The new Ducati Superleggera was recently previewed here in Malaysia and according to sources, up to 3 Malaysians have forked out the princely price associated with it. It is officially the most advanced Ducati ever built and is hailed as an ‘engineers dream’. The Ducati MotoGP team worked exclusively on the Superleggera during their downtime from racing.

This is everything you need to know about the new Ducati Superleggera: (more…)

Popular biking website MCN got the scoop on the first product form Lotus Motorcycles, a subsidiary of Lotus Cars which now belongs to DRB Hicom via Proton.

These are computer generated renderings and come directly from the Lotus factory. There are no photos of running models but running prototypes are said to be already out testing. (more…)

We are back at it again and in association with ‘Progressive Track Day’ (PTD), Bikes Republic is proud to announce that we will be bringing you the first Superbike time trial for 2014. (more…)


Belgian bikes brand Saroléa Motorcycles announced recently that it would be competing in the upcoming 2014 Isle of Man TT Zero race. (more…)

Whilst Christmas may be a time for many to indulge in various wonderful festive activities, one biker has instead opted to perform perhaps the ultimate debauchery of all. (more…)

Split spoof

Perhaps one of the biggest viral video sensations for the motoring world in 2013 besides Russian dash-cams has to be Jean-Claude Van Damme and Volvo Trucks’s epic ‘split’. What ensued after were a series of parodies, including ones involving scooters you see posted here. (more…)

Local firm Buzzword Sdn Bhd will be organising the first ever large cc motorcycle convoy ride in Sri Lanka, open exclusively to Malaysian bikers and owners of bikes above 500cc.



The annual Kuala Lumpur Bike Week returned for its 2013 edition last weekend. Once again, bikes enthusiasts gathered in the heart of the city for two days in celebration of all things two-wheeled. (more…)

There has been a lot of hyperbole surrounding the launch of this, the fourth iteration of the Super Duke; from KTM themselves (see ‘The Beast’) and, from the journalists who have ridden it, with one even giving it an 11/10 rating! That amount of hype cannot help but generate interest, anticipation and for us keen motorcyclists – expectation. (more…)

Malaysian KTM bikes importer and distributor Motonation Sdn Bhd last weekend marked the arrival of its latest offering, the highly anticipated KTM 1290 Super Duke R naked. This marks the bike’s first ever launch in an Asian market. (more…)

Once again, its that time of year again where Malaysian bikers of all types gather together in the heart of Kuala Lumpur in celebration of our passion for bikes. That’s right, KL Bike Week returns for its 2013 edition this weekend and here are the details. (more…)

As far as leaning multi-wheelers (LMWs) go, we thought that the Yamaha Tesseract could not possibly be beaten – until rivals Kawasaki brought out its J Concept that is. (more…)


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