Berita gembira untuk peminat YSuku apabila Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) telah mengemas kini kapcai popular itu bagi tahun 2023.

Menurut HLYM, Yamaha Y15ZR kini datang dengan pilihan warna; Yellow, Silver, Matte Green dan Orange.

Kesemua model baharu ini sudah mula dipasarkan di pengedar rasmi Yamaha seluruh negara bermula hari ini (7 Disember) dengan harga baharu, RM8,998. 

Seperti biasa, setiap pembelian produk Yamaha akan disertakan dengan Yamaha ‘safety disc lock’ bernilai RM100 secara percuma.

Bagaimanapun, kemas kini terbaru itu tidak melibatkan spesifikasi enjin yang kekal dikuasakan enjin satu silinder 150cc SOHC dengan penyejukan cecair yang menghasilkan 15.4hp dan 14.4Nm. 

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) introduced three new colours for the 2022 Yamaha Y16ZR. 

  • The Yamaha Y16ZR remains as the only moped in its class to feature assist/slipper clutch.
  • Due to current economic situation, the 2022 Y16ZR is priced slightly higher than the previous model. 

The Y16ZR now features in Glacier White, Phantom Neon & Flaming Silver and is already available at Yamaha’s authorized dealership across the nation with a new recommended price of RM11,118 a slight increased from the previous RM10,888.

Aside from the new visuals, the Yamaha Y16ZR continue to offer the same specifications including the same liquid-cooled 4-stroke, 4-valve, SOHC 155cc engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) capable of producing 17.7 hp@9,500 rpm and 14.4 Nm @ 8,000 rpm.

The Y16ZR is also the only motorcycle in its class that comes with an assist/slipper clutch which improves gear changing while reducing the probability of a clutch slip.

Although without Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), the Y16ZR packed with a 2-pot calliper at the front paired to a 245mm front disc.

HLYM also claimed the motorcycle can now achieve a range of 256km with a 5.4L fuel tank.

Other exciting features:

  • full LED lighting
  • negative-faced LCD digital panel
  • smart key function
  • 12V DC socket

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor has introduced four new exciting colours for the 2022 Yamaha NVX 155.

  • HLYM best selling scooter gets refresh visuals for 2022.
  • The NVX 155 makes 15hp and 13.9Nm. 

The ABS trim now available in Mystique Ruby and Platinum Navy while the base model gets Cyan and Matt Grey colour scheme.

According to HLYM press statement, all models with the new colourway are already available at every authorized dealership with a starting price of RM9,598 for the base model and RM11,498 for the ABS trim.

As usual, customers are entitled for a special Yamaha disc lock worth RM100 with every purchase of the Yamaha NVX 155.

Powering the Yamaha NVX 155 is a 155cc single-cylinder SOCH with VVA engine capable of producing 15hp @ 8,000rpm and 13.9Nm @ 6,500rpm. 

In conjuction with Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) achievement of producing five million motorcycles since 1979, the company celebrates the new milestone by introducing a special edition Yamaha 135LC Fi 5MRO Malaysian Edition.

  • HLYM rolls out 5 million motorcycles since 1979.
  • Limited edition Yamaha 135LC Fi 5MRO Malaysia Edition is priced at RM9,198. 

The limited run motorcycle features the Malaysian flag colourway while also fitted with special components including Yamaha Premium Basket similar to the one found on the 135LC Fi SE. 

According to HLYM, only 5,000 units of the limited edition motorcycle will be on sale beginning mid-October 2022. 

All units will come with a unique serial number from 5,000,001 to 5,005,000 and is priced at RM9,198 (excluding registration and insurance).

Meanwhile, Group Managing Director of Hong Leong Industries Berhad and Managing Director of HLYM, Dato Dr Jim Khor Mun Wei pointed out that this was HLYM’s fastest million-milestone ever achieved. 

That said, it is a strong indicator that the Yamaha is still the most preferred brand in the country. 

Meanwhile, every purchase of the new Yamaha 135LC Fi 5MRO Malaysia Edition is entitled to received Yamaha disc lock and a special commemorative 5MRO Bomber Jacket. 

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) has updated its quarter-litre sportsbike, the Yamaha YZF-R25 for 2022.

  • Yamaha R25 updated with two new colourway and features ABS, LED turn indicator as standard.
  • Features the same 249cc in-line two-cylinder engine that makes 35hp and 22.6Nm. 

Coming in new for the Malaysian market is two new colourway, Orange Lynx and Racing Blue.

However, the braking system received the most significant upgrade with the introduction of ABS. Also new for 2022 is LED turn signal lights replacing the halogen lights on the previous model.

As a result, the 2022 Yamaha R25 is now priced at RM22,998 – a slight increased than the 2021 model – and will be available nationwide starting today (22 September 2022).

Mechanically, the R25 continue to make 35hp @ 12,000rpm and 22.6Nm @ 10,000rpm from its 249cc in-line two-cylinder DOHC engine. 

In addition, buyers is entitled to received a Yamaha safety disc lock worth RM100 with every purchased of the R25. 

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) introduced a new colour for the 2022 Yamaha NMax 155 scooter.

  • Gets two new colourways; Matte Blue and Matte Green.
  • 2022 Yamaha NMax 155 is now priced at RM9,498.

The 2022 NMax now features two new colourways, Matte Blue and Matte Green and is priced at RM9,498 (excluding road tax, insurance and registration), a RM500 increase from the previous model.

Nonetheless, powering the 2022 NMax 155 is a 155cc single-cylinder SOHC VVA engine fed by EFI. Power output is claimed at 14.9hp @ 8,000rpm and 14.4Nm @ 6,600rpm with a CVT gearbox and final belt drive.

Also available on the 2022 model are an LED headlamp, LED taillight, digital LCD display, USB port and idle start-stop function.

Other notable features include:

  • 23.3L under seat storage
  • 7.1L fuel tank
  • telescopic front fork
  • twin shock absorbers

Braking is done with a single hydraulic disc brake at the front and rear mated to a 230mm disc.

The 2022 Yamaha NMax comes with a 2-year or 20,000km warranty. According to HLYM, the 2022 Yamaha NMax 155 is available at all authorised dealers.

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) has pulled the wraps off the new Yamaha YZF-R15M. 

  • two variants available, with the R15M features the most upgrades.
  • traction control and quickshifter fitted as standard. 

After the bike was caught testing on the streets in Malaysia, HLYM officially launched the R15M for a recommended retail price of RM14,998.

Inspired by the Japanese marquee YZF-R1M superbike, the R15M features the same paint job and gets its own “R15M” badge.

However, the biggest upgrade carried out on the new R15M is the electronic package that now features traction control as quick-shifter as standard, complementing the dual-channel ABS.

The R15M also gets new bodywork, including the tank and side panels, which mimic the R1 and R7 design language.

However, the R15M retains the same single-cylinder SOCH, VVA 155cc engine capable of producing 18hp @ 10,000rpm and 14.2Nm @ 7,500rpm. Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a final chain drive mated to a six-speed gearbox.

Other notable features include:

  • full digital LCD instrument display
  • Yamaha Y-Connect
  • two display modes – Street/Track
  • LED lights with DRLs

The 2022 Yamaha R15M is available in two colourway; Signature M and Monster Energy Yamaha livery.

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) baru sahaja memuat naik ‘teaser’ baharu di laman sosial rasmi beberapa hari lalu.

Meskipun ‘teaser’ berdurasi 23 saat itu tidak mendedahkan sebarang bayangan motosikal namun berdasarkan slogan ‘Yamaha MSeries’ di samping klip sepintas lalu menunjukkan senario di jalan raya dan litar maka berdasarkan klu tersebut hampir pasti merujuk kepada motosikal yang sesuai ditunggang dalam kedua-dua senario.

Nantikan Motosikal M-Series Terbaru! #YamahaMotorMalaysia #MSeries

Posted by Yamaha Motor Malaysia on Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Tidak dinafikan klu yang dikongsikan itu mungkin juga merujuk pada Yamaha YZF-R1M namun jika melihat kepada sejarah HLYM sebelum ini, model tersebut tidak dibawa masuk untuk pasaran tempatan.

Jadi bersandarkan faktor itu, maka adalah relevan bahawa ‘teaser’ tersebut merujuk kepada Yamaha YZF-R15M.

Apatah lagi model ‘sportsbike’ 155cc itu telah pun dipasarkan di India sekitar September 2021 dan seterusnya di negara jiran, Indonesia pada Disember tahun sama.

Berdasarkan model yang dilancarkan di India dan Indonesia, ciri menarik R15M tentunya memfokuskan fungsi ‘traction control’ serta ‘quickshifter’ yang akan melengkapi sistem ABS sedia ada.

Selain itu, R15M masih lagi dikuasakan enjin 155cc SOCH dengan VA yang menawarkan 18hp pada 10,000rpm dan 14.2Nm pada 7,500rpm.

After updating the MT-15 with three new colours for 2022, Hong Leong Yamaha Motor introduced two new colour options for the MT-09.

  • 2022 MT-09 now comes in two new exciting colours.
  • The price remains unchanged at RM54,998.

For 2022, the MT-09 now features Tech Black and Cyan Storm, replacing last year’s selection of Icon Blue and Storm Fluo.

However, no other changes are done to the Japanese naked bike, with the MT-09 continuing to get its power from the CP3 889cc engine that makes 117.3hp @ 10,000rpm and 93Nm @ 7,000rpm.

Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a six-speed transmission with a final chain drive.

Other features include:

  • 41mm adjustable upside-down fork
  • adjustable mono-shock
  • twin radial-mount callipers
  • 298mm front disc
  • 245mm rear disc
  • 14L fuel tank

The MT-09 was given a significant update last year, with the bike now getting a 3.5-inch full-colour TFT display and full LED lighting with an LED projector headlight.

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) has updated its 150cc naked motorcycle, the MT-15, for 2022.

  • the 2022 MT-15 now appears in three new colours; Icon Blue, Midnight Black and Cyan Storm.
  • 2022 Yamaha MT-15 is now priced at RM12,298.

The Yamaha MT-15 will be available nationwide at every authorized Yamaha dealership beginning on 13 June 2022 (today).

The smallest of the ‘Monster of Torque’ range now comes in Icon Blue, Midnight Black, and Cyan Storm colourway.

Nevertheless, the MT-15 continues to run with the same 155cc VVA liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that makes 19hp @ 10,000rpm and 14.7Nm @ 8,500rpm.

However, there is a slight increase in the recommended retail price, which now sits at RM12,298 than the previous RM11,988.

Malaysia named one of several markets where the Yamaha E01 electric scooter will be tested.


Honda RS-X Repsol edition with special MotoGP colourway option announced, but only 5,000 units planned, each retailing for RM9,948.



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