New Honda superbike rumoured for debut in 2017 and could carry new ‘RVF’ nameplate instead of ‘CBR’. (more…)

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Popular motoring media Auto Express answered the age old question on which is faster, bike or car? But they did it with a twist, by pitting the latest Honda Civic Type R against the fire breathing Honda CBR1000RR.

Both are piloted by experienced racers, but since the bike has a gigantic power to weight ratio, the car is given a 10 second lead. So who wins? (more…)

Japanese magazine claims Honda planning to match Kawasaki and Yamaha with parallel-twin CBR250R.


Over the weekend 179 owners of various versions of the Honda CBR gathered together at the Alrawsha Arabian restaurant near the KG Pandan round-about for their second annual mega gathering.


Some members came from as far as Johor Bharu and even the northern states. This beat their first Mega gathering last year with 136 bikes in MAEPS Serdang.


The group started about two years ago with three CBR owners, Hairullah ibrahim (poklah), Shaiful Amri Ramlee (Amri), and Muryadi Mokhtar who wanted to unite and share their love of the CBR variant.


Currently the group have about 280 members which connects mainly through Whatsapp and Facebook. And apart from the Mega gathering, its just like any other biker group with the usual TTS, rides and charity program.


In the near future, they also planning to organise trackdays and some long distance ride like across the border.


“We love to make our pool of friends bigger so interested CBR owners can join us by going over to the CBR-RR FB group,” said founder Poklah.


Honda replies teases in the industry with their own version of teasing, revealing two prototypes at the EICMA 2014 show.



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