New Yamaha Y15ZR for TuneBoss lucky draw winner!

  • A brand new Yamaha Y15ZR was presented to one lucky winner of the TuneBoss 2018 Lucky Draw Contest.

  • Mohd Fairus bin Abd Rahman from Ipoh entered the contest when he purchased a TuneBoss ECU for his Yamaha FZ150i.

  • The Yamaha Y15ZR grand prize will be fitted and tuned with a TuneBoss high-performance ECU before the official handover.

It was just last month when ECU expert TuneBoss announced their very special TuneBoss 2018 Lucky Draw Contest where one lucky individual will take home a brand new Yamaha Y15ZR. That day is finally here and that lucky fella is Mohd Fairus bin Abd Rahman!

Customers who purchased any of the ECU units from TuneBoss were eligible for the contest and hundreds of entries were submitted. Mohd Fairus who purchased a TuneBoss ECU for his Yamaha FZ150i only wanted to increase the overall performance of his machine but Lady Luck was on his side and today, he is the proud owner of brand new Yamaha Y15ZR super cub.

According to the 36-year-old hailing from Ipoh, Perak, “I bought a TuneBoss ECU in March this year from a TuneBoss dealer and it is fitted to my 2014 Yamaha FZ-150i to produce more power and I’m happy with the result. I rode that FZ-150i all the way to Krabi and Bangkok so it holds a lot of nostalgic value, thus I won’t sell that bike, but this Y15ZR will be my daily ride from now on.”

To make things even more special, the Yamaha Y15ZR will come with a TuneBoss high-performance ECU and tuned to perfection for the lucky draw contest winner courtesy of FSR Technology. Want more good news? There will be another TuneBoss 2018 year-end giveaway and they say that the grand prize will be even more spectacular!

Congratulations to Mr Fairus and for those who are interested to know more about TuneBoss products, head over to or check out their official Facebook page at

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