminum frame, adjustable Showa suspension, and a Honda Electronic Steering Damper for added stability.

Styling & Equipment:

The CBR600RR’s sleek design not only offers stunning aesthetics but also improves aerodynamics, boasting the lowest Coefficient of Drag in class. Winglets contribute to cornering stability and turning ability. The flexible riding position, LED lighting, and a full-color TFT screen with multiple modes add to the bike’s appeal.

The 2024 Honda CBR600RR marks the return of a legend to global roads, embodying the essence of a true road-legal sports bike with its powerful engine, advanced electronics, and captivating design.

Honda wowed motorcycle enthusiasts and racing fans alike as it unveiled its latest iteration of the CBR600RR at the prestigious 2023 Suzuka 8 Hours weekend.

  • The iconic Suzuka Circuitwitnessed the grand reveal during the 44th edition of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Endurance World Championship last wekend.
  • The event serves as a homecoming for Honda, allowing the brand to showcase its cutting-edge engineering on familiar turf.

Enthusiasts attending the Suzuka 8 Hours race had the exclusive opportunity to experience the new Honda CBR600RR up close and personal at the dedicated Honda booth.

While comprehensive details about the updates are still under wraps, insiders suggest that this unveiling primarily addresses evolving emissions regulations in Japan. As the CBR600RR’s previous iteration predates the implementation of these stringent environmental norms, this refresh aims to align the beloved sportbike with the latest emission compliance requirements.

Amid concerns over potential impacts on power output due to emissions adjustments, historical precedents indicate that the alterations are unlikely to significantly impede the bike’s formidable performance. Honda’s track record of seamlessly integrating similar tweaks in previous models suggests that any changes in power dynamics will likely be subtle and expertly balanced.

Apart from the mechanical enhancements, the visual appeal of the new CBR600RR is set to captivate riders and onlookers alike. Honda has provided a tantalizing glimpse of the new aesthetic direction through shared images and videos.

The motorcycle dons a fresh Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) tricolor livery, exuding an air of racing prowess. Adding an air of mystique is the striking matte black variant that conjures images of a stealthy test mule wrap, underscoring the bike’s performance-oriented nature.

The Japanese market can expect both the dynamic tricolor livery and the enigmatic matte black version to be offered upon the formal announcement of the model’s release. However, the global palette remains a subject of speculation. 

The 2021 Honda CBR600RR finally makes its official debut in Malaysia with the new generation motorcycle comes with a host of upgrades and updates from the previous model.

Starting with the looks, the 2021 Honda CBR600RR carries more of the design DNA from the Fireblade series and we’re not complaining one bit. The biggest change has to be the front fairing where the CBR600RR enhanced with a set of winglets, making it the very first production middleweight model to offer them.

Dressed in the iconic HRC colours, the 2021 Honda supersport model still has the 599cc inline-four DOHC liquid-cooled engine but thanks to some upgrades, the new CBR600RR now produces a higher 121hp at 14,000rpm and 64Nm of torque at 11,500rpm.

This was done thanks to new camshafts, valve springs, and crankshaft as well as enhanced intake and exhaust ports for better efficiency. To manage all of its newly found power, the new CBR600RR comes with an updated IMU unit (inertial measurement unit) that keeps the ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, wheelie control, and engine braking all in check.

As for weight and dimensions, the new Honda supersport model is now around 5kg heavier at 194kg as Honda made some minor alterations to the chassis used from the previous-gen model. The new CBR600RR now has increased rake and trail as well as a slightly longer wheelbase for better agility and manoeuvrability.

Other notable specs include a full-colour TFT screen, selectable riding modes, slipper clutch, Showa Big Piston front forks, 18-litre fuel tank, Tokico callipers, optional bi-directional quickshifter and many more.

According to Boon Siew Honda, the 2021 Honda CBR600RR is available with a price tag of RM98,888.

Boon Siew Honda mengumumkan CBR600RR 2021 kini boleh didapati dalam pasaran tempatan pada harga RM98,888.

Bagi tahun 2021, terdapat banyak penambahbaikan baharu bagi memastikan jentera sportsbike 600cc itu terus relevan masa kini.

Didatangkan dengan enjin 599cc 4-inline DOCH, CBR600RR kini menawarkan 121hp pada 14,000rpm dan 64Nm pada 11,500rpm lebih tinggi berbanding model sebelumnya hasil bantuan camshaft, valve springs dan crankshaft serba baharu.

Model ini turut menawarkan pelbagai ciri terkini antaranya sistem ABS, ride-by wire, traction control, wheelie control, fork Show Big Piston, dan slipper clutch.

Malah, jentera ini turut didatangkan dengan sistem bi-directional quickshifter secara standard di samping kaliper brek Tokico dan tangki 18L.

Rekaan keseluruhan Honda CBR600RR diinspirasikan daripada CBR1000RR-R Fireblade yang turut merangkumi winglet yang terletak di bahagian fairing depan kiri dan kanan jentera.

Menariknya, ini merupakan julung kalinya ciri winglet diperkenalkan pada jentera sportsbike segmen pertengahan.

Honda CBR600RR ini sertai CBR1000RR-R yang turut ditawarkan Boon Siew Honda.

The 2021 Honda CBR600RR finally makes its official debut in the land of the rising sun. after months of teasing, the latest and probably final generation of the Honda CBR600RR comes with a host of upgrades and updates from the previous model. In short, it’s fire. (more…)

Baru-baru ini, Honda memuat naik video ‘teaser’ berdurasi 1 minit 16 saat yang memaparkan tawaran baharu, CBR600RR.

Video tersebut turut memaparkan rupa keseluruhan jentera 600cc ini yang direka berdasarkan model CBR1000RR-R 2020.

Honda CBR1000RR-R

Kini berdasarkan laporan media antarabangsa, difahamkan Honda CBR600RR tidak akan dibawa masuk ke pasaran tertentu dunia ekoran peraturan ketat membabitkan piawaian Euro5.

Ini kerana, jentera tersebut difahamkan masih belum mencapai piawaian Euro5 sekaligus menafikan Honda daripada memperkenalkan CBR600RR di Eropah dan Amerika Syarikat.

Wakil penjual Honda di Amerika Syarikat turut mengesahkan mereka tidak akan menjual model untuk untuk pasaran AS.

Senario ini sekaligus memberi bayangan bahawa jentera tersebut akan difokuskan terhadap pasaran dunia lain terutamanya di Asia.

Ketika ini, Boon Siew Honda telah pun melancarkan Honda CBR1000RR-R dan varian SP berharga RM198,800 untuk pasaran Malaysia, dan melihat kepada trend itu, kemungkinan CBR600RR turut sama akan mendarat di Kuala Lumpur.

The final hurrah for the 2021 Honda CBR600RR will be launched in a span of a few weeks from now but to kick things off, Honda has released a preview video of their latest upcoming supersports machine and we’re drooling all over the beautiful shots. (more…)

There was a time when a lot of bikers wanted a 600cc sports bike, especially the Honda CBR600RR. With a long history as the sole engine used in the MotoGP intermediate class (Moto2), the glorious return of a new model is set to happen next year with possibly the 2021 Honda CBR600RR-R! (more…)

  • The Honda Motor Company, Ltd. has produced some revolutionary models since their inception in 1959.

  • Their bikes illustrate their “Power of Dreams” principle.

  • These are only ten but there are really (too) many more.

As the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, the Honda Motor Company, Ltd. has produced some revolutionary models since their inception in 1959. Operating behind the “Power of Dreams” principle, some of these motorcycles, their technologies, innovations and ideas went to influence how the industry approaches motorcycles.

Here are ten best production motorcycles. They are picked due to their groundbreaking ideas and not necessarily their sales figures.

10. NR (1992)

Honda NR

Honda is a “four-stroke” company, first and foremost. Although the had dominated the 500cc two-stroke GP championship for many years, they still believed the benefits of the four-stroke engine.

Honda had to think outside the box to compete against the two-strokes, which led to the developing of the four-stroke 500cc NR500 GP racer. It featured oval pistons to increase the cylinder’s swept area and each piston had two conrods. Each cylinder was serviced by 8 valves! The four oval pistons were fitted into a V-Four configuration, but it was actually more like a V-Eight.

NR750 endurance racer’s oval pistons, dual conrods and 32 valves

This technology was brought to the buying public in the form of the 750cc NR superbike. Apart from the oval pistons, the bike had underseat exhausts and a single-sided swingarm. These two designs were later adopted by Massimo Tamburini into the groundbreaking Ducati 916.

Sadly, the bike was way too expensive and had problems. Only 300 were built but collectors do seek them out.

9. VFR750R (RC30) (1987 to 1990)


Honda VFR750R RC30

The FIM had shut down Formula TT to make way for the first Superbike World Championship (WSBK) in 1988. As it was a production-based championship, manufacturers must homologate the bike they wished to race in the series. Besides that, most parts and components of the of the race bike must be the same as those on the homologated bike. Honda was quick on the ball and built the VFR750R, model code RC30.

It was made to win from the start, featuring 748ccc V-Four engine (four-cylinder engines were limited to 750cc back then), with gear-driven cams. It produced 118 hp, which was really high at the time. That wasn’t all, the engine and entire bike was full of race-ready components. For example, the piston connecting rods were made of titanium, making the RC30 the first road bike to use such component. The first gear was geared “long,” which allowed it to hit 132 km/h. There was a slipper clutch to eliminate locking up the rear wheel under aggressive downshifting.

Its aluminium spar frame appeared just one year after Suzuki debut it on a road bike on the GSX-R750. And just like the Suzuki, Honda had adopted it from the NSR500 GP racer, along with the dimensions of the bike.

It was clear that Honda earmarked the bike to enter endurance racing, as well, especially at the prestigious Suzuka 8-Hour. Hence, the bottom of the forks had quick release nuts to allow the front wheel and axle to drop free for quick wheel changes. Similarly, the rear wheel was carried on a single-sided swingarm where the sprocket and brake were mounted, while the wheel was held in place by a single lug nut.

American rider Fred Merkel took the RC30 to the inaugural World Superbike title in 1988. He followed up his success the next year.

He was not the only one to taste success. Any RC30 rider around the world owned the competition, including Robert Dunlop and Steve Hislop at the 1989 and 1990 Macau Grands Prix.

Only 3,000 VFR750R RC30 were ever built and it is still very much sought after.

8. RVF750 (RC45) (1994 to 1995)

Honda RVF750 RC45

The VFR750R RC30 had started showing its age by 1992, having being beaten soundly by the Ducati V-Twins, despite the latter’s lower horsepower. Kawasaki had also defeated Honda and Ducati for the 1993 title.

If there is one manufacturer that absolutely hates getting beaten, it is Honda, regardless of motorsport. Thus, they stepped up the game by having the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) build a new no-expense spared bike to wrest the title back. This resulted in the RVF750 (RC45) in 1994.

It was still a 750cc V-Four but with many differences over the RC30. It had PGM-FI fuel injection, titanium conrods, lightweight and low-friction pistons, ceramic and graphite coated bores, engine parts cast from magnesium, and much more.

While the roadgoing version officially produced 118 hp (the same as the RC30), its strength was in the configurable PGM-FI fuel injection system. It came to produce an “official” 190 hp in its last years in racing form, although some claimed that it actually produced more power than Honda’s all-conquering NSR500 two-stroke GP racer (as in above 200 hp).

Honda had wanted to squash the competition in World Superbikes, but it did not happen until 1997 when John Kocinski joined the team. However, the RC45 was an invincible beast that no one could beat in other championships and races, including in the AMA Superbikes and Isle of Man TT. It also won the FIM Endurance World Championship six times.

Only 200 were made for the road, each one hand built. It’s one of the rarest production Hondas.

7. CBR600F and CBR600RR (1987 to 2007)

Honda CBR600F

The CBR600F made its debut in 1987. It was Honda’s first fully-faired inline-Four bike along with the CBR750F and CBR1000F.

Although the CBR600 and its subsequent iterations appeared sporty, and were entered into competition, it distinguished itself as the everyday supersport bike. Riders loved it for its torque and midrange horsepower, but most of all, it was comfortable for street riding and sporty enough for track work. Hence, its lineage continued until the CBR600F4i which stopped production in 2006.

Honda released the sportier CBR600RR in 2003 as the contender for the supersport titles and production continued until 2007.

Honda CBR600RR

The current CBR650 continues the CBR600F and CBR600RR’s heritage but the engine was adopted from the naked Hornet.

6. Gold Wing (1975 to current)

1975 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing

There is no other leader in the luxury touring segment than the Honda Gold Wing. BMW had come very close to snatching the title with the K 1600 line-up, but Honda had simply moved the goal posts even further away.

The Gold Wing began as the Gold Wing GL1000 in 1975 (introduced in the Cologne Motor Show in 1974). It featured a 999cc, SOHC, flat-Four and shaft final drive. Although meant as a sport-tourer, it did not have factory fitted windshield or luggage. But the American market loved it and Honda sold 13,000 units in that one year alone.

The Gold Wing grew through the years and the “full-dress” touring bodywork was offered in the GL1100 Insterstate option in 1980.

1980 Honda GL1100 Gold Wing Interstate

Its engine capacity grew bigger and bigger due to close competition from other Japanese rivals such as Yamaha and Kawasaki. Finally, the fourth generation Gold Wing was introduced in 1987 (for model year 1988) along with a 1500cc engine and its now signature 6-horizontally-opposed (flat-Six) engine.

1988 Honda GL1500 Gold Wing

The fifth generation made its debut in 2001 with an 1800cc engine, which is the capacity through to the current sixth generation model which was introduced in 2018.

2018 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

The Gold Wing has so many onboard luxury options that rivals cars, including an airbag, so much so that some joke that it’s actually hiding two extra wheels underneath. It may be true (just joking), given how easy it is to ride the bike.

Sumber imej: MCN

  • Michael Dunlop telah mengesahkan penyertaannya dalam perlumbaan Isle of Man TT 2018 serta perlumbaan Supersport yang lain di atas jentera Honda CBR600RR.
  • Berita ini telah disahkan oleh PTR Honda melalui laman Twitter mereka.
  • Michael Dunlop dan PTR Honda telah memenangi perlumbaan Isle of Man TT dalam kategori Supersport pada tahun 2013 yang lalu.


Michael Dunlop has confirmed his participation in the Isle of Man TT and other Supersport road races with the Honda CBR600RR.

The news was confirmed by PTR Honda on their Twitter page.

Michael Dunlop and PTR Honda won the Isle of Man TT Supersport category back in 2013.

Image source: Road Racing World

After his recent appearance in the 2018 MotoGP pre-season winter test in Sepang just a few weeks ago, coveted road racing racer Michael Dunlop has confirmed his entry in the 2018 Isle of Man TT Supersport category and other road races with the PTR Honda squad. (more…)


  • Pada hari ini, kami akan bawakan satu panduan motosikal besar Honda yang berada di Malaysia istimew buat para penunggang baru.
  • Kebanyakan orang Malaysia sudah pasti tahu mengenai Boon Siew Honda (BSH), satu nama yang terkenal dengan motosikal dan skuter berkapasiti kecil. BSH juga ada menawarkan rangkaian motosikal berkapasiti besar.
  • Bermula dengan superbike Honda CBR1000RR yang begitu berkuasa sehinggalah cruiser Honda 500 Rebel, akan ada motosikal Honda yang bersesuaian untuk semua orang tidak kira penunggang baru atau veteran.



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