BMW Motorrad Set To Use Synthetic Fuels During Races

The collaboration unveiled in March 2023 between BMW Motorrad Motorsport and NORDOEL has resulted in the creation of a fuel aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of racing. Through the integration of advanced technologies and sustainable production processes, a fuel has been formulated to uphold engine performance while notably curtailing CO2 emissions during production. The CO2-reduced fuel, known as RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A, boasting a regenerative share of at least 40%, will make its official debut at the onset of the FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) season in Australia.

Initial trials with the alternative fuel were successfully conducted in January in Jerez, Spain, and Portimao, Portugal. These trials followed extensive development hours at the engine testing facilities in Munich. During the trials in southern Europe, the ROKiT BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team, Bonovo action BMW Racing Team, and BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Test Team honed the efficiency and performance of the alternative fuel for motorsports.

The competitiveness and usability of the regenerative fuel RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A, complying with the FIM regulations requiring a minimum of 40% “non-fossil” content for 2024, were affirmed. Consequently, RacE-Fuel WSBK R40-A stands as the pioneering regenerative fuel based on MtG (Methanol-to-Gasoline). Ongoing development endeavours seek to deepen insights from previous experiments and identify potential areas for enhancement.

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