In an exciting update from Can-Am, the automotive community has been treated to fresh details regarding the release of the highly anticipated Origin model.

  • Following a tantalizing sneak peek last year, Can-Am, under the umbrella of parent company Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), has shed light on the timeline for the launch of their innovative electric dual sport motorcycle.
  • BRP’s latest announcement outlines their intention to unveil the complete specifications of the Origin during the summer of 2024.

This marks a significant milestone as enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the opportunity to delve into the specifics of this unique offering. Furthermore, prospective buyers will be delighted to know that orders for the Origin will officially commence at the same time, allowing them to secure their spot among the early adopters.

Equally intriguing is the revelation that the Origin, alongside the on-road-focused Pulse model, is slated to make its debut on the open roads before the conclusion of 2024. This is a promising prospect for those who have been yearning to experience these cutting-edge machines firsthand.

Can-Am has also provided insights into the progress of the Origin’s development. Their dedicated product development team has been hard at work, rigorously testing the electric powerhouse in a myriad of real-world scenarios. As a result of this meticulous approach, initial feedback from Can-Am’s test riders has been nothing short of exhilarating. The Origin is reported to deliver a potent, seamless, and thoroughly captivating riding experience.

For individuals seeking more information about Can-Am’s lineup of motorcycles and other offerings within the BRP portfolio, a visit to the official Can-Am website is highly recommended

An updated Benelli TRK 502X surfaces in China, sporting a few changes including a new aluminium swingarm.


MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd continues new model onslaught by debuting new QJMotor SRT800 dual-sport model priced from RM39,888.


Honda NX500 nameplate patented in Europe, could signal return of ‘Dominator’ dual-sport last seen in 2003.


GasGas brand introduces new ES 700 dual sport and SM 700 supermoto, marking its first foray into on-road bikes.


Sources indicate that a larger and peppier Yamaha Ténéré 900 is already in advanced development stages.


MForce Bike Holdings expands portfolio with new Moto Morini X-Cape 650 duo priced from RM39,999 and RM43,499.


Patents filed in China reveals details of upcoming Benelli TRK 702, with all signs pointing to a possible launch later this year.


The new Suzuki V-Strom SX is an interesting quarter-litre ‘baby’ dual-sport ADV machine, but it’s an India-only bike.



  • Rimba Raid Adventure Weekend adalah satu acara terbaru untuk komuniti penggemar motosikal dwi-sukan ASEAN.
  • Ianya akan diadakan bermula 10 hingga 12 Februari 2018 di Kampung Chemperoh di Janda Baik, Pahang.
  • Sudah ada lebih daripada 100 peserta yang telah mengesahkan diri akan menghadiri acara ini.


  • The Rimba Raid Adventure Weekend is the latest event for the ASEAN dual-purpose motorcycle community.

  • It will be held this year from 10th to 11th February 2018 at Kampung Chemperoh in Janda Baik, Pahang.

  • There are already more than 100 confirmed participants.

From Rimba Raid Official Press Release

The Rimba Raid Adventure Weekend is the newest event for the ASEAN dual purpose motorcycle community and is expected to be one of the most exciting motorcycle events for both riders and spectators this close to Kuala Lumpur.

The team behind Rimba Raid – Mat Daling are pleased to announce their newest venture into the world of competitive off-road adventure motorcycling: the Rimba Raid Adventure Weekend – Janda Baik. Positioned just 45 minutes from the heart of Kuala Lumpur and a stone’s throw from the cooling elevation of Genting Highlands, Janda Baik is the ideal location to play host to over 100 registered participants from as far away as Singapore and Sarawak.

With a focus on enjoyable participation over aggressive competition, the Rimba Raid Adventure Weekend promises to cater for riders of all skill levels and ambition. Day 1 will test the riders bike handling skills on a series of shorter challenges designed to simulate real world scenarios encountered on the trail, including river crossings, conquering natural obstacles and evading potentially dangerous situations. All of these obstacles will be easily accessible for viewing by the general public.

Day 2 will be more of a private affair for the riders as they tackle the elements and terrain along an 11km off-road course designed to test both man and machine. Although access will be limited to spectators for safety reasons, competitors will be toughing it out through mud bogs, up rutted hills and across fast flowing rivers. Official event photographs will be made available after the event.

Picture from

Non-competitive riders have been given the chance to participate with over 90 camp sites currently being filled by the competitors and fans of the sport. Rimba Raid Managing Director, Dato’ Capt. Nik Huzlan said of the event, “What we want to achieve through the Rimba Raid event is exposure to all bikers of this style of riding and it’s great to see the skill level of off-road riding in Malaysia coming along in leaps and bounds as a result.” He added that ,“While the competition side of the event is great fun, it’s the participation of newcomers that really makes the event worthwhile.”

About Rimba Raid

Rimba Raid started off as a group of friends organizing off-road rides into out-of-the-way places in 2014. The Janda Baik Adventure weekend joins their annual Mat Daling ride/camp event as a way of promoting sustainable usage of Malaysia’s rainforest treasures and to develop a supportive community of like-minded dual sport enthusiasts in the region.

For more information about the Rimba Raid Adventure Weekend – Janda Baik, please visit the Rimba Raid Facebook page or contact Dato’ Capt. Nik Huzlan at 019 231 0005. See Addendum 1 for the event schedule.

  • Pengeluar motosikal, Sym, sedang cuba untuk melibatkan diri mereka dalam kancah motosikal berkapasiti kecil dengan pengenalan motosikal Sym Trazer 200 2018.
  • Dilengkapi dengan enjin satu silinder 183cc, motosikal Trazer 200 ini dikatakan mampu menghasilkan 18hp dan 16Nm tork.
  • Ciri-ciri lain yang ada padanya termasuk roda berjejari beserta tayar ‘off-road’, suspensi dengan ruang gerakan yang panjang, ABS boleh pilih, dan pelbagai lagi ciri-ciri yang lain.



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