he excitement is building among Maverick Viñales’ fans as the highly anticipated RX-7X Maverick GP5 helmet from Arai is set to hit the market in early September 2023. 

  • This race-ready lid, adorned with the Spanish Aprilia Racing Team rider’s name and graphics.
  • Arai has a long-standing history of producing top-quality racing helmets, and the RX-7X has garnered immense popularity both on and off the track. With Snell and JIS ratings, the RX-7X has earned the trust of riders worldwide for its exceptional safety standards.

Additionally, certain models, like the RX-7V Evo, have received FIM homologation and ECE 22.06 approval, further solidifying Arai’s commitment to providing helmets that meet the highest safety standards.

Priced at JPY72,600 (RM2.3k), this graphic-rich helmet features a design approved and used by Maverick Viñales himself during his races, with the exception of a larger spoiler at the back.

The helmet boasts a sophisticated ventilation system with three massive vents on the top, brow vents, a chin vent, and multiple extractors at the rear, ensuring optimal airflow and rider comfort. The aerofin design reduces rear turbulence, enhancing aerodynamics for an improved racing experience.



Inside the RX-7X, riders will find Arai’s Eco Pure interior, which not only keeps the helmet fresh but also inhibits bacterial growth. The helmet is also equipped with intercom compatibility, catering to the communication needs of professional riders.

Maverick Viñales enthusiasts and motorcycle racing aficionados alike are eagerly awaiting the helmet’s release, eager to get their hands on this iconic piece of safety gear. 

Pengeluar helmet terkemuka, Arai, telah melancarkan helmet Arai VZ-RAM Snow Dome untuk pasaran global. 

Helmet jenis ‘open-face’ itu merupakan pilihan ideal bagi mereka yang mahukan sesuatu yang tampak menonjol namun masih lagi mengekalkan ciri keselamatan yang optimum. 

Ciri paling menonjol yang ada pada VZ-RAM Snow Dome ini sudah tentu tertumpu kepada bahagian grafik yang memaparkan rekaan seolah salji yang terperangkap pada bahagian luar helmet. Corak ‘snowflake’ juga membuatkan helmet tersebut tampak lebih unik. 

Menurut Arai, model VZ-RAM Snow Dome ini tampil dengan tiga grafik berbeza; merah jambu, biru dan hitam dan helmet ini sesuai untuk lelaki dan wanita. 

Selain itu, VZ-RAM Snow Dome ini masih lagi menawarkan ciri sama seperti model lain termasuk sistem ‘diffuser’ terbaru yang juga terdapat pada RX-7X di samping penggunaan kerang jenis gentian kaca.

Dalam pada itu, helmet tersebut juga mencapai standard SNELL dan JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) di Jepun dan dijual pada harga JPY64,900 (RM2.1k). 

Buat masa ini tiada maklumat bilakah model ini akan didapati di Malaysia. 

In honour of the Manx Grand Prix’s centennial anniversary, renowned helmet manufacturer Arai has collaborated with The Visor Shop and the Manx Grand Prix to create a limited-edition masterpiece. 

The Arai RX-7V Evo, specially designed for this occasion, is set to be released on July 20.

The Manx Grand Prix, an iconic event in the road racing calendar, has captivated motorsport enthusiasts since its inception in 1923. While it may stand in the shadow of its counterpart, the Isle of Man TT Races, the Manx Grand Prix continues to hold its own as a thrilling spectacle.

For over a decade, Arai has been designing special edition helmets for the Isle of Man TT, and this endeavor for the Manx Grand Prix follows suit. 

The helmet’s design features the famous Snaefell Course outline, paying homage to the race’s iconic route. It also incorporates references to prominent landmarks and timing points, as well as the Triskelion, symbolizing the Three Legs of Man.

On June 1, the special edition helmet was officially unveiled at the Arai Village during the Isle of Man TT. Priced at GBP829.99 (RM4.7k), this exclusive piece will be cherished by motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

With its limited production run, the Arai RX-7V Evo commemorates the historic milestone of the Manx Grand Prix, an event that has continually pushed the boundaries of road racing. Mark your calendars for the release on July 20, 2023, and secure your piece of racing history.

While most motorcycle helmet manufacturers adopt drop-down, internal sun visors, especially for sport-touring helmets, Arai is the only maker to steer clear of such feature thus far.

The decision is to ensure that the brand’s helmet continues to feature top-notch protection for riders.

That said, those who want to ride on a sunny day opted for a darker tint visor. However, the dark tint visor is a disaster when riding at night. 

To overcome this, Arai has a new solution capable of adapting to different lighting conditions while maintaining the brand’s protective standards.

Developed in partnership with Pinlock, the new ProtecTINT photochromic lens offers optimal vision during the day and adjusts the tint according to the lighting situation. 

However, at night the ProtectTINT remains in a clear state. Therefore riders can wear their Arai’s worry-free. 

In addition, the ProtecTINT are compatible with Arai’s older models, including Corsair V, Defiant, Defiant Pro-Cruise, RX-Q, Signet-Q, Signet-Q Pro-Cruise, and Vector 2. 

Meanwhile, the VAS-Z and CT-F ProtecTINTs cater to the brand’s open-face helmets, while the VAS-V version covers Corsair-X, Signet-X, Quantum-X, Contour-X, and Regent-X owners.

 The Pinlock ProtecTINT is priced at EUR59.95 (RM276). 

The RX-7X Hayden Reset is the latest helmet that pays homage to the MotoGP legend introduced by Arai for the new year.

  • Arai pays homage to the late Nicky Hayden with the latest RX-7X Hayden Reset.
  • The helmet features Hayden’s iconic number 69. 

The helmet bears Hayden’s permanently-retired number 69 on full display that also features a red, white and black livery.

Please note that while the number 69 is a reference to Hayden’s career in MotoGP, it was also a number he inherited from his father. After multiple wins in his 13 years in the world championship, Hayden was inducted into the hall of fame with his number permanently retired.

Similar to every Arai’s top-of-the-range helmet, the RX-7X Hayden Reset is a track-ready helmet that meets the latest FIM Homologation and ECE22.06. 

Arai crafted the helmet from their PB-SNC2 fibreglass material, which is shaped to Arai’s standard. 

The Arai RX-7X Hayden Reset also has a Pinlock fog-proof visor as standard. That said, the Arai RX-7X Hayden Reset comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from XS to XL and is priced at JPY66,000 (RM2.1k). 

The recently concluded Motorcycle Live event witness a host of motorcycle manufacturers unveiling their new and upcoming motorcycle.

  • Arai celebrates the Isle of Man TT with a special edition RX-7V EVO helmet.
  • The IOMTT special helmet has been a hit since its introduction in 2007. 

However, helmet maker like Arai also took the opportunity to revealed its latest product, the Isle of Man TT Special Edition RX-7V Evo helmet.

Arai teamed up with Dudi Performance to design the new limited edition RX-7V Evo to celebrate the 2023 Isle of Man TT event. 

If you’re a fan of Arai then you would know that since it first edition in 2007, every special edition TT helmets is a must have for riders around the world. 

Using the RX-7V as base, the Isle of Man TT special meets the latest ECE22.06 safety standard and offering the best sports and track riding features.

In terms of colours, the TT special RX-7V EVO comes in black, red and white colour combination along with some fluorescent yellow. Also features on the helmet is the Ellan Vannin text and TT logo. 

“We so look forward to the TT! It was great to get back to the Isle of Man again finally this year and it’s an event that means so much, to us at Arai.

“We are very glad to reveal the 2023 IoM TT Limited Edition RX-7V Evo at Motorcycle Live, a highlight of our year. Drudi Performance has produced another beautiful design on our top of the range RX-7V Evo which combines the signature TT elements with fresh, flowing lines,” said Ingmar Stroeven, Arai Helmet (Europe) B.V Managing DIrector. 

According to Arai, the 2023 IOM TT RX-7V EVO is expected to arrive in Q2 of 2023. 

New Sena ACS10 Bluetooth comms released, and they’re tailored specifically for three Arai lids – Quantic, RX-7V, and RX-7V Evo.


Arai RX-7X Takumi is the latest addition to the Japanese brand’s proven signature race helmet line up.


Japanese helmet manufacturer Arai has launched its top-of-the-range-the-range-range RX-7V Evo helmet.

Handcrafted in Japan and still abiding by its R75 philosophy (maintains a 75mm continuous curve radius shell shape), the 2022 RX-7V now offers better ventilation and safety standards than the previous generation, which is already a pinnacle of Arai’s knowledge and technology until today.

Firstly, the 2022 RX-7V now meets ECE 22.06 standards, whereby the helmet underwent a more stringent test process that includes more points of impact and an oblique test to measure the rotation of the helmet.

According to Arai, the 2022 RX-7V now offers better ventilation and improved cheek pads for better ergonomics and comfort.

The Japanese firm, now run by three generations of passionate motorcyclists, has claimed that the helmet has been optimized to divert and dissipate energy during impact and, in return, helps to reduce the impact the rider will endure during accidents.

Precisely for this reason, Arai produces the most rounded, smooth and resistant outer shells that improve the helmet’s ability to divert energy upon impact.

Like its predecessor, the 2022 RX-7V is equipped with a Variable Axis System (VAS), Formula 1 derived locking system, removable interiors made of antibacterial and hypoallergenic material and double ring closure.

The 2022 Arai RX-7V is available for EUR949 (RM4.5k).

If you are a collector of anything Suzuki, then perhaps this news is for you.

The Hamamatsu factory is set to release an extremely limited-edition 100th Anniversary helmet soon.

Based on the Arai RX-7 and limited to just 100 units worldwide, a total of 30 units will be sold exclusively via lottery in Japan.

For those who are wishing to apply for the Japanese lottery, there is an application on Suzuki Japan’s website however there are certain qualifications you need to meet before applying.

Apart from you MUST live in Japan, anyone who wants to apply needs to have a credit card that Suzuki accepts and only one application per person is accepted.

The lottery application period will range between January 11 2022 and January 25 2022, with the chosen application will be announced on January 31 2022.

However, Suzuki fans located outside of Japan need to contact local dealers for further information.

The limited edition helmet is priced at JPY143,000 (RM5,314).

Pengeluar helmet Jepun, Arai, telah pun melancarkan helmet Corsair-X dengan grafik khas ‘Nicky Reset’ sempena hari lahir mendiang Nicky Hayden.

Mendiang Hayden telah pun mencapai usia 40 tahun pada 30 Julai lalu sekiranya beliau masih ada hari ini.

Namun, bagi memastikan legasi “Kentucky Kid” kekal dalam ingatan, Arai melancarkan helmet Corsair-X dengan rekaan dan grafik istimewa yang dipakai Hayden ketika sesi ujian MotoGP di Valencia pada 2013.

Grafik ‘Nicky Reset’ itu merupakan penghormatan terhadap perpindahan Hayden dari Ducati ke Aspar Racing Team bagi musim 2014.

Menurut Arai, tema ‘Nicky Reset’ itu merupakan simbol Hayden menetapkan semula kariernya bersama pasukan baharu.

Hayden meninggal dunia pada 2017 selepas terbabit kemalangan sewaktu sedang menjalani latihan berbasikal di Itali.

Awal tahun ini, Economic Comission for Europe (ECE) mengumumkan naik taraf standard pensijilan helmet dari ECE22.05 kepada 22.06 yang lebih ketat.

Antara ujian baharu yang dikenakan adalah mengenakan impak dan tekanan terhadap sudut baharu berbanding serta menjalankan ujian terhadap ciri spesifik antaranya sun visor dan pad boleh tinggal di dalam helmet.

Pengeluar helmet telah pun dibenarkan mendapat pengesahan ECE22.06 bermula Jun lalu dan mempunyai masa sehingga 2023 untuk mematuhi standard baharu tersebut.

Bagaimanapun, Arai menjadi pengilang pertama yang mematuhi standard baharu tersebut menerusi Quantic yang merupakan helmet jenis sport touring.

Menurut Arai, Quantic merupakan helmet segmen pertengahan yang direka khas bagi menjaminkan keselesaan sewaktu tunggangan jarak jauh.

Bahagian tempurung luar (outer shell) mengguna pakai bahan jenis ‘Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction’ atau PB e-cLc, bahan sama yang digunakan pada model Arai lain antaranya Concept-X.

Helmet ini menawarkan enam corong udara dengan dua daripadanya bersepadu dengan lencana Arai di bahagian depan.

Arai Quantic menawarkan visor VAS Max Vision dengan Pinlock tersedia dan menerapkan penggunaan sistem satu selak (latch) yang diinspirasikan daripada helmet Formula 1 bagi membenarkan pembukaan dibuat dengan satu jari sahaja.


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