Honda is reportedly working on an electric motorcycle with a power output equivalent to a 500cc to 750cc petrol-powered bike, according to Shinji Aoyama, the head of Honda’s global electrification program.

This would be a step up from the smaller electric scooters and 125cc-equivalent bikes currently on the market. Aoyama stated that Honda is hoping to release this electric motorcycle by 2025.

This news is in line with Honda’s previous announcement that they are working on electric motorcycle development specifically for racing. 

Aoyama also revealed that Honda is researching the development of solid-state batteries for future EVs, a technology also being studied by other automakers such as BMW and Ford.

While some motorcycle manufacturers, like KTM, have been dismissive of the idea of larger, high-powered electric motorcycles, Honda’s willingness to invest in this technology is an interesting development. 

It remains to be seen how the motorcycle market will react to the release of Honda’s electric motorcycle, but it’s clear that the industry is beginning to shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly options.

(source: Young-Machine)

Triumph-Bajaj’s upcoming motorcycle was caught doing rounds for the first time back in February 2022.

  • The upcoming motorcycle could feature between 250cc to 500cc powertrain.
  • features Bonneville inspired components including tanks, headlamp and dash. 

At the time, some spy shots were shared online, and we could see that the upcoming Baby Triumph would not be based on the Trident 660 or any of the Hinckley’s naked range; instead, the test mule looked similar to the firm’s Bonneville lineup, albeit a smaller one.

However, in the latest exclusive images shared by MCN, we can now take a closer look at Triumph-Bajaj’s first fruit of marriage.

These spy shots of Triumph’s ‘baby Bonneville’ look similar to the test mule seen earlier this year.

According to MCN, these photos were captured not far from Triumph’s Hinckley headquarters, hinting that it is in a later stage of testing and could be launched soon.

Triumph is tight-lipped on the bike’s engine capacity, but numerous reports suggest the affordable ‘baby Bonneville’ could range between 250cc to 500cc.

Based on the finishing, the new motorcycle indeed inherent Triumph styling cue and quality, with Bajaj lending a helping hand in developing the engine. As a result, while it could be Triumph’s most affordable motorcycle in its stable, they are not going to be as ‘cheap’ as you might think.

Moreover, you can easily capture various components inspired by the bigger Bonneville, including the tank, chrome filler cap, blacked-out engine cases, tubular frame, and round headlamp.

Meanwhile, we expect Triumph to roll out the new range in 2023.

(source: MCN)

An updated Benelli TRK 502X surfaces in China, sporting a few changes including a new aluminium swingarm.


New Keeway MBP M502N naked bike is the QJ-owned brand’s first entry into the EU, and it’s targeted towards newbies.


Patent of the upcoming Honda NX have leaked online, confirming plans of a small displacement variant.


Honda NX500 nameplate patented in Europe, could signal return of ‘Dominator’ dual-sport last seen in 2003.


Renewed reports plus earlier filed patents indicates that a new Honda CL500 Scrambler model is happening soon enough.


New CFMoto 450SR middleweight sport will reportedly launch in Malaysia during MotoGP this October.


Spyshots of brand new Harley-Davidson 500cc model have surfaced, reportedly based off of the Benelli Leoncino 500. Initially announced 338R project likely canned.


Baru-baru ini, Qianjiang Motorcycle telah pun memfailkan paten nama Harley-Davidson 338R di Amerika Syarikat sekaligus mengesahkan kehadiran motosikal berkapasiti kecil itu tidak lama lagi.

Walaupun mengambil masa lebih dua tahun untuk kerjasama Qianjiang-Harley Davidson membuahkan hasil akhirnya perkembangan mengenai motosikal berkapasiti kecil sulung dari Harley-Davidson itu bakal direalisasikan.

*Harley-Davidson 338R

Seperti dilaporkan sebelum ini, HD 338R itu dikuasakan enjin sama daripada Benelli 302R.

Bagaimanapun, dalam perkembangan terbaru, Qianjiang dilaporkan sedang menguji sebuah lagi motosikal Harley-Davidson kali ini babitkan model 500cc.

Lebih menarik, motosikal Harley-Davidson 500cc itu menampakkan chasis dan enjin yang sama daripada Benelli Leoncino 500.

*Benelli Leoncino 500

Berdasarkan tangkapan gambar yang tular, segala elemen yang kelihatan – termasuk kerangka, fork depan 50mm dan kaliper brek radial – adalah mirip dengan Leoncino 500.

Bukan itu sahaja, bahagian swingarm, braket nombor plat, rim, footpeg dan handlebar juga dipinjamkan daripada Leoncino.

Namun, perbezaan ketara adalah di bahagian tangki dan subframe yang telah direka semula dengan DNA Harley-Davidson sendiri.

Bahagian sisi tangki juga memaparkan logo Harley-Davidson lantas memberi bayangan model ini telah berada dalam peringkat akhir ujian.

Sekiranya benar Harley-Davidson ini bernadikan enjin parallel-twin 500cc dari Leoncino maka dijangka model baharu itu akan menawarkan sekitar 45 hingga 50hp.

A few weeks ago, a Japanese publication, Autoby claimed that Honda plans to expand the 250 and 500cc range with an all-new scrambler-style motorcycle.

Japanese render artist Shinji Miyakubo also recently created a CG render of the CL250 and CL500.

However, in the latest report by another Japanese publication Young-Machine, patent drawings from 2018 could relate to Honda’s anticipated CL500 Scrambler.

Using Honda’s design concept all these years, YM has created their version of the rumoured CL500.

YM suggest that the CL500 will maintain most of the components from the CL250, particularly the brakes and suspension. However, the frame will be adjusted to accommodate the larger displacement engine similar to the Rebel 500.

In fact, the patent drawings showcased a similar resemblance with the Rebel.

The patent drawings also show a flat saddle, square fuel tank and a conventional shape exhaust compared to Miyakubo-san’s high-mounted twin pipe.

Meanwhile, it is safe to assume that the CL500 will carry the same 471cc DOHC parallel-twin engine that makes 46.9hp @ 8,500rpm and 43Nm @ 7,000rpm.

At the moment, there are absolutely zero words coming from the Japanese firm regarding the rumoured scrambler range; however, when YM is on to something, those rumours tend to carry something tangible.

(Source: Young-Machine)

Honda dilaporkan bakal perkembangkan varian 250cc dan 500cc dengan sebuah model ‘scrambler’.

Perkara itu didedahkan media Jepun, Autoby yang turut memaklumkan kedua-dua model itu akan diperkenalkan pada 2022 dan 2023.

*Honda CL250

Meskipun laporan itu hanyalah khabar angin ketika ini namun Autoby mendakwa kedua-dua model scrambler tersebut akan dinamakan sebagai CL250 dan CL500.

Menurut laporan, CL250 akan mengguna pakai enjin sama pada CBR250 dan CB250 manakal CL500 akan dihidupkan enjin parallel-twin 500cc yang diambil dari CB500X, CBR500R dan CB500F.

*Honda CL500

Pereka imej render, Shinji Miyakubo, turut menghasilkan foto render yang membayangkan rupa CL250 dan CL500 tersebut.

Ciri yang paling mencuri tumpuan adalah penggunaan ekzos berkedudukan tinggi yang diiinspirasikan dari Honda CL72 1965.

Meskipun rupa CL250 dan CL500 seakan sama, namun versi 500cc itu didatangkan dengan ekzos berkembar berbanding tunggal pada varian 250.


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