Thailand May Ban Lane Splitting for Big Bikes

Photo credit Samui Times
  • Malaysian bikers beware: Thailand may roll out a number of new rulings.

  • Lane splitting ban and an 80km/h speed limit for big bikes is being proposed.

  • Motorcycle license is required when renting a scooter.

Thailand Transport Ministry may ban lane splitting for big bikes and limit their speed to 80km/h in urban areas.

The country’s Deputy Permanent Secretary for Transport Chirute Vialachitra said that the ban would require big bike riders to wait for traffic lights behind other vehicles. The 80km/h speed limit applies to urban and community areas i.e. villages and towns.

Additionally, big bike riders are to undergo specially-designed tests to obtain their driving licenses. The government plans to set up special test fields and simulators for big bike riders. The simulations will present danger-prone situations to train riders on safety aspects.

But more importantly, foreign tourists are required to show their motorcycle license when renting motorcycles in the country. The requirement is already in existence but not enforced. This is in view of the spate of foreigner deaths while riding motorcycles.

A timeline for enacting the new rules has not been provided, said Mr. Chirute but will be finalized in 30 days before seeking cabinet approval. He hopes the new measures will be in place by year end.

Should the new ruling be approved, Malaysian bikers should beware of them when riding into Thailand.

Source: Bangkok Times



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