EICMA 2017


  • Motosikal BMW F 750 GS dan F 850 GS 2018 terbaru telah diperkenalkan pada minggu ini di EICMA 2017 di Milan, Itali.
  • Motosikal-motosikal kembara kelas pertengahan terbaru BMW Motorrad ini menawarkan “kebolehan pengembaraan dan perjalanan jarak jauh dengan kedinamikan yang ‘sporty‘ dan prestasi ‘off-road‘ yang lebih hebat.”
  • Kedua-dua motosikal ini dilengkapi dengan enjin selari dua silinder 853cc terbaru BMW, yang menghasilkan 77hp dan 83Nm untuk F 750 GS, dan 95hp dan 92Nm untuk F 850 GS.



  • BMW Motorrad baru sahaja memperkenalkan skuter terbaru mereka di EICMA 2017, iaitu BMW C 400 X 2018.
  • Dijana oleh enjin satu silinder 350cc, skuter C 400 X terbaru ini menghasilkan 34hp pada 7,500rpm 35Nm tork maksima.
  • Skuter C 400 X ini dilengkapi dengan pencahayaan LED keseluruhan beserta Lampu Nyalaan Siang (DRL), skrin TFT 6.5 inci berwarna sepenuhnya, dan pelbagai lagi ciri premium.


The latest 2018 BMW F 750 GS and F 850 GS have been unveiled this week at EICMA 2017 in Milan, Italy.

BMW Motorrad’s latest middleweight adventure bikes offer both “touring and long distance capability with sporty dynamics and supreme off-road performance.”

Both bikes are fitted with BMW’s latest 853cc, two-cylinder in-line engine which produces 77hp and 83Nm for the F 750 GS and 95hp and 92Nm for the F 850 GS.

The latest offering by BMW Motorrad for their middleweight adventure bike segment comes in not one but two entirely new models. We were fortunate enough to witness the launch for the new 2018 BMW F 750 GS and F 850 GS, the ultimate middle-class adventure bikes. (more…)

BMW Motorrad has unveiled their latest scooter offering during EICMA 2017 which is the 2018 BMW C 400 X.

Powered by a single-cylinder 350cc engine, the new C 400 X produces a punchy 34hp at 7,500rpm and 35Nm of maximum torque at 6,000rpm.

The C 400 X comes with all-round LED lighting plus Daytime-Running Lights (DRL), full-colour 6.5-inch TFT screen and other premium features.

The last time BMW Motorrad released a scooter was way back in 2011 with their powerful BMW C 600 range with a huge dose of premium-ness in the world of maxi scooters. This week at EICMA 2017 in Milan, the German manufacturer took it up a notch with the introduction of the new 2018 BMW C 400 X – a premium mid-sized scooter. (more…)


  • KYMCO telah melancarkan maxi skuter XCITING S 400 di EICMA 2017.
  • Maxi skuter KYMCO XCITING S 400 ini didatangkan dengan kuasa terhebat dalam kategorinya.
  • Ia juga akan dilengkapi dengan Lampu Nyalaan Siang (Daytime Running Lights – DRL) yang pertama diiktiraf ECE untuk skuter.



  • Motosikal Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R SE 2018 telah diperkenalkan semalam di Pertunjukan EICMA yang sedang berlangsung di Milan, Itali.
  • Pengemaskinian yang terbesar pada motosikal SE ini adalah suspensi elektrik separa aktif Showa dengan pengesan gerakan bersepadu.
  • Roda aluminium tempa dan quickshifter dwi-arah yang diambil daripada motosikal ZX-10RR juga telah dilengkapkan pada motosikal ini.


  • The Ducati Panigale V4 made its long-awaited appearance at EICMA 2017.

  • Every aspect of the bike points towards form-follows function.

  • The Ducati Panigale V4 is the Italian maker’s weapon to reclaim the World Superbike Championship crown they once dominated.

Ducati’s V-Twins have finally been outgunned in the World Superbike Championship for a few years now, evidenced by the drought of a championship title since Carlos Checa’s domination and victory in 2011. Chaz Davies came agonizingly close in the past two years but there’s no hiding from the fact that Ducati’s V-Twins have reached the end of their competitively development.

So here it is, the new Ducati Panigale V4, which will spearhead Ducati’s assault on the championship to reclaim what has been traditionally theirs.

  • Styling remains along the lines of the Panigale 1299, except for many changes. Yet, it’s actually more compact than the V-Twin. The front is sharp, neat and features larger intakes underneath the aggressive headlamps.

  • The chassis is an evolved from the V-Twin’s cast aluminium monocoque structures, called “front frame.” It is now leaner and lighter, with more built in torsional and flexional rigidity to handle the power of the new Desmosedici V4 engine.

  • Rake is 24.5 degrees, with just 99 mm of trail for ultra-quick steering. Ducati claimed a kerb weight of just 195 kg. The Panigale V4 wears Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP shoes, 120/70-17 in front and a fat 200/60-17 at the back.

  • The standard Panigale V4 uses 43mm Showa forks and Sachs shock, both fully adjustable for preload, rebound and compression.

  • The Panigale V4 S, on the other hand, uses Öhlins suspension front and rear, forged aluminium wheels, lightweight lithium-ion battery.

  • The seat is trimmed in luxurious Alcantara leather, both fenders are carbon fiber.

  • The V4 weighs just 2.3 kg more than the 1299. The V4 produces 216 bhp, but Ducati offers an Akrapovic titanium racing exhaust which boosts the power to an eye-watering 226 bhp.

  • The engine is the definition of a big bore motor, at 81 mm, with a stroke of 53.55 mm. Lubrication is carried out by four oil pumps, two of them for crankcase scavenging.

  • Fuel-air charge is inducted via variable-length oval throttle bodies, corresponding to 52mm round units. Valves go up to 34mm intake and 27.5mm exhaust and compression ratio is 14:1.

  • The TFT instrumentation is also the latest technology, including the Ducati Data Analyzer and Ducati Multimedia System.

  • In terms of rider aids, the Ducati Panigale V-4 employs the latest in electronic warfare, and some named EVO: Cornering ABS EVO, Ducati Traction Control EVO, Ducati Slide Control, Ducati Wheelie Control EVO, Ducati Power Launch, Ducati Quick Shift EVO, Engine Brake Control EVO, Duacti Electronic Suspension EVO.




  • Kawasaki baru sahaja melancarkan jentera dicas lampau ketiga mereka dalam bentuk motosikal mesra kembara, Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX 2018.
  • Dua buah model yang berbeza boleh didapati; Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX 2018 dan Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE 2018.
  • Beberapa buah ciri menarik yang terdapat pada motosikal-motosikal ini adalah lampu menyelekoh, kawalan cengkaman, kawalan mulaan, kawalan bersiar elektronik, Kawasaki Cornering Management Function (KCMF) dan quickshifter dwi-arah.


  • KYMCO launched the new XICITING S 400 at EICMA 2017.

  • The KYMCO XCITING S 400 features the best power in its class.

  • It will also have the first ECE-approved LED Daytime Running Lights for scooters.

Milan, Italy, 7th November 2017 – KYMCO has a good presence in Malaysia with their maxi scooters, but they also make motorcycles and ATVs. KYMCO has just added a new member to their family at EICMA 2017, called the XCITING S 400.

The KYMCO XCITING S 400 is the successor to the successful XCITING 400, which is renowned for its agile handling and the best horsepower in its class, apart from its smooth and quiet power delivery. The XCITING S 400 is designed in KYMCO’s “Win My Heart” spirit to surpass all that. KYMCO claims that it meets the stringent demands of riders seeking the best “sport touring scooter.”

The design of the new XCITING S 400 is built upon the “Powerful Simplicity” philosophy, combining the riding comfort and high-speed stability, perfect for the city commute and weekend excursions.

The new bike features the industry’s first ECE-approved Daytime Running Light for scooters to provide maximum visibility to other motorists, besides highlighting its identity.

The smoothly powerful engine produces 35.5 bhp (26.5 kW) and 37.7 Nm of torque. It guarantees responsive acceleration in urban traffic and high speed sprints.

Having a powerful engine also requires features to harness the power. KYMCO redesigned the hanger axle for a more rigid mounting point for the engine to the frame. The double bridge front suspension also increases rigiditiy. All these features add up to a maneuverable yet stable motorcycle.

There’s further proof of KYMCO’s desire to make the XCITING S 400 more accommodating.

The front seat tapers for easy feet placement during stops. The rear seat has a backrest to support the passenger. Instead of opening the entire seat to access the storage compartment underneath, the XCITING S 400 features a unique two-seat opening design. The windscreen is adjustable to accommodate different physiques and riding conditions. The handlebar is V-shaped to allow better line of view to the instrument cluster while riding.

KYMCO is also looking forward to adding the newly developed Noodoe Navigation feature upon the release of the XCITING S 400 next year. What distinguishes Noodoe Navigation from the rest is that it’s the world’s first rider-centric navigation system. Noodoe Navigation will be formally launced at the Tokyo Motorcycle show in March 2018.


The 2018 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R SE was introduced yesterday during the EICMA Show currently happening in Milan, Italy.

The biggest update to the SE is the semi-active Showa electric suspension with integrated stroke sensors.

Forged aluminium wheels and bi-directional quickshifter taken from the ZX-10RR are also included.

As if the supercharged 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SE wasn’t enough to excite the crowd at EICMA 2017 show in Milan, Team Green is upping their superbike game with the introduction of the 2018 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R SE. (more…)

Kawasaki has just launched their third ever supercharged machine in the form of the touring-friendly 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX.

Two different models are available; 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX and Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE.

Some highlighted features are cornering lights, traction control, launch control, electronic cruise control, Kawasaki Cornering Management Function (KCMF) and bi-directional quickshifter.

After two years since the introduction of the manic supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2, Team Green decided that this ultimate track day machine has the potential to become the ultimate touring machine. That’s exactly what they did with the introduction of the new 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX. (more…)



  • Tirai di sebalik motosikal KTM 790 Duke 2018 telah disingkap pada hari ini sewaktu pertunjukan EICMA 2017 di Milan, Itali.
  • Dengan nama gelaran “The Scalpel”, enjin engkol 270-darjah dengan 799cc selari berkembar itu menjana sejumlah 105hp dan 85.4Nm tork maksima.
  • Ciri-ciri hebat yang lain termasuk kawalan cengkaman sensitif condong, ABS menyelekoh, kawalan mulaan, ‘auto-blipper‘, quickshifter (untuk pertukaran ke gear lebih tinggi mahu pun gear yang lebih rendah, klac ‘slipper‘, dan bermacam-macam lagi.



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