LS2 has added a new sport-touring helmet called the Advant X Carbon to its collection. LS2’s products cater to riders worldwide with their vast helmet selection.

  • The brand offers low-cost alternatives, providing reasonably priced helmets with features often seen in premium versions, making safety accessible to all.
  • The Advant X Carbon is a premium-featured modular helmet with a flip chin bar that can move 180 degrees, making it ideal for both urban and open-road riding. 

The carbon fiber shell of the Advant X Carbon ensures light-weight build that decreases fatigue during extended rides, weighing approximately 1,550 grams, depending on size, with variance of about 50 grams. The helmet has received ECE R22.06 approval, which represents the most recent safety standard reassuring riders of its effectiveness.

The helmet has excellent external ventilation with two small air vents on the upper half of the helmet that allow fresh air to circulate effectively. A large air inlet is located on the chin bar, improving ventilation and providing a cool and pleasant ride.

The visor of the helmet is UV-protected, safeguarding the rider’s eyes from harmful sun rays, and comes with a scratch-resistant coating ensuring good visibility and durability, making it a reliable choice in different weather conditions. The visor is also compatible with a Pinlock film to provide anti-fog protection.

The Advant X Carbon incorporates a multi-density EPS liner that provides superior impact absorption. LS2 has designed the padding with laser-cut precision, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit for the rider. The padding is lined with a hypoallergenic treatment and is removable and washable to enhance hygiene and comfort over extended periods of use for the rider.

The newest touring helmet from LS2 comes with a steel micrometric quick-release clasp that ensures a secure and easy closure system. The chin guard features a strengthened strap that enables simple up and down adjustment. Additionally, the helmet has an emergency removal mechanism to ensure that in the event of an accident or emergency, medical personnel can remove the helmet quickly and propitiously.

The Advant X Carbon is a premium helmet that offers riders comfort, sophistication and safety. It further enhances LS2’s reputation as a reliable helmet manufacturer that offers quality, accessibility and unprecedented customer service.

Shark has unveiled its latest offering in the form of the updated Race-R Pro GP helmet, which now meets the latest ECE 22.06 homologation.

  • This release reinforces Shark’s commitment to providing superior safety standards for racing enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  • the updated helmet now branded as Race-R Pro GP 06.

According to Mr. François Berni, Shark Helmets’ export manager, the Race-R Pro GP underwent only minor modifications to meet the stringent ECE 22.06 certification. With this approval, the helmet aligns with other models in the brand’s lineup, such as the popular Shark Spartan RS Carbon Skin.

Branded as the Race-R Pro GP 06, this newest iteration stands as the safest helmet in Shark’s arsenal. It boasts an array of advanced materials and features, making it the top-of-the-line choice for riders. 


The helmet’s Carbon Aramid (COVA) shell is both lightweight and robust, while its multi-density EPS liner provides excellent impact absorption. Additionally, the optical class 1 visor incorporates anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments, ensuring optimal visibility. 

Notably, the Race-R Pro GP 06 introduces a 22-percent opacity visor—a light tint visor that professional riders have long requested.

The light-tint visor, designated by the part number TE22, has also received approval for road use, but only during daylight hours. This feature enhances the helmet’s versatility, catering to riders who desire enhanced visual comfort under various lighting conditions.

In terms of additional attributes, the Race-R Pro GP 06 features an aerodynamic-wind-tunnel-tested spoiler and a breakaway design that ensures the helmet’s integrity in the event of a crash. 

The interior liner, carried over from the previous version, offers a second-skin-like fit, thanks to high-tech fabric and 3D Morpho grips. These elements combine to provide exceptional stability at high speeds, complementing the helmet’s aerodynamic properties.

One notable change in the Race-R Pro GP 06 design is the prominent placement of the Shark fin logo, which now resides independently on the forehead of solid-color models. The graphics versions, however, will continue to display the logo and signature in their customary locations.

Shark will offer the Race-R Pro GP 06 in two shell sizes, with the division occurring at the medium size range. Four graphic options will be available: the Replica Zarco Winter Test with chrome, the Replica Zarco Chakra, the Black Matte, and the Red Glossy. 

Shark Helmets, the renowned French manufacturer of protective gear for motorcyclists, has recently unveiled its latest offering, the Ridill 2.0 helmet.

  • The Ridill 2.0 boast an array of cutting-edge safety features at an entry-level price point.
  • The new generation meets the latest ECE22.06 certification. 

The Ridill 2.0 full-face helmet showcases a host of external safety enhancements, such as an injected Lexan polycarbonate shell that provides superior protection. With the advantage of two shell sizes, the helmet ensures a better fit for a wider range of head sizes. Its multi-density EPS liner further enhances impact absorption and dissipation capabilities, raising the bar for safety standards.

In terms of optical features, the Ridill 2.0 does not disappoint. It comes equipped with an optical class 1 anti-scratch screen, offering excellent clarity and durability.


To combat fogging in diverse weather conditions, the helmet incorporates the Pinlock 70 anti-fog film, ensuring clear visibility. Additionally, the helmet features an anti-scratch and anti-fog sunscreen that protects against harmful UV rays while maintaining a clear view.

Adjustability and ventilation are made easy with the screen lock and air net position, allowing riders to find their ideal comfort level effortlessly. The tool-free screen disassembly feature facilitates quick and hassle-free maintenance.

Comfort and practicality have not been compromised in the design of the Shark Ridill 2.0. The interior lining is not only removable but also washable, ensuring easy maintenance and hygiene.

The helmet incorporates chin and front air inlets, along with rear extractors, for optimal ventilation and airflow. Specifically designed grooves accommodate glasses, catering to riders with visual aids. The chinstrap is equipped with a micrometric buckle, and the helmet includes a nose guard and anti-swirl flap, reducing wind noise for a more enjoyable riding experience.

More importantly, the Ridill 2.0 meets the latest ECE R22.06 certification. In addition, the new model tips the scale at just 1,470g for size M and is compatible with the Sharktooth intercom system. 

The Shark Ridill 2.0 full-face helmet comes in various colour options, including black, matte black, white, and a selection of graphic versions. With sizes ranging from XS to XXL, it caters to a wide range of head sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for all riders.

GIVI Malaysia has officially introduced the all-new GIVI MS35.0 Scudo helmet for the Malaysian market.

  • The new Scudo helmet is GIVI’s latest jet helmet for Malaysian and meets the latest ECE22.06 standard.
  • Features new design, eight new colours and sun visors with anti-scratch main visor. 

The GIVI MS35.0 Scudo is the first jet helmet in Malaysia to meet the latest ECE22.06 homologation safety standard. 

That said, the new ECE22.06 standard pushes for more test approval including penetration, high and low-speed linear impacts and oblique impacts. 

As a result, the MS35.0 Scudo helmet offers the best safety and level of protection for riders.

Interestingly, the new GIVI MS35.0 Scudo helmets are built to cater to Asian head size, which is typically rounder than those in Western countries.

Also, the new jet helmet comes in two shell sizes, small (S, M, L) and large (XL, XXL) to ensure that it meets every types of Asian fitting including Malaysian riders.

Other notable features includes the Micrometric Quick Release Buckle that allow riders to secure the helmet effortlessly and double visor function with anti-scratch visors. Also, the Scudo features two air vents that helps to released heat from inside the shell. 

According to GIVI Malaysia, the all-new MS35.0 Scudo comes in eight exciting visuals; Solid Ice White, Solid Grey, Graphic Draco Black Red, Graphic Draco YelloW Blue, Graphic Kraken Neon Yellow, Graphic Torch Black Blue, Graphoc Ventura Grey Yellow and Graphic Ventura White Blue.

The new Scudo will be available from authorized GIVI dealership from September 2022 with a recommended selling price of RM365 (non-graphic) and RM410 (with graphics).  

Sebagai langkah drastik dalam memastikan tahap keselamatan penunggang motosikal di jalan raya, Kesatuan Eropah hanya akan membenarkan penggunaan helmet dengan piawaian ECE22.06.

ECE22.06 merupakan standard terbaru diperkenalkan bermula Januari tahun ini di mana semua pengeluar helmet yang menjual produk mereka di benua itu perlu mematuhi syarat yang lebih ketat berbanding ECE22.05 sebelum ini.

Ujian ECE220.6 lebih lasak dan ketat berbanding ujian ECE22.05 di mana terdapat lebih banyak ujian baru dijalankan  termasuk ujian putaran (rotational test).

Sudut impak juga kini lebih menyeluruh dan babitkan kawasan yang lebih luas berbanding sebelum ini.

Menurut laporan media antarabangsa, penguatkuasaan standard ECE22.06 bakal menyaksikan pengeluar helmet menghasilkan cangkerang yang lebih tebal terutamanya yang dihasilkan dengan bahan ‘polycarbonate’ (plastik).

Walaupun bahan seperti gentian kaca (fiberglass) dan gentian karbon (carbon fiber) dapat mengekalkan tahap ketebalan sama namun lapisan dalam polisterin pastinya akan diolah semula.

Selain itu, standard terbaru itu juga bakal memberi kesan kepada harga sebuah helmet yang berkualiti sekaligus bakal menyaksikan helmet ECE22.06 lebih mahal berbanding ECE22.05.

Bagaimanapun, penggunaan helmet ECE22.05 masih dibenarkan dengan penguatkuasaan terbaru ini hanya babitkan aspek pengeluar yang wajib menghasilkan helmet dengan piawaian terbaru itu.


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