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Pasukan penguatkuasa Unit Taktikal dan Serbuan di bawah Seksyen Siasatan dan Serbuan, Bahagian Penguat Kuasa Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri (KPDN) telah berjaya merampas lebih 4,000 unit produk tiruan yang menggunakan jenama GIVI dalam satu serbuan di sebuah premis di Puchong, Selangor. 

Hasil risikan dan pemantaun selama tiga bulan itu dengan kerjasama GIVI Malaysia menyaksikan premis tersebut didapati menjual produk tiruan GIVI. Antara yang disita adalah 4,046 unit baju hujan dan 202 pasang kasut hujan dengan kedua-duanya menggunakan cap pemerdagangan GIVI. 

Menurut GIVI Malaysia dalam satu kenyataan, premis tersebut menjadi tempat pembungkusan barangan yang dibeli pelanggan menerusi platform atas talian seperti Shopee, Lazada dan TikTok. 

Dalam pada itu, pasukan penguatkuasa juga telah menahan dua individu di premis terbabit termasuk menyita peralatan dan dokumen berkaitan bagi tujuan siasatan. 

Kes kini disiasat dibawah Akta Cap Dagangan 2019. 

GIVI Malaysia has launched its latest innovation, the 50.9 Atomic full-face helmet priced at a competitive price of RM735. 

  • the new 50.9 Atomic full-face helmet is packed with advanced features and superior safety measures.
  • the new helmet meets the latest ECE22.06 safety standards. 

The GIVI 50.9 Atomic boasts a range of impressive features that make it stand out in the market. One of its key attributes is the triple shell construction, which ensures maximum durability and protection for riders. The use of multiple shells allows for a more precise fit and enhances the overall safety of the helmet.

Additionally, a built-in sun visor enhances comfort and convenience, allowing riders to quickly adapt to changing light conditions.

To ensure optimal airflow and ventilation, the 50.9 Atomic features two upper frontal air vents and one for the chin guard. This ventilation system effectively regulates temperature inside the helmet, preventing discomfort caused by excessive heat or stuffiness during long rides. Furthermore, two rear extractors aid in the expulsion of hot air, maintaining a cool and refreshing environment for the rider.

Safety is a paramount concern for GIVI, and the 50.9 Atomic helmet upholds the highest standards in this regard. It comes equipped with a micrometric stainless steel strap, ensuring a secure and precise fit for every rider. The removable breathguard and wind deflector further enhance the helmet’s aerodynamics and overall performance.

Riders will appreciate the convenience of the removable and washable inner lining, allowing for easy maintenance and hygiene. The lightweight design, weighing just 1490g, reduces strain on the neck and enhances comfort during long rides. Additionally, the anti-scratch visor guarantees clear vision and protection from debris on the road.

GIVI ensures that the 50.9 Atomic helmet meets the latest ECE22.06 safety standard, providing riders with peace of mind knowing that their headgear complies with the strictest safety regulations. The helmet undergoes rigorous testing and inspection processes to ensure its effectiveness in protecting riders during accidents or collisions.

GIVI Malaysia dengan rasminya memperkenalkan model helmet ‘full-face’ terbaru menerusi GIVI 50.9 Atomic yang dijual pada harga RM735. 

Helmet serba baharu itu menampilkan reka bentuk moden dan sporty sesuai bagi sesuai jenis motosikal. 

Menurut GIVI Malaysia, helmet tersebut didatangkan dengan empat pilhan grafik termasuk; White Blue Red, Black Silver Red, Black Silver dan Titanium Sliver Blue. 

Kami juga telah ke Vietnam baru-baru ini bagi menyaksikan barisan model ini dengan lebih dekat dan ternyata model tersebut menawarkan rekaan yang serba baharu di samping dilengkapi dengan ciri keselamatan terkini. 

Untuk rekod, helmet 50.9 Atomic ini menampilkan penggunaan kerangka tiga lapisan yang kuat dan tahan lasak. Terdapat tiga corong udara yang memastikan aliran udara yang optimum di samping ‘padding’ dalam yang boleh ditanggal dan dibasuh. 

Antara ciri lain ditawarkan termasuk fungsi ‘sun visor’, ‘breathguard’ boleh tanggal dan juga Pinlock Max Vision tersedia. 

Helmet tersebut juga datang dengan berat sekitar 1,490gram. 

Menariknya, helmet ‘full-face’ ini mencapai standard ECE22.06 terbaru sekaligus menjaminkan keselamatan terbaik bagi si pemakai. 

Menurut GIVI Malaysia, helmet serba baharu ini akan tiba di seluruh pengedar rasmi sekitar hujung bulan Jun ini.

After a successful campaign in Selangor, the GIVI marshal safety riding course made its way to the heart of Melaka together with MotoWazi. Their first stop in the ‘Southern Tour’ gathered around 40 bikers who were excited to learn the ropes in handling motorcycle convoys in the proper manners with one goal in mind – safety. (more…)

GIVI Malaysia (GIVI Asia) has officially launched two new helmets, the M10.1 Acqua Demi Jet and M30.3 D-Visor Jet helmets. One is a very stylish classic lid while the other is a more modern take on an open-face jet helmet we all love to don, both at a very affordable price range. (more…)

GIVI Asia together with MotoWazi successfully conducted a marshal safety riding course yesterday at the Melawati Stadium, Shah Alam. Around 40 bikers joined in the festivities to learn the vital skills needed not only on how to ride motorcycles safely but also how to do so while managing a ride with other riders on the road. (more…)

GIVI Malaysia has unveiled its latest generation top case for the Malaysian market in the form of the GIVI B42N Antartica top case. The monolock top box features the latest design and features embedded with its iconic Italian brand DNA. (more…)

Ketika Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan memasuki hari ke-58, GIVI Malaysia menerusi inisiatif GivistaCares telah melaksanakan sumbangan kepada pihak yang terjejas dengan pandemik Covid-19.

Sumbangan tersebut memfokuskan terhadap keluarga susah, ibu tunggal dan anak yatim.

Sumbangan tersebut disalurkan menerusi kerjasama MOTOWAZI dan BudakAni yang menyumbangkan barangan harian antaranya beras, tepung, minyak masak, telur dan biskut kepada 17 keluarga tidak bernasib baik sekitar Bukit Canggang, Selangor.

Inisiatif GivistarCare juga diharap dapat meningkatkan kesedaran dikalangan orang ramai untuk sentiasa bersyukur dengan apa yang ada di samping menyuntik semangat membantu mereka yang memerlukan.

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  • The epic GIVI Malaysian Adventure 2019 convoy reached Kuala Terengganu on Monday (22nd July), and the participants crossed over to Pulau Redang on Day Four the next day (23rd July).

  • We crossed over to Pulau Redang and then back the mainland.

  • From there, we rode to Kuantan.

Day Four (23rd July 2019)

The epic GIVI Malaysian Adventure 2019 convoy reached Kuala Terengganu on Monday (22nd July), and the participants crossed over to Pulau Redang on Day Four the next day (23rdJuly).

It was a short 46-km ride to boat jetty at Merang. The hardworking GIVI support crew loaded our luggage into their vans and brought them there, while we rode in all our Hevik riding gear and GIVI motorcycle equipment. Our luggage was then offloaded from the vans and moved into one boat.

We changed into our “beach gear” i.e. shorts, slippers/sneakers and t-shirts near the jetty. All our riding gear such as our GIVI helmets, and jackets, riding pants, gloves, plus boots went into the GIVI cases. It reminded us on how indispensable the GIVI cases and luggage are for bikers. You don’t have to drag your riding gear around when you get off your bike!

So, the group got into four boats and it was a race to Pulau Redang!

Thankfully, the sea was calm and our boat (which also included racer Jeremias Israel who kept goading the boat driver to give “full gas”) glided above the blue sea to arrive first, although we departed last! Woohoo!

The Taaras Beach & Resort transit vans were already waiting at the jetty. The resort was just 5 minutes away.

We were welcomed by every staff member who saw us, regardless that we were locals or foreigners. Kudos!

The foreign riders in the group didn’t take long to hit the beach and pool after lunch. A scuba diving foray was organized quickly and they went diving at one of Redang’s world-renowned coral reefs.

Another thing we liked very much about hotel is that it has a Turtle Lab, whose work is harvesting and hatching turtle babies. It’s a fully-equipped laboratory with high-tech equipment.

The sand on the beach was white and almost feels like powdered milk between the toes. It was blazing hot when we arrived so there weren’t many people. But it was a hive of activities later in the afternoon. Guests played beach volleyball, kids dived into the pool, couples sat facing the sea enjoying each other’s company, and many took to swimming in the sea.

Dinner was held right on the powdery white sands of the beach to a cooling sea breeze. We spent hours chatting the night away, not giving a thought about tomorrow’s trip.

Day Five (24th July 2019)

We checked out late(r) the next day at 9am. Judging by the look on everyone’s face, no one wants to leave that beach and resort. Well, it’s just a teaser and we’re sure some will return.

Back at the jetty, we got back into our riding gear (still there in the cases) for the ride to Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan.

The ride was pretty straightforward but may it’s because many were still suffering from “Redang withdrawal.” We followed the coast to our destination but most of the seaside was hidden away by homes and hotels.

But lunch was definitely a memorable affair. We stopped at the Tanjung Jara Resort. The whole complex seemed to be converted from an old bungalow, hence providing a rustic Malaysian atmosphere. They served local foods, too, instead of the usual western fare.

The keropok lekor was the freshest and tastiest we Malaysians have consumed, the other dishes deserve five-star rating and desserts include a longan and sea coconut tongsui (sweet soup).

Back on our bikes, we rode past multiple bridges with awesome views of the rivers below. We also saw the massive PETRONAS Gas Processing Plant at Kerteh.

We reached Kuantan safely and checked-in at the Hyatt Regency Hotel for the night. The ride will continue to Melaka the next day (25th July).


GIVI Asia memperkenalkan barisan produk baharu sempena majlis sambutan Ulangtahun ke-25 GIVI yang berlangsung di Hotel Ion Delemen, Genting Highlands, semalam.

Sebelum itu, GIVI turut menganjurkan konvoi bersama media yang bermula daripada ibu pejabat GIVI di Bukit Beruntung dengan majlis pelancaran di Genting Highlands menjadi destinasi.

Seperti sedia maklum, GIVI cukup sinonim dengan peminat jentera dua roda terutamanya di kalangan pemilik motosikal ‘kapcai’ jadi tidak hairanlah pengeluar aksesori motosikal itu menghasilkan lebih 75,000 produk setiap tahun.

Bagi tahun 2019, GIVI sekali lagi memperkenalkan beberapa produk baharu!

1) Monolock B32N-Advance Bold Topcase

2) Monolock B270N Topcase

3) Monokey E23N Side Case

4) G12N Fixed System Center Case

5) Rider Tech

6) Helmet  M30.1 Cielo

Sementara itu, Pengurus Operasi Antarabangsa Kumpulan GIVI, Joseph A. Peruca, menjelaskan bagaimana GIVI antara pengeluar produk yang bangga dalam mengekalkan imej mereka selaku peneraju dalam melahirkan aksesori yang mengutamakan keselelamatan.

“Kami sering diajukan dengan soalan sama ada kami akan mencipta reka bentuk helmet atau rekaan grafik yang lebih garang? Hakikatnya, kami bangga dengan fokus utama kami, iaitu mencipta helmet atau produk yang selesa dan selamat. Itu adalah imej kami,”katanya.

Dalam perkembangan lain, Pengarah Urusan Givi Asia, On Hai Swee turut menjelaskan bahawa GIVI sedang dalam perancangan untuk membuka lebih banyak cawangan di seluruh negara dengan harapan dapat memudahkan pemilik motosikal untuk datang dan melihat produk keluaran mereka dengan lebih dekat.




  • GIVI Asia celebrates their 25thAnniversary today and launches the 2019 line-up of products.

  • The launch was presented to the media and dealers from around Asia.

  • The company launch 15 new products today and there will be more to come.

GIVI Asia celebrates their 25th Anniversary today and launches the 2019 line-up of products. The launch was held at the Grand Ion D’elemen Hotel in Genting Highlands.

The company also organized a convoy for the Malaysian motorcycle media to kick off the proceedings. The ride began at GIVI Asia’s headquarters and factory in Bukit Beruntung. Foreign dignitaries and dealers were given a tour of the factory, before heading up to Genting Highlands.

2019 Range of Products

GIVI has always strived hard to provide the best solutions for all riders in every conceivable situation. As such, they boast some 75,000 products of all types. The launch of the 2019 range adds to this massive collection.

Showcased at the launch were hard cases, soft bags, waist bag, waterproof garments and helmets.

Hard cases
  • Monolock B32N-Advance Bold Top Case. An “upgrade” of the popular B32 Bold, it features a pair of stainless steel rods on top of the lid, an elastic net strung between the rods and a backrest. The 32-litre case and its features caters to riders who tour, but do not want a larger case.

Monolock B32N-Advance Bold

  • Monolock B270N Top Case. A compact but aerodynamic 27-litre case for riders who want something compact yet stylish. GIVI fitted it to a number of motojournalists’ motorcycles to gain more insight to their use. The lid also has a carbon fibre-like panel to impart a sporty look.

  • E23 Monokey Side Case. These new side cases offer 23-litres of storage capacity each, but small enough to be mounted beside scooters, kapchaisand lightweight adventure bikes. The lid has handles on both ends, enabling more items to be tied down on top of the lid. They also feature prismatic reflective strips for extra visibility, hence safety.

  • G12 Fixed System Centre Case. The G12 centre case replaces the ubiquitous “basket” of kapchais/scooters. It has a 12-litre load capacity hence the rider can store items such as his wallet, phone, etc. It’s secured with a lock and waterproof.

Rider Tech Range

The Rider Tech range consists of soft backpacks, waist bags and saddle bags.

  • RBP03 Rider Tech Camo Backpack, 15-liters.

  • RWB05 Rider Tech Camo Waist Bag, 3-litres.
  • RSB01 Rider Tech Saddle Bag, 15-litres.

Waterproof garments

GIVI is also synonymous with high quality waterproof garments. New products are:

  • PRS04.AX Prime rainsuit.
  • CAM01.AH Camouflage rain suit.
  • CRT01.AX Comfort rain trouser.
HPS M30.1 Cielo Helmet

GIVI adds more colour options to the HPS (Head Protection System) M30.1 Cielo helmet range.

  • Mod Ice White.
  • Mod Black
  • Slide Titanium.

On hand to brief the assembled media were Mr. On Hai Swee – Managing Direcor of GIVI Asia and Mr. Joseph A. Perucca – Overseas Operational Manager of GIVI Groups.

L-R: Mr. On Hai Swee, Mr. Joseph A. Perucca, Mr. Sam Sharman

A question was brought up if GIVI Asia will open new GIVI Point concept stores in Malaysia. Mr. On answered that the company is currently looking to expand to other states in both West and East Malaysia. He also stated that there are GIVI Specialized dealers currently in place and they serve specific motorcycle types.

On another question regarding GIVI’s sponsorship and involvement in Rimba Raid, Mr. Perucca said that he was surprised at the turnout in the 2018 event. As such, the company will continue their involvement for 2019 and hopefully beyond.

Ms. Anita Yusof, GIVI Asia’s Brand Ambassador was also present at the event to promote her new book, Global Dream Ride (Siri 2).

While the media event ended in the afternoon, Asian dealers descended on the hotel for the official launch in the late evening and through the night.


  • GIVI Malaysia telah melancarkan laman blog dan Komuniti GIVISTA.
  • Blog ini akan menampilkan pelbagai produk, aktiviti gaya hidup, dan juga trivia.
  • Komuniti GIVISTA akan memberikan sorotan kepada aktiviti para pengguna GIVI.



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