Check out Motomice: A children’s book about motorcycling!

Looking for a perfect way to get children into bikes? Look no further than Motomice: A children’s book about motorcycling!

Written by American author Paul Owen Lewis, the picture book revolves around biker mice of all kinds from old-school choppers, superbike racers and even classic bike enthusiasts.

Priced at $16.99 (RM68.20), it’s also perfect to teach children about family, diversity and unity using the world of motorcycles as examples.

Most motorcycle enthusiasts who have made the journey into parenthood have the tendency to get their children into the same love and passion for motorcycling. While there are many ways to do, there’s no better way to do so then to begin with a storybook filled with colourful characters.

When one particular Paul Owen Lewis had the same epiphany when he walked in into a Harley-Davidson showroom and saw a whole line-up of children’s products – but not a single book in sight. Upon further research, it was actually quite difficult to find a children’s book about motorcycling. In fact, the latest book he found on that particular genre was from 50 years back! That’s when he decided to solve the matter with his own hands.

After two years of intensive editorial work, his dreams became reality when he finally published Motomice to celebrate how bikers really are in real life. There are seven main characters in total (mice bikers, not to be confused with Biker Mice from Mars) that revolves around fun animal characters, adventures and of course, motorcycles.

This is Roxy, the superbike racer

The book has the usual characters in the world of motorcycling such as Rat the bad-to-the-bone chopper biker, Glide the old-school classic enthusiast, Roxy the superbike racer, Knobby the enduro rider, and many more! There’s even Sparky where the author mentioned that his character makes the world a “greener place” so we’re guessing he rides an electric bike. BRILLIANT.

Sparky and his electric motorcycle

While it’s all good and all for kids, it’s the parents that need to be convinced. The author assures everyone that Motomice is all about teaching kids not just about motorcycling but also family, diversity and unity in a world of peace and harmony.

The 32-page hardcover picture book is meant for children aged between 3 and 8 but we’re pretty sure that adults of all ages will definitely enjoy this book just as much. We know we will. Motomice is priced at $16.99 which is around RM68.20. Not a high price to pay to ‘start ‘em young’.

To know more about Motomice (or if you want to buy straight away), CLICK HERE.



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