Combatting Counterfeits: HLYM Ensures Safety With Genuine Parts And QR Code Verification

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) is revolutionizing the motorcycle service experience with the introduction of Yamaha Quality Service Centers (YQS). 

  • These authorized service centers prioritize enhancing motorcycle performance and providing top-quality maintenance services.
  • Operating with a focus on three key areas – People, Parts, and Digitalization – YQS centers exclusively offer Yamaha Genuine Parts (YGP), ensuring the utmost care and optimum performance for motorcycles.

YQS centers offer Yamaha Genuine Parts (YGP) in three key areas: People, Parts, and Digitalization. 

These genuine parts ensure safety, reliability, and optimal performance. Counterfeit parts pose risks such as compromised quality, higher maintenance costs, and loss of warranty and insurance coverage. 


To combat counterfeits, QR codes are incorporated on Yamalube lubricants and spare parts for authenticity verification. 

YGP can be found at Yamaha authorized dealers, YQS centers, YGP stores, and stockists nationwide. 

Digitalization is prioritized through the GEN BLU Rewards app, rewarding customers with service coupons and points redeemable for exclusive merchandise and experiences.


Choosing YGP is vital for the safety and performance of Yamaha motorcycles. Yamaha Day Annual Celebration on July 1st, 2023, at YQS centers will feature special YGP combo sales and customer activities. 

The event aims to provide an enhanced customer experience and promote the importance of genuine parts.

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