Stating this July, only helmets with ECE 22.06 certification will garner approval in the EU as it moves towards improving rider safety.


Brand new Honda Hornet (CB750 S) middleweight teased, European debut rumoured to take place very soon.


Kesatuan Eropah (EU) telah mengambil langkah baharu dengan melarang motosikal berharga melebihi €5,000 (RM23,232) daripada dieksport ke Rusia, berikutan perang antara Rusia dan Ukraine yang kini sedang berlaku.

Jurnal Rasmi Kesatuan Eropah telah dikemas kini pada 15 Mac untuk menyasarkan Rusia merentasi beberapa aspek, termasuk tenaga, produk besi dan keluli serta barangan mewah, yang terakhir termasuk motosikal.

“Kenderaan, kecuali ambulans, untuk pengangkutan orang di bumi, udara atau laut dengan nilai melebihi EUR 50,000 setiap satu, teleferik, lif kerusi, garis seret ski, mekanisme daya tarikan untuk funikular, motosikal dengan nilai melebihi EUR 5,000 setiap satu, sebagai serta aksesori dan alat ganti mereka.”

“Ia kemudiannya menyenaraikan subsistem peralatan yang berkaitan dengan kenderaan tersebut, serta kenderaan itu sendiri. Entri untuk motosikal menyatakan definisi rasmi sebagai “Motosikal (termasuk moped) dan kitaran yang dipasang dengan motor tambahan, dengan atau tanpa kereta sisi; kereta sampingan.”

Walaupun sebelum larangan ini diumumkan, beberapa syarikat telah bertindak menjauhkan diri dari Rusia seperti Harley-Davidson, Polaris, Ducati, BMW dan Honda yang menghentikan eksport ke negara itu, manakala Honda dan Yamaha telah menderma €1 juta dan €750,000 untuk membantu dalam bantuan kemanusiaan.

Bawah definisi EU, motosikal dianggap sebagai ‘barangan mewah’ dalam senarai yang termasuk kaviar, kuda, truffle, wain dan barangan elektronik.

EU lawmakers have proposed a 56 per cent trade tariff to be imposed on imported Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the United States.

Taking effect on June 1, the ruling is seen as a second major blow to Harley-Davidson as the EU already placed a 25 per cent total tariff in 2018 on motorcycles imported into Europe from the USA.

Previously, Harley managed to escape the higher levies place in 2018 by shifting some of its motorcycle production to Thailand.

This allowed the Milwaukee-based company to imports its motorcycle into Europe via Belgium at a lower 6 per cent tariff.

However, the European Commission said that the “loophole” would not work this time around.

According to Daniel Ferrie, the EU has requested Belgium to revoke the decision as Harley-Davidson production in Thailand fell foul of “Binding Origin Information” rules.

“This (Belgian) decision was examined by the European Commission, and it proved that the decision was incorrect. We have therefore requested Belgium to revoke this incorrect decision.

“The reason why it was proven to be incorrect was that there was a change in location of production of the motorbikes in question,” he said.


The 56 per cent tariff move couldn’t come at a worse time as Harley-Davidson is scheduled to introduce the all-new Pan America in the UK next month.

  • Harley-Davidson has announced its plans to move its production to their plants outside of the US.

  • Due to the trade wars between the US and EU, the import tariff for US-made bikes has been raised by 25%.

  • The President of the United States, Donald Trump, had a few remarks to say about H-D on his Twitter page.

The latest trade wars between the US and the European Union (EU) has resulted in some nasty remarks between a few key parties in the motorcycling industry as well as the President of the United States, Donald Trump. (more…)

  • The EU will levy heavy tariffs against U.S.-made products.

  • The victims include Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles.

  • The tariffs are a retaliation against the U.S. adding tariffs on imported steel by 25%.

In the latest trade wars with the U.S., the European Union (EU) has just retaliated against American President Donald Trump’s decision to levy new import taxes on steel and aluminium from Europe. A hefty 25% tariff will be put in place for the American-made bikes, including a whole list of other American-made products.

The EU had threatened reprisals against the U.S., who adopted the new tariffs earlier this month by adding a 25% tariff on imported steel and 10% on imported aluminium.

The European nations unanimously supported the plan last week. The European Commission is due to meet later today. They have so far listed 10 pages full of American products. As for motorcycles, the tariff is worded as:

  • Motorcycles and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with or without sidecar. With reciprocating internal combustion piston engine of a cylinder capacity exceeding 500cc but not exceeding 800cc.
  • Motorcycles and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with or without sidecar. With reciprocating internal combustion engine of a cylinder capacity exceeding 800cc.

Which means any bike from the US that’s bigger than 500cc will be subject to the new tax.

This does not bode well especially for Harley-Davidson who are being hit hard by low sales in America and has been depending on international sales. Indian Motorcycles, on the other hand, had been performing well on all counts but this ruling will no doubt hit them hard, also.

But it isn’t only bad news from Europe, as India had also slammed US motorcycles above 800cc with a 50% duty, as a retaliation against the U.S. who had also levied a 25% tariff on Indian steel

The U.S. tariffs are part of President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign which seeks to protect the country’s industries.

Yes, you can say it in Trump’s voice: “This YUGE!”

Rumours indicate that the Honda Light Weight Super Sports concept could enter production as the ‘Honda CBR250RR’. (more…)

Autobahn sign

For the two-wheeling community in Europe, its one up for bikes and all bikers as the infamous German Autobahn highway networks moves towards becoming a tolled highway for all vehicles….. except for bikes of course. (more…)

Sources have verified that Yamaha have trademarked the ‘R1M’ in the ‘R1S’ nameplates in the US, as well as the ‘YZF-R1M’ globally, hinting the possibility of new, higher-spec versions of its R1 supersports. (more…)


According to Italian bikes site, rumour has it that the Fiat Group are looking to acquire the MV Agusta bikes brand. (more…)


After Yamaha and Kawasaki’s patent files surfaced online the past few weeks, it is now Honda’s turn and this time, it depicts the brand’s possible upcoming naked single-cylinder model. (more…)


Now here is another news sourced from patent-filing, this time its our favourite green-liveried brand Kawasaki. (more…)


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