Video: Samsung Galaxy J3 with S bike mode feature

Samsung shows off innovative S bike mode feature in the Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphone.


Here’s a typical situation: You’re riding your bike through the city, trying to make it in time to your next meeting, but you are suddenly bombarded by emails, text messages and calls. Answering is no no, but you also don’t want to ignore the incoming communication. Perhaps what you need is the Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphone with its innovative S bike mode feature primed on board.


The S bike mode is a dedicated mode that riders can easily activate manually using the device’s built-in NFC capabilities and the NFC tag supplied with it. The NFC tag is self-adhesive, making it easy to attach on your bike or helmet. Once the tag is applied, riders only need to have their Galaxy J3 gently touch the tag to launch the S bike mode.

In S bike mode, the Samsung Galaxy J3 is still connected to the mobile carrier and data networks, but it block calls and play a predefined audio sequence instead that tells whoever is calling you that you are riding a bike and unable to answer the phone.


There’s also a feature that tells callers to press 1 if the call is urgent, and the call will go through and be displayed on the screen. However, even with the “Incoming Urgent Call” notification, riders are still barred from answering the call because of the Samsung Galaxy J3’s Motion Lock feature that is able to detect whether if you’re still in motion on your bike. You’ll need to stop the bike completely and safely to answer said urgent call.

Sadly though, this feature is only offered for the Samsung Galaxy J3 in India. However, we reckon the Korean consumer electronics brand will likely expand this feature into other markets given its immense potential, especially in the South East Asia region where there’s a huge bike-based commuter trend.


And we are certain that this would be a perfect feature to integrate with the Samsung Smart Windshield prototype it showed off not too long ago.


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Source: Samsung Mobile India via AutoEvolution / YouTube



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