One Motorcyclist Dies every Two Hours

Data from Malaysian authorities shows a very worrying statistic: One motorcyclist dies every two hours.

The statistics also show that 2023 is the most deadly year, with 6,443 deaths due to road accidents. It is the highest figure in five years.

Based on the data, there is an average of 18 deaths per day. It equates to one death every 80 minutes.

Motorcyclists are still the most high risk group, as two-thirds of those killed are motorcycle riders and pillions. A total of 4,480 motorcycle riders and passengers died in 2023.

This fact was revealed by the Malaysian Transport Minister, Dato’ Anthony Loke during a press conference at Parliament here, yesterday.

In another development, he also said that the Road Transport Department and the Royal Malaysian Police will publish information on the number of accidents and deaths due to road accidents in real time daily.

He hopes that this step can rasise public awareness toward road safety because road accidents are the main contributor to the death rate in this country. The method is akin to posting daily statistics for Covid-19 cases in the past.

The main difference is reporting on road accidents and deaths resulting from them daily, rather than traditionally as a total annually.

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