Heatwave warning, 12 Areas to Hit 37C – MetMalaysia

The Meteorological Department of Malaysia (MetMalaysia) has issued a heatwave warning. According to them, temperatures in 12 areas are expected to hit 37-deg Celsius, for at least 3 days in a row.

MetMalaysia, through a post in their Facebook page, said that those areas are in Perlis as well as Kedah. They include Pulau Langkawi, Kubang Pasu, Kota Setar, Pokok Sena, Pendang, Padang Terap Sik, Baling, and Kulim.

Other areas include Kuala Kangsar in Perak, and Beaufort in Sabah.

On another note, other areas are expected to hit a maximum of lower than 35-deg Celsius.

As such, do take precautions when you ride during a heatwave. Here are a few tips:


Dehydration will make you drowsy, and cause headahces and bodyaches. You will also start to lose focus when you ride. So, keep drinking water, fruit juices (without sugar), and isotonic drinks (with moderation). Stay away from carbonated soft drinks.

Wear the correct gear

Wear mesh jackets and ventilated riding pants. You will feel hot, granted, but there is at least some protection. Also, wear helmets that provide plenty of airflow such as for sport-touring if you prefer full-faces.

Cool off

If you are riding long distance, stop when you feel drowsy. Then wet your shirt and put it on to keep cool. Another method is by wetting your balaclava and putting it on. The cool air on your face will keep you awake. Similarly, you could also wet a piece of cloth or clothing and wrap it around your neck like a scarf.


Speaking about stopping, do stop as regularly as you need because insisting on riding while you are feeling drowsy is too dangerous. Take a short break, drink some water and eat some snacks that provide high energy. On the note of what to consume, stay away from spicy and greasy food.

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