Aveta Malaysia Appoints New Stockists To Improve Customer Care

Aveta Malaysia has announced the addition of eight (8) new stockists across six states, enhancing accessibility to genuine parts for customers throughout Malaysia.

These appointments align with the Aveta Customer Care Program, unveiled during the introduction of the Aveta Ranger Max Explorer in 2023.

The Aveta Customer Care Initiative Program comprises:

1. Aveta Care on Wheels Program: This initiative involves one pick-up truck and three motorcycles, tasked with reaching customers nationwide to resolve issues beyond local dealers’ capabilities.

2. Aveta Service Corner: A designated area at dealerships tailored to the specific needs and servicing requirements of Aveta owners. The first authorized service corner is operational, with plans for 29 more to be established in 2024.

3. Aveta Stockists Appointments: Initiated last year, the program is already operational, with plans to establish 10 stockists in 2024.

The appointment of stockists is crucial to ensure owners have immediate access to spare parts and guarantee the availability of genuine parts that fit Aveta motorcycles perfectly.

Mr. Steven Lim, Group Managing Director of Aveta Malaysia, expressed gratitude to their growing customer base, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and seamless ownership experiences.

The appointed stockists include:

– Kedah: Boon Lee Auto Sdn Bhd
– Kuala Lumpur: DS Cycle Parts Sdn Bhd
– Selangor: Yong Xin Auto Parts Sdn Bhd
– Pahang: T.T. Cycle Parts Sdn Bhd
– Pahang: Sing Yie Motor Sdn Bhd
– Sabah: Eko Ken Motor Sdn Bhd
– Sarawak: Ji Yun Resources
– Sarawak: Ghee Yong Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Effective immediately, these eight (8) stockists are available for customers to procure spare parts, alongside authorised dealerships.

Customers can also reach the Aveta spare parts support line at +012 686 8753 from Monday to Friday (8:30 am – 5:30 pm).

For further details on the appointed Aveta stockists, visit the Aveta website at

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