Norton To Build Electric Motorcycle, Announces Project ‘Zero Emission Norton’

TVS-owned Norton Motorcycles is ready to kick-start its electrification program by announcing the ‘Zero Emission Norton’ project.

  • The Zero Emission Norton will take two and a half years.
  • Plans to design and manufacture electric motorcycles in the United Kingdom.

Norton is finally on the move two years after the brand was in a critical situation by unveiling the V4SV exotic superbike.

The momentous occasion marks the company’s new direction under TVS Motor Company.

In the latest announcement, Norton has revealed plans to design and manufacture electric motorcycles in the UK.

The new manufacturing plant will be in charge of race performance, lightweight and touring range.

Thanks to the government funding, it will be a joint effort between Norton and Delta Cosworth, which will assist the battery and other critical components to power the motorcycle.

Meanwhile, the University of Warwick – which helps develop the TT Zero Race machine – will take charge of modelling, toolchain development and battery technology.

According to Norton, the Zero Emission project is part of a 10-year product plan and supports UK’s mission to achieve a net-zero automotive future. The aim is to lift the UK is returning to being a global tech leader for motorcycles.



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