Royal Enfield has officially unveiled the 2024 Himalayan 452, putting an end to months of speculation. 

The motorcycle, showcased on the brand’s Instagram page, exhibits a more muscular and curvier design compared to its predecessor. Notable features include an upside-down front fork and a prominent radiator, signaling its liquid-cooled engine.

The brand’s website prominently features the same image, accompanied by the caption “The Final Test” and an option to “Stay Updated.” Clicking this leads to a landing page with a countdown clock to November 7, 2023, marking the global launch date.

A teaser video on the site recounts the Himalayan’s journey since its inception in 2016, highlighting its success on and off-road worldwide.

Updating a beloved model like the Himalayan comes with its challenges, as it caters to a distinct rider demographic. Enthusiasts are eager to see how the 2024 Himalayan 452 lives up to its legacy.

In an exciting announcement, Royal Enfield has tantalised adventure enthusiasts with the release of the official teaser video for their upcoming marvel, the Himalayan 450 adventure tourer. 

  • the Himalayan 450 is set to debut on November 1, aligning with the festive season to capture the positive buying sentiments of consumers.
  • the new Himalayan 450 is fitted with an all-new 450cc single capable of pumping 40hp. 

The teaser video offers a sneak peek into the habitat of this all-terrain conqueror, designed not only for everyday riding but also for the most daring off-roading escapades. Key features showcased include a circular LED headlamp with a commanding windscreen, robust wire-spoked wheels, block pattern tires, and the signature front beak, all underpinned by a sleek fuel tank with braces.

Beyond its striking exterior, the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 introduces a powerful 450 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, churning out an estimated 40 bhp. The engine pairs seamlessly with a six-speed transmission boasting a slipper and assist clutch, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride.

Watch the official teaser below: 

Safety and technology converge in the new Himalayan, boasting front and rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS, an innovative fully digital instrument cluster featuring Tripper Navigation, and LED tail lamps and indicators for enhanced visibility.

With a focus on off-road prowess, the Himalayan 450 boasts longer travel suspension, including upside-down forks and a monoshock rear, ensuring a balanced and responsive ride on diverse terrains. Meanwhile, its tall seat height, elevated ground clearance, and broad handlebars beckon adventure-seekers to explore the uncharted.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is poised to rival the likes of the KTM 390 Adventure, BMW G310 GS, and the forthcoming Bajaj/Triumph Scrambler 400X, igniting a fierce competition in the adventure touring segment.

These days, Royal Enfield’s name appears almost every day on any two-wheel website.

  • Royal Enfield to introduce five new motorcycles featuring an all-new 450cc platform.
  • The Himalayan 450 could be the first to make public debut next year. 

That’s because the Chennai-based motorcycle company has been busy introducing a range of new bikes in the last couple of years.

However, Royal Enfield will soon grow its portfolio with five all-new 450cc motorcycles.

According to reports in India, the 450cc range is likely to include an adventure tourer alongside a more off-road capable machine, possibly called the Himalayan 450. Also in the pipeline are a 450 roadster, 450 scramblers and a 450 cafe racer.

Royal Enfield has been caught testing an adventure tourer over the last few months, with reports claiming that it could be the first among the five to make its global debut next year.

Meanwhile, the Himalayan 450 will feature a single-piece flat seat, higher ground clearance and a longer travel suspension to boost the bike’s off-road ability.

Secondly, the roadster is a street-biased motorcycle, thus offering a lower seat height, sportier riding ergonomics and sharper bodywork.

The 450 scramblers and 450 cafe racer are similar to the roadster, offering slightly differing packages, including wired-spoke wheels, lower set clip-on handlebars, shorter fenders and a front beak.

In addition, all five models will boast LED lighting, including modern instrumentation. 

After its global introduction in March 2022, local distributor Didi Group has officially launched the Royal Enfield Scram 411 for the Malaysian market. 

  • New Royal Enfield Scram 411 is a stripped-down Himalayan poised for the urban scrambler.
  • Features the same 411cc single SOCH engine as the off-road capable Himalayan 411.

Dubbed as an ‘urban scrambler’, it’s essentially the brand’s Himalayan adventure bike that’s been stripped down and given a proper modern retro styling twist.

Whilst the Scram 411’s base chassis remains unchanged from the Himalayan, it does employ identical 41mm front forks tweaked with slightly less travel – 190mm down from 200mm. The rear monoshock’s 180mm travel figure remains unchanged though.

That, along with the adoption of 21-inch (front) and 19-inch (rear) wheels ought to see the Royal Enfield Scram 411 boast slightly better on-road manners compared to the Himalayan ADV it underpins.

Also unchanged is the Himalayan’s powertrain package employed by the Royal Enfield Scram 411. You get the same air-cooled 411cc single with 24.3bhp @ 6,500rpm and 32NM @ 4,000RPM in this urban retro redux of said ADV machine.


Other major changes from the Himalayan obviously lay in the overall styling. The Scram 411 trade’s away the Himalayan’s fairing and high mudguard for a stripped down look with a small bit of bodywork to covering the instrument dial’s back.

There’s also a new single-piece seat that Royal Enfield says will offer enhanced comfort for long riding stints allowed by the sizeable 12.5-litre tank present, not forgetting the brand’s Tripper navigation unit brimmed as standard a feature too.

Like what you see in the new Royal Enfield Scram 411? Head to Royal Enfield latest showroom at Gasket Alley to check out the new bike priced at RM26,900 (base), RM27,100 (mid) and RM27,400 (premium). 


Royal Enfield once again caught testing the upcoming Himalayan 450 in India.

  • to feature a revised fuel tank, subframe and front beak.

  • powered by a new single-cylinder engine that makes 40hp and 40Nm. 

The Indian motorcycle company plans to unveil a host of new motorcycles, one of which is the Himalayan 450.

Carrying the same design language as the current Himalayan, reports in India suggest that the new motorcycle will received much needed upgrades in terms of technology and performance.

Design wise, the Himalayan 450 will maintain its retro-inspired design but with some minor tweaks at the front beak.

The tail section also looks sleek and attached to a new rear carrier.

Other minor upgrades include a new split saddle, redesigned subframe and fuel tank. Nevertheless, the riding ergonomics likely to remain the same.

Also, the Himalayan 450 will get a new trellis frame that helps to increase rigidity hence improving the stability especially during off-road.

Other notable updates include:

  • new upside-down front forks.
  • dual-rear shock absorbers.
  • wire-spoked wheels – 21″ front and 17″ rear.
  • LED turn inidcators
  • semi digital instrument display
  • dual-channel ABS

Mechanically, the Himalayan 450 makes 40hp and 40Nm thanks to a new 450cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. Power is then delivered to the rear wheel via a six-speed transmission with final chain drive.

(Source: GaadiWaadi)

Selaras dengan usaha mengukuhkan jenama di Malaysia di bawah pengendalian Didi Group, Royal Enfield kini membuka kedai perdana (flagship store) serba baharu di Gasket Alley.

Kedai eksklusif itu kini menjadi kedai perdana Royal Enfield di Malaysia.

Menurut Didi Group, kedai perdana itu bakal menawarkan akses lebih baik kepada peminat Royal Enfield yang turut merangkumi servis dan jualan.

Selain daripada pelancaran kedai perdana terbaru itu, Royal Enfield turut memperkenalkan Royal Enfield Classic 350 dan Meteor 350 serba baharu untuk pasaran tempatan.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 dan Meteor 350 dikuasakan enjin 349cc yang menjana 20.2hp pada 6,500rpm dan 27Nm pada 4,000rpm. Kuasa enjin kemudiannya disalurkan ke tayar belakang menerusi transmisi 5-kelajuan.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 dan Meteor 350 masing-masing ditawarkan pada harga RM23,500 dan RM24,300.

Sementara itu, Royal Enfield turut mengemas kini senarai harga bagi beberapa model lain:

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan – RM29,500
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 – RM29,500
  • Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 – RM33,100

A more off road-focused Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 ‘Rally’ is supposedly in the pipelines, rumoured to pack an improved powertrain, transmission and on board electronics.


New Royal Enfield Scram 411 is a stripped-down Himalayan poised for the urban scramble.


Royal Enfield telah pun memperkenalkan ahli baharu dalam keluarga Himalayan menerusi Scram 411.

Royal Enfield Scram 411 ini lahir daripada Himalayan 411 dan hasilnya, model ini juga dikuasakan enjin 411cc SOHC dengan penyejukan udara yang menghasilkan 24.3hp pada 6,500rpm dan 32Nm pada 6,500rpm.

Kuasa pula disalurkan kepada tayar belakang menerusi transmisi 5-kelajuan.

Sistem suspensi pula hadir menerusi fork depan teleskopik 41mm dengan jarak pergerakan 190mm sementara monoshock belakang pula tawar pergerakan 180mm.

Spesifikasi tersebut adalah sama seperti yang terdapat pada Himalayan 411 2022.

Meskipun Scram 411 menawarkan ciri motosikal urban namun komponen brek juga sama seperti Himalayan 411, dengan kaliper brek dua-piston di depan dipadankan bersama cakera brek 300mm dan kaliper satu piston belakang dengan cakera brek 240mm.

Kawalan brek juga diselia dengan bantuan ABS dwi-saluran.

Pada masa sama, Scram 411 ini juga masih lagi didatangkan dengan rim jenis ‘wire spoke’ sama seperti Himalayan 411 sekaligus model baharu ini masih lagi boleh ditunggang di permukaan lasak.

Sementara itu, penghadang angin tinggi pada Himalayan 411 tidak lagi kelihatan sebaliknya Scram 411 ini dapat pelindung lampu depan berbentuk bulat.

Road-biased Himalayan Scram 411 is set to be unveiled on March 15 2022 as announced by the Indian firm via its social media platform.

The Himalayan Scram 411 is a continuity of the capable Himalayan adventure motorcycle but with increased usability in an urban environment.


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 Despite the Scram 411 retaining a similar silhouette of the Himalayan, the motorcycle missed out on the tall windscreen, handguards, raised front fender and dedicated rear and front luggage racks.

Other fundamental changes include a 19-inch front wheel in place of the off-road friendly 21-inch on the Himalayan.

While the Scram 411 is closer to the ground at 200mm – 220mm on the Himalayan, it features spoke-wheels and a dual-purpose tyre.

Other significant features include cast metal headlamp cowl, offset speedometer, urban badge plate with Royal Enfield branding and single-piece saddle.

Nevertheless, the Scram 411 continue to run on the same 411cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that generates a humble 24.3hp @ 6,500rpm and 32Nm @ 4000-4,500rpm. Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a 5-speed constant mesh gearbox.

Other features include:

  • telescopic front forks
  • rear monoshock with linkage
  • 300mm front disc
  • 240mm rear disc
  • dual-channel ABS

Two Royal Enfield Himalayan managed to overcome harsh weather and terrain to successfully capture the South Pole.

Ridden by Santhosh Vijay Kumar and Dean Coxson, the two begin their journey onboard two modified Himalayan from Novolazarevskaya research stations in Antarctica.

The pair took nine days to cover a distance of 3,200 kilometres and faced bone-chilling temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to -25 degrees Celsius before arriving at the location.

Other than facing a wind speed of 60km/h, the pair had to change their course more than once but still managed to reach the South Pole on December 16 together with a support crew.

In order to make the ride possible, the Himalayan’s underwent some modifications. The bike was also ridden on a compacted snow track from Ross Ice Shelf to the South Pole in an effort to reduce drag and limit emission.

Currently, the two Himalayan are still in Antarctica.

Royal Enfield Himalayan sememangnya antara model paling popular di India dan beberapa negara lain ekoran didatangkan dengan harga mampu milik di samping sesuai digunakan untuk apa jua keadaan.

Bukan itu sahaja, enjin satu silinder 411cc yang menghasilkan 24.3hp itu cukup popular dikalangan penunggang baharu.

Bagaimanapun, baru-baru ini, media di India melaporkan Himalayan bakal disuntik dengan enjin parallel-twin 650cc yang diambil dari model The Twin, Interceptor dan Continental GT.

Menurut laporan BikeWale, projek pembangunan motosikal baharu ini telah pun bermula di kilang RE di Chennai.

Menariknya, projek ini sebelum ini tidak pernah dirancangkan namun langkah tersebut diambil setelah RE mengorak visi dan objektif baharu memasuki 2021.

Difahamkan, Himalayan 650 ini akan tampil dengan dua varian berlainan, model ADV dan sports-tourer. – BikeWale


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