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Since its debut in 2013 alongside its siblings, the CB500F and CBR500R, the Honda CB500X has been quietly establishing itself as a competent and adaptable motorcycle for a diverse range of riders. The CB500X effortlessly transitions from short-hop commuting to weekend touring, thanks to its perky twin-cylinder engine, comfortable chassis, and distinctive adventure styling.

Evolution Over the Years:
Over the years, the CB500X has seen several upgrades, each enhancing its capabilities. In 2016, a first upgrade brought a larger fuel tank, improved wind protection, and adjustable components. The 2019 evolution introduced more sophisticated adventure styling, enhanced engine performance, and various chassis upgrades. The 2022 version incorporated high-quality Showa forks, dual front discs, a lightweight swingarm, and a redesigned front wheel.

Introducing the NX500:
For the 2024, Honda is maintaining the essence of the beloved CB500X while introducing a new name – the NX500. This model continues to build on its predecessors’ success with aggressively redesigned styling, premium technology, and a host of detailed upgrades aimed at capturing the hearts and minds of all riders.

Model Overview:
The NX500 brings back the historic “NX” designation from Honda, known for the single-cylinder NX650 Dominator. The “NX” in NX500 stands for ‘New X-over,’ reflecting its ability to excel on both roads and off-road trails. The latest model boasts an impressive update to its adventure styling, lighter wheels, and improved suspension settings for enhanced ride quality.

Key Features:

Styling & Equipment:

  • The NX500 features a sharp new adventure style that incorporates aerodynamics for improved stability at speed.
  • A new LED headlight and taillight enhance visibility, especially during night riding and cornering.
  • The 5-inch full-color TFT screen offers Honda RoadSync connectivity for turn-by-turn navigation and smartphone integration.
  • The left-hand switchgear is simplified, easy to use, and backlit for night-time visibility.


  • Equipped with 41mm Showa Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) USD forks and a rear shock with fine-tuned settings.
  • New, lighter weight cast aluminum wheels contribute to improved handling.
  • Dual 296mm front discs and Nissin axial mount two-piston calipers provide robust braking performance.


  • New PGM-FI settings improve low-rpm acceleration and overall power delivery across the rev-range.
  • The assist/slipper clutch ensures smooth upshifts and manages rear wheel stability during downshifts.
  • 471cc, twin-cylinder making 47hp and 43nm of torque
  • 6-speed transmission with slipper clutch

The 2024 NX500 will be available in Grand Prix Red, Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic, and Pearl Horizon White.

The Honda NX500 continues the legacy of its predecessors, blending versatility and adventure in a stylish package. With its aggressive design, premium technology, and thoughtful upgrades, the NX500 is poised to leave a lasting impression on riders seeking a reliable and dynamic crossover adventure motorcycle.

With a 17.5-litre tank and a fuel consumption of 27.8km per litre, the NX500 promises never ending adventures.

Boon Siew Honda (BSH) officially welcomes the 2022 Honda CB500X and CBR500R for the Malaysian market.

The 2022 CB500X and CBR500R are now priced at RM36,099 and RM34,499.

Both motorcycles received significant updates for 2022, starting with the suspension setup that now comes in an adjustable Showa 41mm Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SSF-BP) USD fork.

Apart from improved chassis dynamics, both the CB500X and CBR500R gets newly improved twin 296mm disc with Nissin two-piston callipers.

The improved braking allows riders to pull the lever when braking without much pressure.

Other significant improvement includes:

  • 19-inch front and 17-inch lighter wheels (CB500X)
  • lightweight 5 Y-shaped spokes wheels (CBR500)
  • new headlight with a broader beam
  • optimised high/low headlight beam and front indicator position lights (CB500X)

Nonetheless, the CB500X and CBR500R continue to deliver 50hp @ 8,5000rpm and 45Nm @ 6,500rpm from its 471cc, 8-valve liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine.

Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a six-speed transmission with an assist/slipper clutch.

According to Boon Siew Honda, the CBX500X is available in three colour options; GP Red, Mat Gun Power Black Metallic and Pearl Organic Green, while the CBR500X is only available in GP Red. 

Let’s be honest. The adventure bike segment is booming; hence you see every manufacturer racing to the drawing board trying to create the most appealing ADV machine on the planet.

MV Agusta is among the latest manufacturer making a bold step into the segment by introducing two new adventure machines, the Lucky Explorer 9.5 and Lucky Explorer 5.5, at EICMA 2021.

The Lucky Explorer 5.5 is MV’s strategy in providing a more affordable and accessible motorcycle for the customers.

This is achieved by a joint collaboration with Qianjiang Motorcycle, the same company that owned the Benelli brand.

The 5.5 is powered by the same parallel-twin engine found in the Benelli TRK 502 but with an increased bore and stroke.

Apart from notable brands following the same move, the smaller manufacturer is also moving in the same direction, particularly in Europe and Asia.

The Brix Venturi 500 and Colove 500X are several bike brands that can be easily recognized as Honda’s CB500X clone.

The newest addition to the party is the KL Raticosa 500X, another ADV bike that actually shares the same engine configuration as the Honda CB500X.

This means the Raticosa 500X is equipped with a 471cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine that makes 48hp and 43.3Nm.

Despite the similarities, Honda never actually agreed to the cross-sharing platform, but somehow the CB500X engine can be found on more than a few bikes available in the market.

Nevertheless, like every typical adventure motorcycle, the Raticosa 500X features adventure-ready specifications, including a long travel suspension, inverted forks and dual-purpose tires.

The bike also features 19-inch front wheels and 17-inch rear wheels, fully-adjustable Kayaba forks, Kayaba shocks and Nissin callipers.

With a seat height of 820mm and a kerb weight of just 178kg, the Raticosa 500X looks promising to be the next popular and affordable adventure bike in Europe alongside the Benelli TRK 502.

The Honda CB500F, CBR500R and CB500x gained new updates for 2022

Honda officially announced new updates for the 500cc range, including the CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X for 2022.


All three motorcycles gained a new 41mm Showa Separate Function Fork-Big Piston(SFF-BP) like its bigger sibling, the CBR650R and CB650R.

The updates also feature a new 296mm dual front disc replacing the single-disc set up on the previous generation CB500X and paired with a set of Nissin radial 2-piston callipers with ABS.


Meanwhile, the reliable 500cc twin-cylinder is now updated with PGM-FI electronic injection, which helps improve torque delivery.

Interestingly, the entire 500cc range also received a lighter swingarm that offers greater rigidity that helps improve handling and grip.

Since its introduction in 2013, Honda has sold over 106,000 units of the 500cc range across Europe.

Leaked EU emissions filing documents show light updates for 2022MY Honda CB500 range.


Honda akan mengemaskini rangkaian CB500, seperti dalam kertas kerja EU yang menunjukkan beberapa perubahan untuk model 500cc kembar selari.

Pengeluar motosikal Jepun itu telah pun memfailkan dokumen membabitkan model CB500F, CBR500R & CB500X 2022.

Kelihatan seperti tiada perubahan besar, tetapi yang pastinya sesuatu evolusi pada jentera popular ini bakal datang.

Walaupun motor kembar selari 471cc ini tidak berubah, dengan pengeluaran 47hp dan tork 43Nm, beberapa perubahan dimensi dan berat menunhjukkan ada perubahan kecil di tempat lain.

Sementara CB500F dan CBR500R sama berat, CB500X lebih berat sebanyak 2kg, dan ini mungkin disebabkan penambahan kapasiti tanki minyak 17.7L.

Di tempat lain, dimensi tersenarai telah mengalami perubahan sedikit – ukuran lebar telah meningkat sebanyak 5mm untuk CB500X dan CBR500R, dan 10mm untuk CB500F, sementara panjang dan tingginya tidak berubah; kemungkinan besar disebabkan pemegang lebih lebar.

Kemas kini utama yang dirancang untuk rangkaian CB500 2022 datang daripada dokumen yang mencatat cakera tambahan di bahagian hadapan, dan brek baru bermaksud roda dan garpu baru.

Kemas kini pada kombo garpu dan roda depan juga akan menunjukkan perubahan pada penyerap hentakan bahagian belakang.

Berita gembira buat peminat jentera ‘mid range’ di Malaysia apabila Boon Siew Honda Malaysia memperkenalkan tiga model baharu dalam satu majlis pelancaran yang berlangsung di The Glasshouse,  Seputeh,  hari ini.

Tiga model baharu tersebut; CBR500R, CB500X dan CB500F dijangka akan menghangatkan lagi pasaran motosikal ‘mid range’ yang sering menjadi perhatian penggemar motosikal di Malaysia.

Ketiga-tiga model tersebut dihasilkan dengan enjin 471cc liquid cool parallel twin dengan 8 valve yang didakwa mampu mencerna 49hp pada 8,500rpm.

Menariknya,  ketiga-tiga model dilengkapi dengan sistem ABS yang didatangkan secara standard.

Honda CBR500 kini tampil dengan rekaan lebih sporty sama dengan ‘abang besar’ CBR1000R. Sistem ekzos dinaiktaraf sekaligus meningkatkan kuasa tork sehingga 4 peratus.

Sementara itu,  Honda turut menyifatkan rekaan serba baharu bagi Honda CB500F berdasarkan konsep jentera serba boleh.

Tampak garang namun mudah dijinakkan, CB500F seperti dua model lain didatangkan dengan assist & slipper clutch sekaligus memastikan tunggangan yang lebih selesa dan lancar.

Bagaimanapun, paling mencuri tumpuan adalah CB500X yang kini dilengkapi dengan tayar depan 19 inci berbanding 17 inci sebelum ini. Honda menyifatkan perubahan itu meningkatkan lagi pengawalan terutamanya di atas permukaan yang tidak rata.

Tempahan bagi Honda CB500X telah pun dibuka dengan proses penyerahan kepada pelanggan akan dilakukan pada hujung bulan ini sementara dua model lagi akan dipasarkan dalam masa terdekat.

Berikut senarai harga bagi ketiga-tiga model:

  • CB500F – RM33,999
  • CB500X – RM36,099
  • CBR500R – RM34,499

  • Boon Siew Honda launched the 2019 Honda CBR500R, Honda CB500X and Honda CB500F today to complement their big capacity range in Malaysia

  • All three bikes share a common frame and engine platform.

  • All are available from Honda Big Wing concept shops.

Boon Siew Honda launched the 2019 Honda CBR500R, Honda CB500X and Honda CB500F today to complement their big capacity range in Malaysia.

All three bikes are based on the same engine platform, namely a 471cc, DOHC, 8-valve, parallel-Twin. Honda engineers revised the inlet, exhaust and valve timing for a 4% increase in midrange power and torque. It now produces 49.6 HP at 8,500 RPM and 45 Nm of torque at 6,500 RPM. The engine for better low-down torque, rather than high-end horsepower.

Standard features for the 2019 models are:
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  • New rear suspension.
  • Assist and slipper clutch.
  • Full LED lighting.
  • New LCD screen with gear position indicator and shift-up light.
  • Strong yet lightweight steel diamond-tube frame.
  • The frame is designed to provide the swingarm mounting point close to the engine for optimum weight distribution.
  • An added safety feature triggers the hazard lights in case of emergency braking.

2019 Honda CBR500R – From RM 34,499

The CBR500R is the fully-faired sportbike format of the range and features a styling inspired by the company’s CBR1000RR Fireblade. There are a number of model-specific features, of course, including winglets on the bottom half of the fairing.

The clip-on handlebars were repositioned to underneath the top triple clamp for a sportier riding position. The seats are stepped and split into two in true sportbike tradition.

The Honda CBR500R is available in three colours: Grand Prix Red, Max Axis Gray Metallic and Pearl Metalloid White.

2019 Honda CB500F – RM 33,999

The CB500F is the naked/roadster iteration in the line-up. It’s redesigned to appear more aggressive like a streetfighter buy integrating the radiator shrouds to the fuel tank for a more wide-shouldered and muscular look.

The clip-ons from the CBR500R are replaced with a one-piece tapered handlebar for a more upright riding position. Additionally, the battery has been moved away from the intake duct to allow for greater airflow. A dual-exit muffler provides the soundtrack.

The 2019 Honda CB500F is available in three colours: Grand Prix Red, Matt Gun Powder Black Metallic and Pearl Metalloid White.

2019 Honda CB500X – From 36,099

The CB500X is the dual-sport format of the range and is touted as the perfect all-rounder. Its styling has been revised but still retains its unmistakable silhouette.

What sets the CB500X apart from the rest in the line-up are the longer-travel suspension and 19-inch front wheel. They allow the bike to traverse rough roads with more ease.

The front part of the seat where it joins the fuel tank was “shaved down” to make it slimmer, allowing the rider to move around and plant his feet when he stops. The steering has 3 extra degrees of movement from lock to lock.

The 2019 Honda CB500X is also offered in three colours: Grand Prix Red, Matt Gun Powder Black Metallic and Pearl Metalloid White.

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  • Pada hari ini, kami akan bawakan satu panduan motosikal besar Honda yang berada di Malaysia istimew buat para penunggang baru.
  • Kebanyakan orang Malaysia sudah pasti tahu mengenai Boon Siew Honda (BSH), satu nama yang terkenal dengan motosikal dan skuter berkapasiti kecil. BSH juga ada menawarkan rangkaian motosikal berkapasiti besar.
  • Bermula dengan superbike Honda CBR1000RR yang begitu berkuasa sehinggalah cruiser Honda 500 Rebel, akan ada motosikal Honda yang bersesuaian untuk semua orang tidak kira penunggang baru atau veteran.


In today’s Bikes Republic feature, we’ve prepared a very special beginner’s guide to Honda big bikes that are available here in Malaysia.

While most Malaysians already consider Boon Siew Honda (BSH) as a household name when it comes to small capacity mopeds and scooters, BSH do offer a wide range of bigger capacity bikes.

From the ever powerful Honda CBR1000RR superbike to the uber-cool Honda Rebel 500 cruiser, there’s always the right Honda bike for everyone from beginners to veteran riders.

Image source:

While most Malaysians are already familiar with Boon Siew Honda (BSH) as a major household name when it comes to the world of cubs, mopeds and small capacity motorcycles, those looking for something a bit more should also know that BSH offers a wide range of bigger capacity two-wheelers that’ll suit any type of rider for any riding situation. (more…)



  • Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd. (BSH) telah mengumumkan motosikal terbaru mereka yang telah dikemaskini, Honda CB500X 2017 yang kini didatangkan dengan rekaan ekzos serba baru serta tiga warna yang baru.
  • Tiga warna baru bagi generasi terkini CB500X adalah Asteroid Black Metallic, Candy Rosy Red, dan Pearl Horizon White (yang boleh didapati bagi model CB500XA).
  • BSH telah meletakkan harga bagi honda CB500X 2017 yang dikemaskini ini dari RM31,893.28 (Standard) hingga RM35,391.28 (CB500XA dengan sistem brek ABS).


Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd (BSH) has just announced their latest updated 2017 Honda CB500X which now comes with a brand new exhaust design plus three new colours.

The three new colours for the latest CB500X generation are Asteroid Black Metallic, Candy Rosy Red and Pearl Horizon White (available for the CB500XA).

BSH has priced the updated 2017 Honda CB500X from RM31,893.28 (Standard) up to RM35,391.28 (CB500XA with ABS).

Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd (BSH) has just introduced their latest updated 2017 Honda CB500X. For this year, the very capable CB500X now comes with a brand new muffler design plus three new colour options; Asteroid Black Metallic, Candy Rosy Red and the latest Pearl Horizon White specifically for the Honda CB500XA. (more…)


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