Honda CB250R Gets Mild Upgrade For 2022 – Includes New Showa Fork

The Honda CB250R received some mild upgrades for 2022 in an effort to improve the rider’s comfort.

  • The CB250R now features improved Showa USD front forks.

  • The quarter-liter neo-retro motorcycle continues to run on the same 250cc single-cylinder engine.

Currently, the 2021 Honda CB250R is on sale in Malaysia for RM22,999; however, the upgraded model are now available in Europe and Japan.

According to the Japanese motorcycle company, the CB250R now gets a 41mm Showa SFF-BP (Separate Function Front Fork – Big Piston) similar to the one found on the 2022 CB500F, CB500R, and CB500X.

The new Showa SFF-BP improves handling and reaction thanks to a separate function (hence, the name) with the pressure damper in one leg and the spring mechanism in the other.

Other mild upgrades include a revised gear indicator display.

Nonetheless, the Honda CB250R continues to run on the same 250cc single-cylinder engine capable of producing 27.2hp @ 9,000rpm and 23.2Nm @ 8,000rpm.



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