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We’ve featured the review of the Modenas Pulsar NS200 and Pulsar RS200 recently (click here to read the story), and came away impressed with both bikes.

However, aside from the official tests, we at Bikes Republic would voice our opinions to one another about certain bikes we’ve tested.

All of us love the Pulsar RS200 for its contemporary racy looks and presence, but truth is, our hearts are torn between both bikes. This writer however, fancied the naked Pulsar NS200 (stands for Naked Sports).

Sure, it looks Plain Jane next to the RS200, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t ooze its own appeal. On its own, the Pulsar NS200’s looks does hold its ground, especially when we looked at the riding shots.

Firstly, the rider figures more prominently on the naked bike. Strange as that sounds, but personally, a bike ought to emphasize that the rider and bike both make up as one entity when riding. You couldn’t have one or the other. Naked bikes, standards, streetfighters and classics have always appealed to me because of that.

Mid-life crisis? I don’t think so, as I’ve always loved the unadulterated looks of bikes that expose their mechanical parts since I was a kid.

Secondly, I personally figured that performing maintenance on the Pulsar NS200 is easier. I could get to the sparkplugs, oil filter, oil sump, front final drive sprocket, etc. so much easier because I don’t have to get around the bodywork of the Pulsar RS200.

Thirdly, and this is really my personal opinion, I’ve found out through time that motorcycles that don’t appeal to me on the basis of love at first look tend to have me liking them for a much longer period of time. The Pulsar RS200 truly looks great, make no mistake, however, the Pulsar NS200 has kept my attention longer, for some reason. It’s more like liking someone’s personality over looks.

Fourthly, there’s less cosmetic damage to concern about when you own a naked bike. That applies to either a crash or the accumulated abuse by careless mechanics when they removed and reinstalled the fairing. Not one fully-faired bike of mine has lasted its lifetime without missing fairing fasteners, causing them to flare open or even dropped a panel.

Fifthly, the naked Pulsar NS200 lends itself better to customization. It’s already a naked bike, so you don’t have to feel the pinch about having to store the fairings somewhere. A set of clip-on handlebars with bar-end mirrors, racing rearsets would make the bike look the proper streetfighter. Or go beyond conventions by stripping everything down and turning it into a bobber or a scrambler or a classic.

Sixthly, the Pulsar NS200 has a slimmer cross-section, which means it’s much easier to scythe through KL’s crazy traffic.

But, but, but! What about wind protection? Ah, that’s an easy fix. Just install a windscreen and you’re done!

So there you go, my own opinion on why I prefer the naked Modenas Pulsar NS200.

Oh and have you heard? Modenas is giving away free motorcycles for the Bakat Besi design contest. Stand a chance to win that and other amazing prizes, more information here.

The Modenas Pulsar NS200 has been quite popular in Malaysia despite some people saying Modenas should be able to build its own bikes. Well, that’s a different story altogether but for what it is, the NS200 is a good bike for those looking for a cheap step up to bigger capacity motorcycles.

There are many reviews on the internet already, and we have also tested both the bikes with the review already in our draft board waiting to be published. Well, we were going to publish it today, but then we got hold of this video of someone taking the NS200 on a top speed run.

Well, the Modenas NS200 barely manages 151km/h, but some of our friends have seen 156km/h but it was on a downhill, so it doesn’t count. But that is not too shabby considering the price of the bike, we are just curious as to how stable the bike was at that speed. Watch for our review, meanwhile, enjoy the video!

Why is the Modenas Pulsar NS200 such a big deal? Click here to find out!

  • Modenas telah menampilkan dua lagi gambar’ teaser’ di laman Facebook rasmi mereka mengenai motosikal lumba terbaru mereka yang telah dirancang untuk pelancaran pada 19 Mei 2017.
  • Kedua-dua ‘teaser’ ini tampak seperti motosikal Bajaj Pulsar RS200 dan varian ‘naked’ NS200 dengan motto “Power to Race” dan “Power to Play”


Modenas has released two more photo teasers on their official Facebook page of their upcoming sports bikes which are planned to launch on 19 May 2017.

The two teasers looked like the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and the naked variant NS200 with taglines “Power to Race” and “Power to Play”.

Modenas has released yet another set of teasers on their [button color=”” size=”” type=”3d” target=”blank” link=””]Facebook page[/button] of their new upcoming sports bikes which are planned to be launched on 19 May 2017. The enticing photos of what look to be like the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and Bajaj NS200 are getting closer and closer to reality. (more…)


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